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  1. I know its my opinion, its also the opinion of my alliance as well. We believe it was wrong of the goons members to make all of those reports not just on the forums but in discord as well because of how innocent some were or how others could be taken the wrong way. If we just said "we don't like goons" most would assume what I mentioned to be the reason why, so I just flat out said it. I don't see a reason to be modest about our opinion or to hide it in any way when we're already going to war and things like this add entertainment value to the forums. As i said in another older comment. the technical reason for declaring was to join up with Iron Clad in the war. I just wanted to throw that in there because why not.
  2. Where did I say "using it as a weapon" ? The reason I stated was that we declared because of the overabundance of frivolous reports that goons is famous for. Also what rules explicitly don't mean jack?
  3. this whole ordeal isnt a separate war, its closer to GW 14.5 which is being called the Great Leak War but that name ain't that great Global War 14 II Broadband Boogaloo would be my choice
  4. yep sure would be nice if we could just delete any alliance we dont like wouldent it
  5. if we are being technical we declared because our allies did, but that would be a boring forum post then wouldn't it
  6. we are on the slightly cleaner side of the bin
  7. Sit in the down son - Simmons 2019 Us boog bois in Iron Clad figured we're gonna get dragged into this war regardless, so we decided to enlist before the draft. However this post is for The Regiment so ill be more specific. First we blitzed USN because reasons. Second we are countering for the rest of IC. Third we are declaring on goons because certain members love reporting everyone for anything, and they support communism, which is bad in case you didn't know. We might be a trash micro, but at least we're not as trash as every alliance in opus. Complementary music for the big igloo: Is this old news? Yes it is. Do I care? No, I don't.
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