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  1. Almost as if the ducks are trying to take territory that isnt theirs.
  2. Stop hijacking this treaty thread go argue in each others DMs about things that aren't on topic. Also good to see my children get along
  3. Its good to see this announced, I am glad to still be protecting you fine folks.
  4. Hi guys and welcome to the Buck Turgidson attention seeking show.
  5. Congratulations on your upgrade its always nice to see.
  6. I had fun fighting you all in TCW/TEstsphere it was a real nice change of pace talking to folks who were not toxic. I think a new dawn is upon us lets not have it be a false one, we are all responsible for keeping this as free from toxic behaviour as possible.
  7. Aww a nickel I'm not even sure your pitiful excuse of an alliance can afford a nickel. You had best keep it for yourselves considering all these cheque's you keep writing
  8. Under should join Ms he would be a perfect fit for your community
  9. Tbh its not exactly hard to be considered more of a threat than RnR. Heck I'd consider a 5 city noob more of a threat than RnR. Case in point look at Dreads wars.
  10. Wonderful I'll take two more
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