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  1. I'm completely against a reserve system because it undermines the reward for spending sleepless nights for those coordinating the spy fronts. However if you're doing a reserve, then a cap at like 50% of their max is reasonable, it allows them to get over the initial hurdle but isn't giving them a free pass Others above seem.to be on the same page Edit: Also can we fix the damn issue with how military rebuys are delayed several minutes past the dc itself? They should be the exact same second and if that means we have a dc lasting 1 min then so be it. It can be devastating if you're trying a double buy but you're a sitting duck Also, I'll note that spy vs military counts to the attackers stats, but not the defenders stats. Sheepy said he fixed this when I asked him a couple years back but the change never came through.
  2. Why do you insist on changes every global war though?
  3. The following is from @Ockey5, copy pasted, don't @ me over the language or aggression but I do side with his perspective "how do i tell him to [email protected]#$ off and let us just learn the war mechanics? THEY CHANGE EVERY fricking WAR"
  4. Amusing that delta appears to have lost the spy front too
  5. What makes you think declaring wars that you will once again lose, make people stop spying you? It's funny because oblivion doesn't even really spy you
  6. Still a micro. Rank doesn't determine if you're a micro or not
  7. "Huge alliance aurora" Who wants to tell him aurora is a micro too?
  8. I'm against CAT ASMR, it's awkward af hanging with friends and I get a ping from that server lol
  9. Hm, it appears these are fabricated and not me. Bold of you to post a thread like this on April fools, mixed among many other threads here. Good prank though, must have taken hours making all of those ss's
  10. I can confirm oblivion scripts
  11. This is funny on a few levels
  12. But who could forget pooballs resource production
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