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  1. So the process for naming the war takes at least 3 times as long as the actual war lasted duh.
  2. And then we went on to crush all opposition and rule orbis with an iron fist. Oh wait no we got rolled again. Come up with a new line, this one is beyond tired.
  3. True, they don’t. But what I said wasn’t a viewpoint that needs/doesn’t need to be accepted. It was a statement of fact. Unlike you saying you have no shortcomings. That’s a viewpoint not based on anything remotely approaching reality.
  4. Viewpoints need to be accepted. Facts are facts. Keep ignoring your side’s shortcomings though, they’ll totally disappear on their own.
  5. Only because there’s a serious need to compensate for incompetence.
  6. OP hegemony or easily rolled. We can’t be both. With no specific mention of cheeks getting clapped this is fake news.
  7. Oh please. You didn’t even need eyes to see that hit coming as soon as Rose launched themselves into Duck Hunt for no real reason.
  8. Third time’s the charm, right? Or is it the fourth. Fifth? I stopped counting. Surely this time will be different though.
  9. But you’d be wrong, because we did exactly that. Still got rolled. So the incentive to do what orbis wants us to do is what?
  10. I’m certainly not having one reading it. This is easily the most boring written work ever produced by humanity. 0/10. Waste of everyone’s time.
  11. Don’t worry I’ll do it. Kids these days smh.
  12. You could have stopped there.
  13. Woah woah woah let’s not get carried away here. jkluvu
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