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  1. This to be honest I’m surprised they haven’t been added. They’d make a fine addition as they have solid potential. Any hoo congrats to all involved OWR you’ve picked a fine bunch up.
  2. It’s black skies so no luck needed, but good luck anyway.
  3. It doesn’t indeed, nor does it change what we discussed last night. However the fact remains they did have one which is the argument I was making, even if it is one they did not use.
  4. Indeed it was and that was their CB so Rose had one so we can drop that narrative now.
  5. It’s amusing the amount of folk who bring up the fact Rose had no cb for last war. Knowing full well they was given a cb right in the build up to the war. Keep on keeping on.
  6. Tbf I wanted to roll everyone involved and not involved. (& going for a solo orbis rolling)
  7. I honestly forgot Rose 😅😂
  8. Hedge man bad. TKR man bad. Oasis man bad. Syndi man bad. Delta man bad. Mystery inc man bad. Rose man bad.
  9. But he wanted his “hey I got you” moment.
  10. I just find it highly amusing the rhetoric for last war and the speculation that is taking place. @Abbas Mehdi do you in fact lead Rose? If so shame on you for putting the Valk mask on.
  11. Don’t use a post stating the facts of 21% and 25% which is visible to everyone in the RoN server. Which coincidentally backed the point made by Niz that it wasn’t 25% membership backed.
  12. Correct it’s closer to 21% membership. I mean he wasn’t far off... it’s not like you have 25% of the score.
  13. Yeah so telling someone you are rolling their m level ally, and asking them to sit out topping that off with asking them to roll another sphere. But hey we didn’t a cb.
  14. Hasn’t your alliance just spent the best part of 5 or so months trying to roll Aurora because you hate them?
  15. But didn't you say that your prots FA is your FA? I'm sure that's what you said a few days back? So which is it? You can not have your cake and eat it too with statements like this. As for winding down the war looking for peace shouldn't you have urm had better communication as you put it with your prot? Instead you let them call another alliance to the fray and have again extended the war.
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