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  1. Best of luck Ziggy, the game needs new Christian alliances after KT became Chaos worshippers. Also good luck for when the inevitable merge into BK happens. ;v
  2. If BW/Rose peaced out now you'd be so dead.... But lets hope that doesn't happen, best of luck in messing up the chicken joint. Get some vengeance for what Dusty did to Pantheon. @Changeup
  3. That's actually really good. Far more creative than E522 war.
  4. Panky are you disappointed TLE didn't get beaten to a pulp again? Why do you have it out for them so much? @Putmir @Xi Jinping Really glad you guys are out, hope you can rebuild fast, you're an amazing alliance.
  5. I couldn't resist... the urge to kill Pre to avenge GPA/Pantheon was too much.... Dozens of rollings leaves you sore.... Don't worry there's plenty of Pre to go. Nice work on Guardian btw, props to Alpha for cleaning them up. We've now slotted every single GOB member and every single nation over 40 cities in Bollywood.
  6. Sees Gura in the OP....This is the single greatest treaty in PnW history!!! Glad to see two amazing alliances working together, you guys rock!
  7. @Putmir Really glad you guys are back in action. Congrats on the new treaty. Shocked because you didn't think they'd recover from you throwing them under the bus?
  8. Enjoy your retirement Shiho. Gray has some massive shoes to fill.
  9. Fist mate... return to the game and then you can dunk on TKR in game. TKR's not the victim in this scenario. Neither is Rose.
  10. Don't go back on the Knightfall peace-terms which you alliance agreed to. People can use GOB if they want without correction. ;,p
  11. I hope this isn't the movie version. As I'd rather not have to see Epi wearing skimpy clothing to RP as Daphne.
  12. Minesome do you reckon you could share the name of your dealer? You're clearly on some top quality product mate.
  13. Its strange reading about leaks and not seeing my name come up... Breathe of fresh air if you ask me.
  14. Nominate myself in 3 categories: Economics: Selling $3.8b worth of Infra to get out of range of GOB and up-declare. (June, 2019) Peace: For helping to start 3 global wars, and helping to cause RON to go into slowmode numerous times from arguments. Technology: For breaking @Putmir and @Christian Dahl sheets everytime I tried to look at them for TCW.
  15. I've fought in 7 global wars and about the same number normal wars, so I'm clearly a "war-dodger". And Oblivion of all alliances shouldn't talk about "jumping ship" when your alliance needs you. Or do you forget when the entire alliance had to abandon ship after Alpha kicked the crap out of them when Oblivion thought they could get away with an easy win over them after Alpha had just come out of VM. I recall Oblivion's leaders DM'ing me back then asking for a place to send a couple of their members to hide for a few weeks from Alpha. (None came to tCW though.) And yeah, I'll be sure to pay you a visit personally when Hedge inevitably dog piles Quack again.
  16. Sure mate, keep making stuff up.. Whilst I regret some of the choices I made back then. Me leaving the game was purely for my own sake since my IRL at the time was a mess. (Not going to get into the details of my personal life, I told Yui/Putmir and that's all that matters.). I would've been AWOL with or without a war. I only came back after Theo convinced me to return (Not because the war was over. He hit me up during the war and I told him I could join after I sort the remaining things out that I needed to deal with.) to join his upcoming project he had in the works. I'll be here and ready to fight for tC and Quack regardless of what happens, I made a commitment to Theo, and I have no intention of backing out.
  17. Yeah it is lucky we didn't get involved, otherwise you would've found yourself in the war after ASM/Rose have to call in for help from their paperless buddies in Hedge.
  18. KT's more Syndicate than the Syndicate.... Talk about ROI...
  19. Been an amazing ride Nokia. Wishing you all the best in the future. I do hope you return one day. Hit me up in DM's whenever you want mate, always down for chat.
  20. Don't go into the Jedi Temple tomorrow. Zygon's going to be visiting.
  21. Tarroc, I'm so sorry to hear about this, as we spoke about in our DM's, it has been an absolute honour and a privilege to be able to spend almost a year together in tCW, and before that, when we spoke when you were in Pantheon/BK before. You were an integral part of our community and I'm glad you reconsidered leaving the game, and instead joined our community. Your quality of work as FA head, your enthusiasm, your personality and your drive to better TCW's community alongside the oftentimes crazy late night chats in TCW's gov channels, games and banter produced some of the best times I've ever had in this game. You were by far one of the best government members tCW ever had, and whilst it was sad to see you move onto t$. I knew that you'd also be able to make a difference there as you did for us in TCW, and I'm glad you got to enjoy another chapter of your time in this game. The fact you can speak so candidly about the past, just reinforces your qualities. Those of us in Colo B made mistakes and I wish I could've been as eloquent as you in summing up them not to mention being composed enough in trying to atone for them. For what its worth I enjoyed getting to know you when you became BK's FA head and I do not believe for a second that you hold responsibility for the actions which Colo B took. I'll be forever grateful for those memories that our small group created and I hope we can stay all in touch together well into the future. I'm always open for a chat, whenever you need mate. ❤️
  22. Congrats on your anniversary @MinesomeMC. Its been one of hell of a ride, the times we crossed paths as allies/enemies or just having a good chat on Discord. Commiserations on 6 years of unsuccessfully lobbying for the inclusion of water. ;,p
  23. Don't worry, Theo solved that probably by locking me in the storeroom whenever a diplomat appears.
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