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  1. Amazing the people who think that.
  2. Ayyy glad to see this announced, I look forward to continue working with you fine folks. Also for
  3. The Honorable Doge Matshaa sat stroking his cat, Fukuda, listening to music and reading dank memes, in the throne room of Palazzo Ducale. This was much needed therapy following the events that had taken place over the past 48 hours. Despite burning their fugly homes and destroying dee weak pixels, the Florentine leader found his feelings were still hurt by the slurs that the carrier pigeons had delivered to the palace. As his thoughts drifted towards revenge, a page burst through the door. “Alexio has requested an audience immediately. It is of great importance.” Alexio, the presumed heir and Arc, the head of the signoria, were just steps behind the page. “My liege, they’re gone.” “Who is gone?” “The Spartans. Our armies have reported back. They say the field is empty. When they arrived for battle this morning, they found only a coffer of gold and a note from Sanctuary.” The Sanctuary was the only ally to not abandon the Spartans when they opted to steal from the the great Almighty bank. “What does it say?” The Doge was amused. “Some mighty warriors. At the very least, they have repaid their debts.” TL;DR - Spartans Disbanded and merged into sanctuary, but srf collected on our debt. SRF also declare victory over Spartans.
  4. Any further peace enquiries or negotiations from Spartans towards SRF will be conducted solely via the OWF or in a public channel for all to see your behaviour.
  5. As The Honorable Doge Matshaa lay in his bed with his eyes closed, he could smell the glorious city of Florence below him. Then a loud noise of shouting was heard below him, he lay there continuing to have fun when a page came knocking hurriedly. Mat finally got up and went to go see where the commotion was. On the floor of the signoria lay Tom of the Great Almighty Bank. Those !@#$ aren't paying us our money, plus they sent spies upon us. Mat raised his hand and said very well and turned to the presumed heir, Alexio. "Go have a chat with those Spartans". Mat went back to bed eyes closed, music loud, the memes alive, when another page barged in. "They banned the Honorable Alexio from the city of Sparta, he was forcible removed. " Mat took a bite of his mongo mango mongo fruit. A silence passed before Mat opened his eyes, ‘fine, okay bestie, ready the army, we shall steal their bank, kill der weak pixels, and their fugly homes.’ ‘If we get sent to court for war crimes, we will just put the blame on Alexio,’ stated Draks. Alexio let a deep rumbling laugh from the bowls of his belly, ‘Geneva who?’ TLDR: SRF Declares war on The Spartans for stealing sweet… sweet pixel money, spying against almighty, and banning SRF's heir when he was sent to negotiate
  6. Not quite sure this was the difficult war you think it was, but I’m sure you’ll keep believing so. I mean it’s not like you had just shaved infra by fighting Mystery and Oasis with Blackwater, and it’s definitely not like Rosesphere was even anywhere close to max military.
  7. My condolences go to Red/Zachary’s family, he was a genuine one of a kind person who as Comrade Joe said went above and beyond for absolutely anyone. I remember when I first started playing nation sims way back in CN, Red was one of the first people I started speaking to and showed me the ropes. I remember many a fond night chatting to him and they were some of the best chats I had. He is one of the very few people I have let add me on Facebook from these games and I can honestly say keeping up with his life was always a positive part of my day. You will be missed my brother. ❤️
  8. I may be wrong but on this case, but I think this is a case of joke going way over your head buddy.
  9. Looked saw it Polaris and Fark flags scrolled down didn’t see a third or an XX flag. Majorly disappointed. P.S congrats guys
  10. At least Erik learnt what a cancellation clause meant. Something came of this at least.
  11. I’m not sure I wholly agree with that assessment. They could be entirely separate on the basis that say Johnson’s in the example given we’re working towards establishing their sphere further, however just need a larger sphere say HW to protect them while they do it.
  12. I still play just enjoying micro life, I’m kind of doing a grand tour of alliances just at a very slow pace because of RL responsibilities.
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