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  1. Basil


    Cruddy wifi made me double post instead of edit...F
  2. Basil


    RIP the servers
  3. Basil

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    Reported for derailing, this thread is for encouraging BK only ...with that said, BK STRONK
  4. Basil

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    Now normally I wouldn’t bite or even have posted in the first place but you seemed like a special kind of stupid so what the heck. Anyway, I’m pretty sure they’re downvoting because they’re sick of you posting multiple threads complaining that people don’t like your ideas. Also your idea is to remove one of the best features of the game, the one that gives a reason to log in other than sitting idly watching numbers go up. Personally I dislike you because you are stubborn, misguidedly self assured, and think of anyone who disagrees with your ideas as a “stupid, mean loser”. Tbh, if I was in your shoes, I would’ve accepted that my opinion was not a popular one and would’ve quit it by now. You’re going to get nowhere with this here and as other people have said before me and likely will again, if you want to sit and watch numbers tick up, go play Nation States.
  5. Basil

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

    Considering the fact that you have over 550 downvotes, I’d think it’s obvious what the community thinks of you.
  6. Basil

    Remove war

    I wasn't going to downvote until you told me to upvote.
  7. Basil

    Defeating a Menace

    F my bid for forum points 😦
  8. Basil

    Defeating a Menace

    As long as Zeeb takes us to war I’m fine with this tbh.
  9. Basil

    Nobody expects the Smothquisition

    Smoff Empire for life. o7 smoff o7 redarmy
  10. Basil

    Tales of the Space Cantina

    How dare you not know, Of the glory of evil Bo, Thou art a heathen, And worse yet lo, Thou art yet a massive ho.
  11. Basil

    Tales of the Space Cantina

    I just turned 11, where do I get my sip of Uncle?

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