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  1. Hm, it appears these are fabricated and not me. Bold of you to post a thread like this on April fools, mixed among many other threads here. Good prank though, must have taken hours making all of those ss's
  2. I can confirm oblivion scripts
  3. This is funny on a few levels
  4. But who could forget pooballs resource production
  5. An Announcement from Order of the White Rose Today, March 17th 2021, a new chapter in the history of OWR begins! For too long have we tolerated tyrannical inefficacy and increasingly despotic behaviour at the helm of our government. No longer will the Kith of the Order suffer such oppression! Kamade's lust for yachts ends today! We formally depose Prime Kamade A new chapter begins, for the glory and freedom of Alba Rosa! Prime - DtC Justice 1st Comrade - Ockey Legate of Internal Affairs - Google Home Legate of Foreign Affairs - Roquentin Legate of Economics - Pooball
  6. Lmao, imagine being ranked below RnR @Ockey5
  7. Basically yes. It's a tragedy
  8. Regarding the current oasis Kt conflict @Phoenyxget on the case! There's a scandal in the air
  9. Really doesn't change anything because nothing new really came from.the ss lol
  10. You're in spy range of a massive portion of pnw tbf, and unless you have a sheet that tracked everyone online both times, you're stuck in confirmation bias by seeing some of them online I also wouldn't say 200 maximum, as there is currently 230 on
  11. Oh you don't know how to switch war policy? Let me explain, you simply click on edit, and you can change it there 😀 There'd HUNDREDS of people on covert, you wouldn't be able to sift through and say it's that person just because they're on covert, without any evidence. And yes, basically everyone with half a brain who wanted to spy you off of 60, with being undetected would swap to covert.
  12. Oh also, pasky has spy sat which means it's 100% not pasky, kill counts dont add up, you really gotta get better at pointing the finger fam. You should maybe look up what confirmation bias is, just because you saw some ASM online during the spy ops, doesn't mean they're guilty. If ASM wanted your spies wiped they would have used 1 of the 5 spy sats they have, and if they wanted to keep it out of the gov...they would have used covert.
  13. Anyone with 60 spies has the same chance, I guarantee there was at least 50 people outside of ASM online with IA. It wasn't ASM, they know better to swap to covert for spying.
  14. 80% ASM when there's probably 200 other people online lol. You accused pasky, yet they're on arcane. Why would someone spy you while trying to be sneaky and sit on arcane? Based on that accusation I can say anything you say without legit evidence can't really be taken as valid. Your first task should be looking at who's on covert and go from there. Which quite literally, there is ZERO covert from ASM. Try again
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