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  1. Cthulu

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    You misspelled ich liebe dich. Ich spreche ein bischen Deutsch. My issue isn't with the alliance name in and of itself by itself in a vacuum.
  2. Cthulu

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    I've done mine, as well; I'm familiar with the mod. That's how I know that large portions of the player base treat it like Uber 3rd reich. And a lot of them love Nazi and KKK themed memes. So much, in fact, that they use such memes in the discord of the P&W alliance named for the mod. Had there not been such memes in their discord, perhaps your explanation could hold merit. However, there have been, and are, therefore, it does not. *shrugs*
  3. Cthulu

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    I was utterly disgusted with the thought process that led to them even being considered, and therefore, held my tongue, to see how it would play out. It didn't seem to me that any discussion was even necessary, particularly in light of your noting of their love for Nazi and KKK memes. The fact that there even was any serious discussion left my jaw hanging. Anyway, as you must realize by now, as I've transferred ownership of the Counter Strike Force server to you, I harbor no hard feelings against you personally.
  4. I have been working in Pantheon's government since June 17th of last year, when I was brought into the Foreign Affairs department. I refused all officer level positions until more recently, though I did high level FA and Milcom work either way. As some of you know, until today, I've been a Deity of Foreign Affairs, and Deity of Defense / Head of Counter Strike Force. I've stayed with Pantheon through good and bad, thick and thin, doing my job the best I could, regardless of differences of opinion. In fact, I came back to being active 2 weeks before Knightfall specifically to help Pantheon through the global war. It is simply the power of loyalty to the only alliance I've been a part of (other than my first 3 days in game, spent in Dark Brotherhood, before I rerolled, but that hardly counts, as I knew nothing about the game at all) that kept me doing my best for Pantheon, no matter what. I always said that if Pantheon started to look like it was REALLY going down hill in a bad way, I'd likely just quit the game. Government shake-ups were not enough. The ridiculous coup attempt was not enough, even when it looked like we were pretty screwed, with the leader in VM and no heir. Pantheon taking on a protectorate with a Nazi theme, even after our leader noted that they do like their Nazi and KKK themed memes, does seem to be enough. I'm still not exactly sure if I'm quitting the game for good, or simply ending my association with people that offer protection to Nazi sympathizers, but my time as an active player in Pantheon is certainly finished. To those I've faced in battle, no hard feelings. I was doing my job, and doing it well. The next time we meet, if it is in battle, it will not be for an organization that protects Nazi sympathizers, or even those who think that kind of thing is funny. To those I leave behind in Pantheon: Many of you are, I assume, good folk who have no idea what Reichspakt is about. You might want to find out. You're looking like Nazi sympathizers by proxy. You might do well to find an alliance that does not befriend and protect Nazi themed alliances based on the idea of a mid 1930s Germany that won the first world war.
  5. Cthulu

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    It's been a pleasure serving Pantheon under The Emperor. I certainly understand the need to retire from such a position eventually, having been there myself in different games. Viva Pantheon!

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