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  1. ok sorry for not making it clear I meant the first person in question. I have no power to ban you.
  2. This is basically what I think you our taking the risk. You should now full well if you get banned it ain't for no reason.
  3. dude this is not a google thing it was only in game and on news servers. Also I think if I had a 10 year old kid I would not want him in game.
  4. What I am saying is that I would disagree with the scam assessment. If you do not understand what I mean look at the Taith controversy. Track you down maybe maybe not.
  5. just to add in my 2 cents having a 10 year old on this game does not seem like a good idea too me.
  6. yah that seems like something that could work but Alex will put that in maybe 2 years.
  7. we our playing a text based game if the mechanic were to go people who played for years would lose their work in a matter of days.
  8. Yah maybe but it could not work in the format of this game.
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