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  1. Agreed. I couldn't stand marx since I first met him. How he conducted FA was questionable and extremely antagonizing.
  2. My problem with this is its going to hurt private banks. They want to avoid looting for a good reason, its bad for business.
  3. i know but im trying to get a full list to put in the news
  4. Who all is getting hit? I'm asking for the news.
  5. JackRackham429


    war is how it goes here, without it why bother playing?
  6. tbh everyone can declare victory over IQ, goons is dead, bk disbanded, npo is dying, and their cash farm got deleted, most everyone else has peaced out already
  7. you know, a lot of people will tell you about the marlboro man dying of lung cancer, however, he was 86 which is older than a lot of non smokers lived thats besides the point, we repurposed marlmoro ads in our in game ads and recruiting messages just to see who all gets it
  8. welp time to get TR a sponsorship from Marlboro
  9. i could give a definition but id get another mod strike
  10. yo what happened to goons staying off the forums? i thought it would become a nice place again
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