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  1. "thanks cthulu for this idea"... Goodness, all I did was suggest you make your own post when you suggested that I rename my latest one. Well like, maybe if he starts raiding 770, and changes this to a [DoW]....?
  2. He blocked me when I told him we coulda been friends, and we coulda been protecting his members in our range. *shrug*
  3. lol Why are ASM members downvoting, when they have a D level treaty with Blankie Gang? *shrug*
  4. LOL You're right, that was Aiya, and I need to put my dang glasses on.
  5. Why just leave the peace terms on *seen*? They're quite generous. We're not even asking for anything, really. Just publicly declare peace and admit what everyone already knows from those screenshots in my previous forum post addressed to The Arch Trinity of 770, as well as the screenshots I posted in the comments to your lying response post about an illuminating and holy learning experience. If it really was such an illuminating and holy learning experience, then just do the right thing, accept the terms, and show your members that you might actually care about them just a little bit. Why do you not care as much about your members as I care about your members? If you do, show them you do, by ending their suffering that you created.
  6. Sending clueless noobs into this, because we declined to merge into 770.
  7. lol WUT ROFL... TLDR, is it against forum rules to call someone a lying sack of doo-doo? lol My posts contain proof (screenies), his posts contain pure unadulterated BS made up off the top of his head. 1) No, Neo got kicked because after I informed Greene's gov about what was really going on (as per the screenies in my forum post addressed to the Arch Trinity of 770), Neo was the only one with the guts to tell Greene off. 2) It wasn't a training exercise, he got that from me. I asked him if that's why he was sending noobs at me, he said "THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!" The real reason is we declined to merge with a gang of stupid noobs. See attached screenies, and/or see the aforementioned forum post. 3) "As per Duncan Croford, of the Waffle House, they were intending to sign DEFCON-5 all along" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Duuude I wasn't even in Brofam's FA server until after you started throwing noobs into our meat grinder to get curbstomped just because you couldn't poach us from our own aa lol... Again, screenies. Note the time of my entrance to the Brofam FA room. Central USA time, for Orbis conversion. 4) "There will be the deluge of individuals who doubt my representations" LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Duuuuuuuude lol I've got screenies, you've got nothing but BS you're making up off the top of your head! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL And I mean, I know what your plan is, you think you can just keep throwing noobs at us to hamper our ability to get good raids because we're dealing with them, in the hopes of grinding down our bank since you have a lot more money to pay an endless stream of clueless noobs 5m each to raid us, so that we'll capitulate and merge into 770 so that you actually have some viable members in your aa, but that's insane. Theoretically yes, since we're only 7 decent 5c and one 3c total noob to our whole alliance, you can hinder our ability to get good raids, and perhaps even erode our zero tax bank over time since we can't raid you personally to put a stop to it, but even if you ground us down to our last dollar, we'd never merge with a group of noobs. Besides, we poached your only protector, (ROFLMAO!!!!!), A LOT of people don't like you, and I have a feeling that someone or another might eventually come along and give you a bloody nose. Aaah dangit looks like there's a screenie missing on the Greene conversation, I'll see if I can find it, but you get the picture with all the rest anyway, plus all the other screenies in the aforementioned forum post. Dude... Greene.... Like..... WTF dude lol Why make up BS lies that are easily proven as lies?
  8. Definitely the best spot for 3:00am drunken yumminess. :) Maybe someone can create Denny's, and they can be rivals. 😂
  9. I know what Greene's plan is. He has basically an endless stream of noobs in 770 who aren't on discord and don't know wtf is going on. All they know is he's paying them $5m each to raid us, and they don't understand the damage they're going to suffer. Since he's got a lot more money than us, and we can't raid him directly since we're all 5c, he could theoretically grind down our bank by keeping us occupied so we can't get good raids, and his hope seems to be that we'll eventually capitulate and merge into 770. That's insane, it's never going to work even if he reduced us to our last dollar, but that's what his strange logic seems to think of as a possibility. But I bet if it goes on long enough, more people in influential places will become increasingly more sympathetic to our cause. People already don't like him. One of 'em might decide to give Greene a bloody nose. I mean, they did lose their protector, after all. *shrug*
  10. [TLDR] Greene: "Merge into 770." Us: "No, thanks. We're good, let's be friends." Greene: *sends raids, sees them getting smacked down and nuked repeatedly because we don't care about the cost because we're experienced low tier raiders who decom'd cities or entire nations to begin with* Greene: Uuhhh... pls mrg?.... Waffle House: 770, we respectfully decline to retain you as protectorate. Waffle House: Replaces 770 with DEFCON-5 as protectorate Us: *kek* Mr. Greene: When your member informed you she was leaving 770 to join a new alliance being formed, she was very nice about it, and even gave you a parting donation. She didn't have to do either, but that's just her, so she did. You were like ok cool I understand, then the day after we form, you're sending raids at us. And your government members seemed to mostly be in the dark about that (examples below). The only thing you've managed to do is having Waffle House replace you with us as protectorate when they dropped you, and make yourself look... Well.... Anyway.... To the other who Archs: What's up with Greene? lol.... Seems that within the last couple hours, he just kicked me from the server... To the members of 770 et all: Here's why Greene is sending your 7 - 8 city tier at an 8 member alliance, starting with the conversation between him and Powerpuff. More pics in comments because it says maximum of 1000kB. It gets rather entertaining lol.
  11. We refer to 770's massively failing forced merger attempt as, "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due". This has nothing to do with Holy Seas. All actions are defensive against those particular nations in 770 who are actually dumb enough to raid us and get curbstomped.
  12. This is a defensive action specifically against 770's attempt to force us to merge. In fact, we're not declaring on anyone that isn't already hitting one of us. Thanks. The threat is contained.
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