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  1. Dio Brando

    Announcing: Moonlight Bank

    I support this man's endeavor. Orion wasn't bright enough - it's time for Moonlight to shine.
  2. Dio Brando

    IP address bans for alliances

    Most alliances don’t have forums, either because of choice, or because of the expenses and certain level of technical expertise involved with running a forum that isn’t complete crap.
  3. Dio Brando

    I chuckled

    The True The Buorkhann is here. (If one of y'all over at TGH doesn't poach that guy, smh tbh).
  4. Dio Brando

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    I burst out laughing. 10/10.
  5. Dio Brando

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    I never knew you existed in the first place.
  6. Dio Brando

    Six New National Projects

    I'd like to first state that I appreciate people coming forward and suggesting things. It means that you're not merely interacting with other players but also actively working towards what you feel would be a better set of mechanics. I like theorizing, and it's always interesting to see how a change will affect certain stratagems. With that out of the way... The main problem I see with the suggestions listed here is that they are one-off purchases that won't scale well at all to the massive boosts that they can provide as the game moves forward. You also have to consider the impact on the game due to the criss-crossing of mechanics, and so on. I'll comment in-depth soon, but here's a few random thoughts. I'm actually not all that opposed to this idea, in-fact, it's a decent idea. The problem lies with the numbers and what they mean to bigger nations. It's 100 people per infrastructure unit. That would be 120 people per infrastructure unit, i.e., a +20 increase. I'll take my city as an example, which only has 1800 infrastructure, nowhere near what people have. This project would get me 36,000 extra citizens per city, i.e., 648,000 nation-wide. That's a significant income boost. Currently, I have 101 pollution in my first city. I've taken the liberty of assuming a 20% nationwide increase to pollution means a 20% increase per city. That's just over 20 points of pollution, which itself is an increase of 1% in disease. I don't need the drydock I have in that city, so I could just as easily buy another hospital. Effectively, that means I'm neutering the effect for a significant increase in income. On one hand, this will address the shortage of cash in the market, but on the other, this will become increasingly ridiculous as you go upwards in terms of infrastructure till it finally reaches a point where it'll begin to taper off. Perhaps a solution to this would be to make costs relevant to the boost itself, i.e., the infrastructure amount you have then. When you add infrastructure, you incur a continual sink as well. We'll have to tinker with the numbers but in my opinion we can work with this project. If I understood this correctly, this would be ridiculously overpowered. If I'm sitting at 30 cities, I could buy this project without blinking and neuter any chances smaller nations would have of ever taking my planes down. Hell, that would apply to similarly tier'ed nations as well. I don't mind the project itself, but it requires significant thought as to how you'll balance it, how you'll scale it and whether it'll have roofs/floors. I'll comment on the other projects later, feel like I might pass out.
  7. Dio Brando

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    BK more like the Great Recycler.
  8. Dio Brando

    Some Thoughts

    God damn nerds. Yeah, yeah, I love every single franchise mentioned yet, but we're not gonna talk about that
  9. Dio Brando

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    Why post this at all? Everything done here is voluntary. I know people who haven't donated, that doesn't make them any less of a good person. Offering emotional support is better than this - cut the whole "unbecoming" crap: this isn't the thirteenth century and we aren't living in a society dictated by honour paradigms where having people help you makes you 'less of a man' or whatever. To Biel, I don't have a paypal account, but I will attempt to set one up and forward some when I get the chance. Till then, you're in my thoughts. I sincerely hope things work out.
  10. Dio Brando

    HorseForce 2000

    This is why I love Horsemen. Cheers, you two.
  11. Dio Brando

    Quality of Life Improvements

    Only you. ❤️ All these are perfectly sensible ease-of-life improvements, and the easy-to-read format in which they have been presented only makes the task easier for the admin. Full support (and kudos for compiling these!)
  12. Dio Brando

    Some Thoughts

    No promises. I have been trying ;___;
  13. Dio Brando

    Some Thoughts

    As promised… In another time, in another realm, the ideas I am going to present were not alien. The following concept was understood at-least implicitly by many, and practiced regularly. Most were unsuccessful in wielding the information given to them in any meaningful manner, yet those who did shined in that realm and beyond. Often, we have seen people who either attempt to take upon the role of the villain, or at the very least promote and support those who do. In the classical sense, the villain is to be abhorred, to be reviled, to be denied and rejected. As children, we saw, in fairy-tales and in other assorted stories, that the villain almost always lost. Why then, would one wish to adopt the role of a villain? It seems counter intuitive, but there is legitimate reasoning behind why one may wish to engage in such an activity. Let me first state that it is important we always maintain the realistic view that this is a game. While our actions within the confines of the game may be indicative of our personality outside the realm, believing that a player's adopted persona is the representation of their out-of-game self is the height of folly. Let us speak of Orbis first. Politics & War at its most fundamental level is divided into two major areas: mechanics backed actions, and user generated content. The two are not entities wholly independent of each other that operate in entirely different areas. Much to the contrary, there is great overlap between the two; anyone who has paid any amount of attention to P&W will note that there is a clear relation between a political entity's dominance in the sociopolitical arena and in-game competence. One could say that this game is 2/5th a nation sim, and 3/5th a socialization game. Having observed this, we understand quickly that for our actions in-game to hold any meaning, it is necessary that the story of the game - the In-Character dynamics - be perpetuated. What does it mean to extend the story of the game? It means that with our actions in game, in our conversations on Discord, to our posts on these very forums, we must be contributing in some way to the overarching narratives within the game. To build a hundred-member strong alliance, all securely within the middle tier, and do nothing with it is stupid, worthless, and should not be done. It means you are building just for the sake of building. To build the same alliance and craft a period of time within Orbis' history that provides engagement outside the immediately present mechanics is what makes this game fun, its what makes people say: "I had a lot of fun in 20<xx>". Eventually, if you keep fighting wars and a narrative does not accompany them, you will grow bored. There are very few players who are able to manage not burning out while doing so, and almost all of them, at one point or the other, have turned to politics. Let us move on. We know that P&W is more than just what we build in game, but a collection of tales and stories criss-crossing with each other to form the fabric of this game: the timeline of this realm. Knowing this, let us ask: does a story with no foil for its 'heroes', no villain, ever be as entertaining as it would be if it did have one? In my opinion, the answer is a resounding no. The nature of these games is that a sphere, an alliance, even individuals and ideals to rally against always makes the game more interesting. One need not always play the bad-guy, but in the end, a game's story is only as interesting and engaging as whatever villain exists. We have seen time and time again, the times where the most political turmoil and intrigue have existed have been when the multitude of alliances in Orbis have attempted to overthrow whatever power they believe exists. Conflict drives the game, without it you may as well play Farmville. Meaningless conflicts - in that they are not adding to an overarching narrative or goal that sees political maneuvering and positioning accompany it - can be fun, and indeed have been fun, but after the nth time, they too turn stale. A villain is one who knows how to antagonize others with purpose. Being an &#33;@#&#036; for no reason is not playing the villain, it is not antagonism in politics, it is just that: being an &#33;@#&#036;. Being a villain requires the understanding of one basic fact and the willingness to use that information: genuine gameplay antagonism begins with the realization that every player you come into contact with are of some use or the other, be it as friends, informants, allies, or even enemies. You may wonder how enemies are 'useful'; history tells us that threats to one's way of life and the status quo allow an otherwise weaker side to galvanize it's troops in order to oppose 'the enemy'. More than this, however, it requires the willingness to, for a lack of a better word, use people to further your goals, which feed into an overarching narrative. It demands that you understand the motivating stimuli behind individual and alliance scale actions so as to leverage the players. You may think of it as writing a play, where your in-game competence is your budget, equipment and so on. Your actors, the way you use them, the script… that’s all your interactions and behavior towards them. In the end, perhaps the most significant part of what makes you capable of pulling off the role of a villain is the way people perceive you and your actions. The golden rule is that what you actually did isn’t relevant, what matters is how people perceive it and how well you are able to influence that perception. In that sense, your reputation is of the utmost importance. What is also important to note is that you need not play the villain for eternity. Unless you commit to actions that go far beyond the norms of the game, there is always a chance for you to come back and adopt a different persona, though it is only natural that the community takes time to accept that. That said, however, I think special mention needs to be made of what doesn’t constitutes as playing a persona, and what is not conducive whatsoever to one’s ability to play the villain. It is not conducive to your long term persona keeping or your reputation to do what many a player is wont to engage in: fruitless and frivolous bashing of other players for no gain over an extended period of time. A good way to think of it is like this: You can rip on some people all of the time, you can rip on all people some of the time, but if you start ripping on everyone all the time, your words ring hollow and people stop listening to what you’re saying. Once people stop listening to what you’re saying and disregard it as “just another post by that crazy guy”, your ability to influence actions immediately drops almost to 0. Similarly, it is important to know who you’re targeting, what you’re targeting them on, and when you’re doing so. If the person is of greater value as an ally and a friend, then don’t attack them or what they say, but try to reach a more personable compromise in case it is really necessary. If what you’re attacking them on is a position held by your allies and friends, that too will come back to bite you in the ass. Finally, if you’re attacking them before you need their help (even if temporarily so), you’re screwing your own plans over. This much is common sense, but apparently still needs to be told. Playing a villain doesn’t mean you can’t have friendships, it means you’re capable of compartmentalizing in-game/politics with RL and outside-of-character bonds. I’ve personally found that the most fun is to be had when I’m airstriking my friends tanks and talking with them in Voice Chat while doing so. This provides a good segue to my next point, the crafting of meaningful bonds and the power of listening. Whenever you are talked to/with, you are supposed to listen: Receive. You might skim something and miss a part of what they're saying that changes the meaning totally. Subtle changes are important, so read messages fully, twice. Understand. Try understanding the purpose behind their message, what they're attempting to tell you, and what kind of response they expect. Consider: Now consider the message's importance, and what your potential response will tell them. Does it benefit you in terms of going ahead with your plans, or does it pose a hindrance? Before replying, always do the three things above. It will help greatly in formulating a response. Plus, this skill (the ability to comprehend the situation) isn't only helpful in politics but in everyday conversation too. You are expected to understand civility and tact, and how to use them to further your goals. Do not dictate terms to others, do not issue ultimatums. Entering rooms like a petulant child throwing a tantrum is not you conduct negotiations, even if you have overwhelming power at your hand. Do not flame or bait unnecessarily, unless it achieves an IC goal. If addressed aggressively, you must remember that you have to show you are better than them, either by wit or restraint. Having said that, it is equally true that at times you must be firm with your point. As someone playing a role, particularly that of the villain, you are not a timid, subservient follower. Do not compromise for the sake of civility, do not be non-confrontational when it helps with your goals, but be smart about your opposition, picking unnecessary fights does not do anyone good but those who wish to make you look bad. In this sense, listening and responding on its own are some of the most powerful tools you have in crafting meaningful relationships and bonds, both for the game and outside the game. If you (can): Compartmentalize and separate IC motivations with OOC emotions, Understand who fights for what, why they do so, and are willing to use said information Listen and help people grow into a position where they can and are willing to help you, Understand that power can only be hung to for so long before changes need to be made, You can fairly easily adopt the role of a villain. This isn't a "guide" so to speak, nor would I claim it is. Its a loose collection of thoughts that turned rambly half way in because my dumbass hasn't slept for more than a total of 5 hours in the past two days.
  14. Daily Reminder to disband your respective alliance and join BK

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    2. Dio Brando
    3. Biel


      I barely play this game. Is that in our treaty?

    4. Sphinx


      It included as a joke, also hope you recover soon mate and Spooderman will be back telling plebs to disband their crappy alliance and merge into BK, also FRICK Maduro.

  15. Dio Brando


    Peace is for losers. War often and well. Also, hello. Welcome to the game.

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