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  1. At this tier you're basically bragging about spending more money on the nukes than the infra damage you've done. Not only are you losing, your rebuttal is that your own offensive attacks are worse than doing nothing
  2. For historical posterity this is the current status of this "pretty close poll" as of the time he wrote this post.
  3. Thinking that you win wars via forum arguments rather than wars in game is a pretty bold strategy. On a scale of 1-10 how well would you say it's worked out for you?
  4. hello i am a spy and i've come to this anti goons group bearing secret logs. for only one million dollars per letter i can give everyone here juicy secret GOONS information. to prove that i'm secretly in their discord here's some free logs to prove it.
  5. Allan doesn't seem to be taking getting kicked out of EM very well. I eagerly await more passive aggressive threads about every alliance that kicks him out.
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