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  1. hEs a mIsOgYnIsT, hEs HoMoPhObIc. Come on guys, can we get through one day without getting offended over nothing?
  2. Sad to see you go man. Your kinda the reason I got gud at econ (to an extent) and you helped me a lot in ministate.
  3. That choice wasn't the shared opinion of all members.
  4. Oh I know, but do they?
  5. But why though? .....or maybe your goals aren't altruistic after all.
  6. Agreed. I couldn't stand marx since I first met him. How he conducted FA was questionable and extremely antagonizing.
  7. My problem with this is its going to hurt private banks. They want to avoid looting for a good reason, its bad for business.
  8. i know but im trying to get a full list to put in the news
  9. Who all is getting hit? I'm asking for the news.
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