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  1. No nations are actually connected to me, that's the mistake that legend made. Sheepys system flags all nations that clash IP, and since everyone uses mobile data....there's tons of clashes everywhere. For example lury you have 19 different pnw players you have clashed networks with, 21 trades with those people. Now I doubt any of them are your multis, but that's the same mistake that legend made, he based it off the data provided by the system, which flags IP's from your mobile networks.
  2. I mean, you have threatened alataq and mrbooty in the past so I've been told, where do the lies start with you?
  3. Slot filling has never been accepted, he just expanded what is considered slot filling that's all.
  4. Alex leaking opsec tax info lol Also the first treasure gives 2% and 2 treasures give 2.83% @Alex not 4%
  5. No messages were deleted. I sent the full conversation to sheepy, and sheepy made his own conclusions. In fact I didn't even go to them to report you. They made a group chat with me because you reported me, all I did was post all of the ss's from the conversation and then showed them where you stepped over the line with false accusations. If you bribed me, who's to say you didn't do this to other people that actually paid you. I'm a lazy person, if you didn't follow through with your report then I wouldn't of actually sent them any ss's. I sent the ss's to defend myself for the false accusations you made. Imagine if a cop came up to you and said you were going to court for manslaughter, unless you paid him $500, and then you call him out on the bribe and he acts like it never happened? Well there's evidence of it, and sheepy made his conclusions.
  6. Why can't we make it so treasures can be traded on the global market
  7. Epi fk off, it took us forever to get ck off of pink
  8. I'd say this would be a bad change. It makes spying too risky during peace
  9. Tbh, obliv's 8 is more relevant than ck's whatever amount
  10. Don't forget he had 3 multis that were verified by his wife and neighbors that he admitted he funnels all cash to his main (back when he was 20 cities)
  11. As a rich whale who had more wealth than Elijah at his prime, and for the other rich whales who went to war with him, I can assure you it has nothing to do with his city size. If I had his nation I would have deleted it because the war stats alone were horrible.
  12. Congrats to everyone who has declared a victory over Elijah with the recent ban
  13. I mean, it's not just lead. All raws are heading for a crisis. I suggest people get rid of all supermarkets because they're pretty worthless these days. Also @S. Wolfe why is this in yearly awards lol
  14. Technically, if your enemy has low spies and you use 1 spy to do an Intel, and you fail the intel and get detected, you usually lose 0.
  15. https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=14 If you take a scan through the raw charts, you will realize there is an issue with too many raw sinks. The raws are declining faster than the manuf is rising. This has nothing to do with whales benefiting from changes as you said... because let's face it, whales are the ones who can afford stuff in these markets. Good luck having 13 cities or so and buy a decent WC with your income, it will take months.
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