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  1. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Insider report from the globalist cabal

    LelI knew it @DemonSpawn I call dibs on Hannah Charlie fulcrum Dylan and Moon you can see where I'm going with this
  2. Alexio15

    Let's Dance!

    Tbh I haven't got a dog in this fight all I know is on my military tracker TGH was showing low military on the day of war.
  3. Alexio15

    Let's Dance!

    I'm not quite sure it was that anyone could see what was happening from a mile off. It's likely more a fact that it's harder for your lower fighters if they stay low. You swoop get swamped rinse and repeat.
  4. Alexio15

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Yeah and I corrected your incorrect point. The whole thing was regarding their nation activity triangles. Not their nation colours, again it's just making you look salty
  5. Alexio15

    The most extreme border control in Orbis

    Kinda makes sense to keep new nations on beige but keep digging, I'm sure you'll strike gold eventually. Or you'll just keep getting endless levels of salt.
  6. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Tune in, Dial Out

    Really stretching things to fit a narrative they've made up?
  7. Alexio15

    The end of the 498 Day War

    Peace in our time
  8. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Live in Albuquerque

    Zeebrus not being funny here or wishing to put my alliance or Atlas as a forefront of this, but Shifty created this thread. This thread also happens to contain no other reference to any other alliance other then Bad Company and Atlas. Pretty obvious who the comment was aimed at. However I'm done with the thread.
  9. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Live in Albuquerque

    Talking to you in private is a fruitless exercise because all you do is talk rubbish and act like a petulant child.
  10. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Live in Albuquerque

    Funny when you couldn't even dish anything respectable out damage wise. Yeah we took a lot of damage, but we dished out far more then you did. I guess one thing your quality at is crying through an entire war about fighting.
  11. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Live in Albuquerque

    Which does House Stark have again?
  12. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

    You mean his ghost writers have been on fire, regardless of who writes them he's talented enough to perform them.
  13. Alexio15

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

    Well looks like news to me on this and shows that we was truly valued as treaty partners by Pantheon. Pretty much being nailed on to participate in a quest we had no gripe with. As a clear up we had and have no intention to go and fight kT
  14. Alexio15

    Maintain Balance?

    In respect of where the game was 10 months or so ago. It has split up quite a bit in terms of treaties and spheres. There was just 2 mega spheres, now there is 1 megaish sphere and 3 relatively smaller spheres.
  15. In their defence they sent a fair amount of members over throughout the war. While they didn't enter they did still offer some assistance.

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