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  1. Three of us beat you first Archduchess Menhera of Lishistoria ordered a naval attack upon your nation of Velrulion. The attack was an immense triumph. Archduchess Menhera's forces lost 0 ships, while your defenders lost 0 ships. You used 0 tons of munitions and 0 tons of gasoline defending the attack. The attack destroyed 1.38 infrastructure in the city of Beuclair and destroyed 0 improvements.This loss has resulted in a naval blockade on your nation. To break the blockade you must execute a naval attack that is a success, another player must achieve an immense triumph naval attack on your opponent, or you must destroy all of your opponent's ships. All pending trade offers you have created have been cancelled and refunded to your nation and you will be unable to trade with other nations until the blockade is over.
  2. It is some real major cringe right there.
  3. "Mobile Task Force Unit Epsilon-11, Designated Nine-Tailed Fox, Has Entered The War. All War Attendants Are Advised To Stay In The War, Until The Unit Has Secured SCP-4299." - Some [Name Withheld] group somewhere
  4. Shifty be speed running the warthog run for whatever war is next.
  5. I think you failing school might be a time management problem on your end, but your mental health should come first. Didn't really interact with you as much when you were in KT, but see you around man. Hope things get better for you. Also this is the wrong topic space for farewells, it should've gone in https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/119-farewells-goodbyes/
  6. No one should be left unforgotten
  7. He had to rename it back to "HORSECOCK" even though it was previously renamed.
  8. Could call it a Fool's pèace de résistance
  9. As Namukara said, don't really know you but it always sucks seeing active players leave. Well, wish you luck with life as it's definitely more important than a browser game.
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