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  1. Improvements will remain after the Infrastructure is destroyed. He bought to at least 2700 infra, got those improvs, and then got rolled multiple times. His Infrastructure was destroyed, but most of his improvements remained.
  2. When do we celebrate the anniversary of the creation of #farmers-only though?
  3. Someone looking for attention, aka Nokia 2.0.
  4. At this point, I question who should be protecting who. CoA protecting Minesome, or the other way around? :serious:
  5. OH SHIT. Yall see that counter blitz by CoA on KT this DC?! Yeah, me neither.
  6. Ah, you know me all too well!
  7. Isn't it fun having useless paper that yields you nothing, yet you need to defend instead of continuing to grow? Have fun, @CoA.
  8. Where are the stats for the None Sphere?
  9. The part where Quack is unaware of it's own size, how that size makes other spheres feel, and how they go straight toward the victim card is amusing. You do you though. That makes one of us. 🤪
  10. I get it, you dislike Rose, and want to hit us(the rest of the game) with some anti-Rose propaganda. Newsflash! No one cares for whatever you are trying to spin as long as Quack remains the greater threat. Simple stuff actually.
  11. Proof that you don't know a meaningless chart when you see one.
  12. Yeah, the world is against you, and you're the victim. Whadya know? It's called The Great Racist Conspiracy.
  13. Ah, I thought you were talking about infra. Horsecock has been approved by Sheepy ages ago. Why he would rename cities from Horsecock to "removed" makes no sense, if Horsecock is still allowed to be named Horsecock ingame. which, again, Sheepy had made the decision that it is fine.
  14. How new are you to the game? Infra means nothing in PnW. If you didn't know that, your MA can explain to you as to why it doesn't. If you did, I don't get your point.
  15. DTC and Ockey spying people? I don't believe it. How dare you make these baseless accusations?!
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