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  1. I mean... very few people want this insane length of wars. It's not a desire for war that's extending the war, it's the fact that one side is asking for a ridiculous demand in the peace negotiation and the other side does not want it. Right now, peace is simply impossible without concessions from one side. That said, I appreciate the directness of this poll.
  2. Macharius

    peace talks

    Why does Jerry, the largest ice cream man, not simply eat the other 5!
  3. I mean this thread is kinda moot if Alex really did sign off on it. So...
  4. Hah another plane gap post. So funny!
  5. I down-voted before I realized the unifying power of this thread. You alone may have just caused world peace, Bartholomew Roberts.
  6. I think... tKR is... not bad.
  7. They’ve been blitzing their meatshields that have dared to defy the mighty doctrine of the most bravestest and most beautifulest black knights But o7, best of luck in your first rebuild and then with the one after you get rolled by BK.
  8. Thanks for enabling my Keno addiction for the foreseeable future smh. BK man still bad.
  9. Probably stems from the fact that he doesn’t have 3 unverified accounts on his nation ID and no suspicious bank history but that’s just a theory.
  10. disclaimer: since the stat track is down i don't know the exact numbers - it's probably less than 600 bil tho
  11. shhhhhh i changed the original post Now that the cat is out of the bag I'll throw up @Menhera's meme too Since I'm useless I butchered the quality, here's the link to an original: https://imgur.com/a/PpQiVTP
  12. Credit to @Pika for the creation
  13. smh the memes are literally making themselves at this point.
  14. I can't since it's view only. But I'll trust that it's sometime in early june or even late may. Given that, it still doesn't seem like it proves what you think it proves — it just seems like a prot leader hypothesizing about a war.
  15. Lol this is just a google drive document? I could fabricate the same thing given an entire month. And this message alone should be enough to make it obvious that this is a joke.
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