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Are you a intelligent, smart, handsome individual with at least the brainpower of a hamster that just dislikes GOONS so damn much, then join AGS. The group that hates GOONS. Discord - https://discord.gg/YqxaXrk

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PG 13 - Mature Content
  1. What's new in this club
  2. Keep your freinds close but your enemies closer. Clearly smh Minesome :x , how dare you not appreciate my 4d chess moves.
  3. didnt u ally GOONs in NaR, doesnt seem to be an AntiGooner to me
  4. Put the GOONS back together and hate them back to the grave over and over. It is the only logical solution
  5. Since goons is gone, does that mean we have to hate GOONs squad? Seems like the only smart step.
  6. Honestly Goons should of won the worst alliance and most controversial. NPO wasnt as bad as GOONs. #JusticeForGOONs
  7. Our group is very inactive, we need a new one. Correct, or incorrect?
  8. And now Goons doesnt even exist, yet we still do. *dab*
  9. Hi I am here to stop the insidious goon where do I sign
  10. And most of them are goons lol
  11. hello i am a spy and i've come to this anti goons group bearing secret logs. for only one million dollars per letter i can give everyone here juicy secret GOONS information. to prove that i'm secretly in their discord here's some free logs to prove it.
  12. GOONS getting hit back with embargoes after all their embargoing does sound just. So I up voted since it sounds like some form of Karma hitting them back if it catches on.
  13. Upvote if you have embargoed goons. Else you have smol pp and will prolly never get a minecraft gf. Oh and also embargo GOONS if you havent already
  14. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=6597 Only for cool kids though

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