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  1. Time for round two on TCM! So tell me will you be doing FA for them again?
  2. Being honest you should really remove your inactives from your alliance, its making my eyes hurt too!
  3. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, By the old gods and the newdown with the tyranny of the Squeegee with honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all.
  4. Sorry this is a bit late but Congratulations to my friends HS, OWR and CTO!
  5. lets be fair TCM lost but they went full scorched earth on The Swamp so technically Nokia did do as much damage as they could and The Swamp won a long time ago the other side just wont admit it.
  6. I wonder how many will return! 😂
  7. I mean if E404 will activate their ODP with Agon and hit TEst
  8. I wonder if E404 will activate their ODP just like Test activated their ODP with Horsemen
  9. Everyone started off being a micro, usually people post their DoE then nothing else until they reach top 50. O level is techincally a joke so posting it is kind of useless, but its been a while since I have seen one on the forum so congrats!
  10. Just saying if you guys were close enough and strong enough the poaching wouldn't have worked, it just shows how the leader and second in command of TTO was unable to bond with their members. Also I have seen them go inactive in game for over 7 days, thats not a great sign lol! 😂 I do however wish you guys good luck!
  11. so TTO split into The Crimson Order and The Rohirrim interesting, I do wonder why The Rohirrim got way more members than you guys lol!
  12. I don't think the airforce update is great at all 18-15 that cuts down a bunch of tanks also rolling tanks into the air field and taking out planes is kind of weird if you are going to make that a thing then Alex should also add depending on how many planes they have it would destroy tanks when they try to take out planes.
  13. you need to build a project for that extra slot lol
  14. I am not sure about this 18 planes to 15 planes thing!
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