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  1. Apologies, Epi. Was not my intention by quoting your posts, as I'm inclined to believe that you were not present where NSFW was shared.
  2. I'm the one receiving the medal.
  3. the Coal Mine's server has been reported to Discord. They will investigate and decide what to do with this information, Discord does not record voice chats which is where I claimed that this occurred as given testimony from a former TCM high gov member. For instance, please refer to the following posts: None of this happened on these forums, nor was I the first to bring it here and my original post was entirely IC. I've reported the server to Discord and it is up to them to investigate and determine, what, if any action should be taken. Not @Alex nor any of the moderation staff.
  4. Neat to see you guys finally DoE. Good luck.
  5. I feel that my quote was misrepresented.
  6. SomethingAwful.com is not owned by me nor anyone else in PnW GOONS. What someone does to try and get into our alliance is up to them. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Something_Awful
  7. Seeing as I lead GOONS I feel that I can address this even within the realm of a NDF. I do not operate nor own Something Awful. Membership on Something Awful is not a prerequisite for membership to GOONS. We do not collect real life money for any reason, nor would we. What we are is selective about who we accept into our alliance as we don't want our culture shifting from what it is.
  8. I have been informed that we already internally disciplined this member, a month ago, when it happened. We've since put policies in place about not being that rude in private messages. Have you been getting them recently?
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