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  1. Because I cannot get on discord at the moment and no banks will give me a loan unless im on discord. Also, why does it matter?
  2. Well I was thinking something that requires thought. Maybe a pop math quiz that you get a few seconds to answer or something.
  3. No no no no, the alliance I just left. The alliance I joined built me up just today. They had to take out a loan to do it.
  4. people are still rebuild from the last GW. there is only so much money in orbis lmao.
  5. Baseball, the one mechanic everyone tries out and realizes how boring and repetitive it is. I've invested almost 50m in my team, and I'm almost ready to just give up on it. Why? I'm tired of having to click, refresh, click, refresh, click, refresh click click click, refresh etc. It's annoying, inefficient and boring. Let's start from the beginning, yeah? When you first open your baseball team, your stadium is Chernobyl and the players are a bunch of irradiated flesh bags who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground. You have to invest ~40m to have a team that works, and
  6. The Orbis economy is booming!

    But...we all know what happens next...

  7. please im tired of having to pay millions for the smallest wars.
  8. See more on my OnlyFans! A low monthly payment of $39.95 usd and you get a daily 30 minutes of cringy and lewd Aqua!
  9. Ehhh...... hold your tongue. Raiding has it's place in Orbis, but should not be buffed in any way. Raids directly harm new and smaller alliances while larger alliances go unscathed (usually). Here's an idea, how about ships can attack ground units? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_gunfire_support Rather than destroy improvements, this would be a lot more balanced.
  10. You are aware that there are perfectly interesting alliances that aren't democratic, right? Weebunism for example is a meritocracy, as are most other alliances I've noticed. That system works and nobody really complains, except Arrgh of course. The voting with your feet argument is not lazy, in fact it would occur with or without democracy. If I'm in an alliance, and it's going a way I don't like, I leave. Period. End of story. Democracy only works in alliances that want it. I do not want to be in a democratic alliance, but I recognize the successes of democratic alliances in Orbis. Sayin
  11. Lmao okay. I would respond, but you don't want to talk about it anymore. I'll leave it at a simple "what?" and "lol". What? Lol.
  12. That's true. I misunderstood that. Sorry. Nonetheless, every single other point I made still standing and poking holes in every aspect of your argument.
  13. @Nokia Rokia you best start 'splainin or i swear ill get shadow to bonk you
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