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  1. For the life of me I can’t think of one person who would surrender to you lot if given the opportunity.
  2. This is the most sound logic I’ve seen from your side yet.
  3. I like this is idea. Bloody coups all around to spice up the place.
  4. Miller

    War Goals?

    Keep riding them coattails big fella.
  5. They’re all brown cinnamon. No flavor, boring aesthetic and the only people who enjoy them are weirdos.
  6. Actually that would be when the pastries on your side decided to make this Knightfall lite.
  7. This reads like you haven’t paid attention to anything and just slapped together a dial up war mad lib.
  8. In my time here they were just another face in the biggest dogpile ever and this war they were doing poorly until NPO took the pressure off. You’ve got to be daft if you think BK has won anything in the last year or so.
  9. Those stats aren’t going to pad themselves.
  10. I heard we’re doing a favor for an old friend and keeping this fight going until your military reputation has been restored. Get comfortable boys, this’ll be a while.
  11. I think you're confused as to what I'm confused about.
  12. Leo even needs meat shields on the forums? Anyway since you've forgotten, we hit you, you countered with everything you had and were still losing. You needed the other half of your former bloc to show up to have a chance. Keep giving it big though, you all are amusing.
  13. Who is "us"? Certainly not BK. You lost bud. Remember? You were hiding in your hole? Not saying anything.
  14. So basically we're all going to die of natural causes before this is over.
  15. Nope. You never answered my question about your fair weather gum flapping btw.
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