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  1. Alexio15

    How long will this war go on for?

    I had solely intended to not bother offering another explanation as to why FR left the war. Alas FR still seems to get mentioned fairly often so I shall break it down only once more. Because contrary to popular belief your entrance was actually a very minuscule thing to us, and our leaving wasnt to spite anyone. FR left the war due to quite a few factors and I'll go through them as best I can, and in order of actual importance to FR. Not what others perceive to be of importance. 1) Going back slightly to the beginning when FR was Bad Company we had a situation where two high government officials wanted to create their own alliance (it happens). Those guys left and we had members and lost virtually our entire high gov, and then some attempting poaching. (No point trying to sugar coat that fact because we caught some of it. The issue was something we had been frustrated with but we worked it out before our disbanding). However back on topic I imagine you could all understand what that would do to you as an alliance, to cut the core out and leave what was left. We only had myself, Demon and Filmore with government experience. This ties into number 2. 2) We attempted a merger with Rough Riders on the cards it looked like a good match to merge the two. Through factors and faults from both sides the merger went through and failed dramatically. This caused more government to leave from a newly populated government and a whole different membership. That really took the wind out of people's sails which leads to my next factor. 3) Government that was left and membership all had a lot going on irl which was a issue. We had 3 government members sitting final exams, 1 travelling and 1 indefinitely away. Factor in Filmore being taken away completely due to work and having no time for anything, demon had his own factors alongside my own. That's our entire Gov out of play and no one to step in as we had no more depth in the resource pool. At this point the war is flowing and we are struggling massively, which was several times noted by curu saying we weren't as tenacious as we used to be. 4) We in truth had actually lost our mojo and desire to go on, it had gotten so bad we would start becoming a hindrance to our bloc mates in Covenant and our allies in TFP(who joined solely on my request). The thing is me and demon had spotted this and saw no way we could realistically stop the rot and decided that enough was enough. We initially planned to disband and just be done with it, I wanted to sit and have a extended LoA from this game as i was struggling. However demon convinced me otherwise and revealed he wanted to try and do something as a smaller alliance again as he preferred it in PnW. I though it sounded like a good idea and agreed it was for the best. Did NPO entering kinda annoy me? In some ways yes and in some ways no, because had we stayed in we knew we was struggling and you're particularly strong in a tier we was concentrated. What annoyed me about your entry was the way you entered. But was it the defining factor? Hell no it wasnt we had already known we wasnt longed for the world and decided to call time early. It was just a factor amongst many.
  2. Alexio15

    Really NPO

    I for one welcome Roqs new idea to make a nation for every alliance and offer to hold their bank. It's a good community outreach have it all in a safe place.
  3. Alexio15

    How long will this war go on for?

    GOONS would be quite fun to see here, as would other older established gaming groups. I mean anything new to bring fresh blood is always good.
  4. Alexio15

    [Bloc] Citadel

    Fixed it for you
  5. Alexio15

    [Bloc] Citadel

    Oh my money got blown on raw resources and I sold all the refined ones to pay you back. Was how I managed it 2 months early
  6. Alexio15

    [Bloc] Citadel

    Some of us didn't need keno to pay you back though
  7. Alexio15

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    Urm I'm not sure how I should burst your bubble here but Code of Honor was a Frontier Records Prorecrorate and they joined the war alongside us. They also exited alongside us so the only coalition actively targeting micros is yourside.
  8. Alexio15

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    So who exactly was the gov member of TKR they slotted? Because from what I can see the only attacks after the Empreya wars finished when they exited the global war from your side, are against Arrgh and Queen Anne Revenge. None of which I can see being listed as TKR government so your slot filled a TKR gov member is urm questionable...
  9. Alexio15

    This is a brave new world we're living in

    I wonder exactly how they interfered
  10. Alexio15

    RNN: Fall of the Fallen Angels

    Aww you're so cute, I wonder if I can keep you. I mean no one refused to fight. If my memory serves if we did refuse to fight it took your piss poor excuse of an alliance 2 weeks after we stopped to catch us. We didn't beg for anything I'm sure @Keegoz and @Nizam Adrienne will vouch for that. Like I have said to a few people already we split because we had wanted to try new things so keep trying. So for disillusioned you have just proved you are and to top it off you proved stupid as well. Do keep trying because I can produce evidence of the first one if you like.
  11. Alexio15

    RNN: Fall of the Fallen Angels

    Come now you cant hold that the man is so disillusional that he can never remember those things
  12. Alexio15

    My last request after deleted my nation

    Well people know that we had plans to hit Chaos now and this got cancelled the moment Ketogg hit them. The initial announcement is from the 5th of May and we had planned to hit in June due to people having RL commitments during May myself included, which this would have occured had this war not happened. I've spoken to Ketogg in the shared embassy they have on FR server to explain that, I'm just amusing the masses now. *edit* as for the nso stuff I have no idea why that's there. (Realised it wasnt addressed)
  13. Alexio15

    Top 75

    I mean 4 is manageable but jesus just adds to the mess
  14. Alexio15

    Top 75

    Jesus time to cut some protectorates

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