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  1. And according to the state of Montana, weed is legal for medicinal use. Who's to say this alliance isn't full of people who smoke it legally and medicinally? Your report is a bit of a stretch, and I guarantee you're not actually offended by the alliance.
  2. Pnw is not an American only game. Also sheepy has said nation's that have weed flags or names is not against the rules Also I understand this is non discussion forum but I provided evidence
  3. Well we could bypass the new nations and have food changes happen once you hit city 10 or something
  4. So currently when you run out of food you only loose 1/3 of your income. In a long global war this really doesn't have much impact once everyone has 400-800 infra per city. I have been sitting at 0 food for 2 months and it really doesn't affect me much. I believe that having 0 food should bill lock a nation the same way as not having any cash or power in your nation. With this change, it would actually change the dynamics of war quite a bit, and I believe in a good way. During the nuclear phases of the war causing mass drought, food could actually become a factor in the long attrition of a global war. Thoughts ?
  5. 4 credits bought with in game cash for an entire alliance is pennies though?
  6. Doesn't matter how much you balance it, pre is right. Any project that increases RSS production or saturation in general is bad
  7. The monetary value of military units won't change much. If you want to make a difference you should look at increasing the steel for ships, and increasing the alu for planes
  8. You all are too new to PNW to understand how things work. If an alliance pisses off the community enough, they will be the sole target of the future war. Happens time and time again. This is what they mean by snitches get stitches
  9. The spy change just hurts the people who aren't organized. This change benefits the alliance who were already good at the spy game, it's a terrible change because it skews it harder (even though it benefits me, I disagree with the change)
  10. Dragon you do realize that you're actually spamming the most in this thread, which is also reportable
  11. I wonder if goons will ever realize how things work in pnw
  12. Alex, shouldn't the blacked.c om one be removed as well? If you're unsure on why, well, try that in your browser lol
  13. Huh, that's messed up lol
  14. Desimal, huggies, dubayoo, moonshadtow, that's 4 that you told gov in rose that you have full access/control over. and that people verified them seperate for you. 🤷‍♀️ Edit: after looking it up I no longer see huggies as an account. Either the account has had a name change since the beginning of the war (I scoped you guys out and know I saw huggies as well) or huggies was banned, just because you have 2 multis now (and who knows how more, that have been made since you were in rose) does not mean you only ever have had 3 nations on your network lol
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