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  1. Glad you finally saw the light gorge
  2. Did you say surrender it's almost as if you cant read... I'm fairly certain Col A posted two surrender threads nearly a month ago now. Stick to blowing things up like a good boy.
  3. Not being funny but NPO entered on a 8 month old CB pertaining to logs from Spinx about TKR/TCW and IQ. So be careful about throwing stones while in a glass house
  4. If you have survivable terms that is, as of yet half of the coalition is being held at war. Why you purposely delay the other half and give them all the run around. Do enlighten me how we can surpass this situation almighty wise one
  5. Nation Link:https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=178512 Ruler Name: literally jesus Nature of Violation: offensive language used in an embargo/ooc attack 10/24/2019 Heaven Literally Jesus GOONS Being dumbasses *Embargo against your alliance
  6. So I got some interesting messages from a goons member. Time, illness and irl commitments have prevented me from reporting recently. From: Viva Miriya Date: 10/13/2019 Sunday 3:18 pm Block Communications EVEN MORE FITTING IS THE FACT THAT YOU, THE LEADER, ARE GETTING DUMPSTERED BY YOURS TRULY. YOUR PATHETIC ALLIANCE CAN SUCK MEIN DICK FROM ZE BACK. Be seeing the rest of yall REAL SOON LOL Subject: WAY TO GET YOUR ALLIANCE OWNED NERD From: Viva Miriya Date: 10/13/2019 Sunday 5:48 pm Block Communications BY SUCKING DICK YES, YOU CAN BE GAY, DO CRIMES From: Alexio15 Date: 10/13/2019 Sunday 4:54 pm Seen Oooo my pet is the fountain of youth, looks like I can live forever fam From: Viva Miriya Date: 10/13/2019 Sunday 4:11 pm Block Communications TALK IS CHEAP MY DUDE AND YOUR SQUAD IS SOFTER THAN JOHNSON & JOHNSON. SWALLOW THE NECTAR FROM THE TIP OF MY DILZ ANIME GUY. LIKE THAT SHIT IS THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH YA HEARD?!?!? From: Alexio15 Date: 10/13/2019 Sunday 3:20 pm Seen Aww arent you a cute little fella I'll have to ask your leader if I can keep you as a pet https://politicsandwar.com/inbox/message/id=3193162
  7. You wanna go there on sides deleting infra?
  8. But wait didnt TKR get rolled on out of date stuff relating to IQ?
  9. I think Roq needs to follow Noctis and take a break from this game. It really seems to be triggering him oh so badly, I do think he is broken. Also I find it adorable that FR triggers you so badly, and just for your information you know nothing of what FR intended or wanted. Ever. So please do keep your self absorbed psycho babble to yourself
  10. You not been keeping up? They dont know how to do that
  11. Wait this has me cracking up literally, you only got cold feet because of the leak. I'm calling bs
  12. Oh man so much s*** from this one thing, I mean i am just fascinated by all of this spin and spin. It's almost like you've been sat on one of those roundabouts you have as a kid for so long that all your brain can do is work that way. I mean sure we have Demon but let's not conveniently forget that his government was just as complicit and now reside as government in another place. But sure tell me again how we took the entire Clan Callan alliance I'm going to never get bored of it. While we are at it let's talk about the atrocious behaviour you've pulled with syndicate and the actions there shall we? Because I'm fairly certain you take the damn cake so dont be surprised when some maybe reciprocates. But no keep spinning how you're the one who was abused and lied to, you remind me of the psychopath in a relationship who needs to beat on his partner and claims she made him do it. As for your separate war you had planned you dont even wanna get me started on that. Nor do you want to get me started on the fact that this war was planned 3 weeks after surfs up finished. Ooops I should have said spoiler. You had no intention of changing the war plan you just delayed it because and I am using an exact quote from this. "They didn't have enough to blow up, it wouldn't be profitable. We wait for them to rebuild and then hit them"
  13. Apparently they confused us with another alliance hiding Clan Callan members.
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