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  1. shoulda got a prot, and some members before DOEing, now all the raiders know your a free target
  2. They didn't ask us. We joined the fun cause we were bored.
  3. still dosnt answer why your page has a default flag, and text only,
  4. 1, thats not a good reason, 2, they sent ya'll peace, 3, its midnight man, not everyone's on, and your members are either slotted or too far out of range, 4, says the guy with just text as a page with a default flag
  5. So, couple hours ago these guys called KonoSuba decided to declare on Amarr for no real good reason. Meanwhile, some of my members had just told me they were bored, so I guess this was pretty convenient. If any Kono guy wants to discuss peace DM me on discord and have your checkbook ready. TLDR CHB declared war on KonoSuba Why? - Why not?
  6. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North By the old gods and the new down with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
  7. asking for my own curiosity
  8. @Sverige Id your prot gonna step in if ya'll get hit over this?
  9. This is not real Coal King, this is western spy.
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