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  1. Tbf they lasted slightly longer than I initially thought, still 2 hours is pathetic
  2. I'm not even sorry at this point, maybe these guys will learn a lesson. Maybe not.
  3. Let's hope this is a line in the sand and the issues are no more. Because next time I wont let you out of this and no one will save you.
  4. This guys use of the Ampersand really triggers me, and I haven't even got started on his blatant stupidity.
  5. At what throwing stones while sitting in a glass house.
  6. Aren't you in The United Armies? Which has always been someone who has always required a protectorate?
  7. Congratulations to GATO and VT good to see my kids working together. As for the rest of the toxic Brady bunch need I remind you this forum is called Alliance Affairs. It is not called Top 50 Alliance Affairs nor is it called micro affairs, you do not get to dictate which Alliances posts here. If you feel so strongly about it you can file it in the idgas inbox.
  8. Aww whats up buddy? Why so sad?
  9. Congrats on retirement Niz you had a great reign. Best of luck taking over Benfro I'm sure you'll do just as well
  10. My alliance is a giant symbol you are appropriating my culture and ingame character.
  11. I was given no such instruction to not contact you so please do get said facts right. You messaged me first and I replied to each message. I'm more then happy to share those messages here since you seem so keen to drag me into this.
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