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  1. Now hold up I was generalising it as you can see I put 300 c15 lol, I don’t mind go in detail about statistics if you would like, do DM me we can chat about the stats. I am trying to point out our lower tier numbers (most of the coalition is lower tier) can’t touch your c30 plus or c40 plus so trying to say 3:1 ratio doesn’t work. Of course we can try to calculate how many each side has that can hit upper tier like c25 can attack a c30 but you would need 3 c25 to fight 1 c30.
  2. Hold up did you read anything I wrote because clearly you didnt. I said Mystery Inc doesnt have the most nations or the tiering advantage so where did you get IQ and more nation arguement from my last comment. If you are talking about my other arguement about nations vs tiering then you are mistaken, IQ is one sphere that is has enough lower tier nations to take on almost the whole game. I am talking about 3 spheres adding up together to have this much lower tier nations if you split it up no one sphere has that amount of lower tier nations to do what IQ did.
  3. So would you like to count nations or tiering right now? I can show you the numbers and stats of Mystery Inc we are 100 nations bigger than HM and Rose 200 nations bellow Oasis and 300 nations bellow T$ sphere. Tiering we dont stand out in any single tier since we dont have 30 c40s or 300 c15s so do explain how we arent a small sphere? Also I thought TKR splitting was to help make multi sphere come true but i guess not.
  4. I have no clue what you are smoking but keep telling yourself that! What is 300 c15 going to do to 30 c40, if you count that as number advantage you are very smart. Now idk about you but someone said something about rolling Mystery after the 1 month NAP on morf show. As I have said many times Camelot Aurora Weeb joined agianst HW because we put effort and time into working on the multi sphere dream, to have that destoryed in day 2 is very insulting to everyone who put effort into it that includes T$, Rose and Oasis sphere. IDK what HM is thinking but preaching and complaining about Oasis adding Camelot then turn around to make your own super sphere isnt looking good for you guys. Also adding TKR sphere into HM to make HW is a clear sign of upper tier consolidation, it takes 3 spheres to equal or kind of equal out your upper tier numbers. If you believe 300 c15 nations is a dogpile on 30 c40 i dont know what you are smoking man. You have the upper tier control and most wars outcome is upper tier fights!
  5. Looking forward to working with you all!
  6. Wish You Guys The Best of Luck! Really enjoy working with you all! @Lord Tyrion @Harry Flashman @Hansarius 😭
  7. now that is a bit mean
  8. OCT Blitz tournament sign ups have started! https://forms.gle/9CCXcLytm4pAChyf7
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