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  1. Should I change the wiki to The Iron Peace Keeping from The Iron Crusade?
  2. More popcorn, DH was a disappointment I hope IF will be better!
  3. hahahahahahhahahahahahahaha Yes! All Hail Ayylmao!
  4. oh shit the return of IQ! I believe VE is next then!
  5. I can take Teutonic Order seriously, everyone else hmmmm ok
  6. AHHHHHHH, well good luck to both sides!
  7. I am even more confused KT launched more counter some how!
  8. so i can get popcorn out dam! Good luck to everyone here!
  9. dam i was about to get popcorn
  10. First chill out bro, both side have their reason for doing this and BK GoTG decision is their own, their members decided to leave so let it be. I am not saying NPO did nothing wrong but i think there might be other ways to handle this mess without killing 1/3 of the nations within the game. If you don't have evdience linking it was NPO who attacked the game on Google Play pls don't mak false claims I know its very likey but we don't know, correlation does not mean causation. I will say Alex had the right intention but ended up with a bad outcome.
  11. I wonder who is next to join the fray!
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