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  1. My oh my. PnW sure loves giving their raiders easy money, doesn't it?
  2. Congratulations on the treaty! Looks like FinlayMac is already making moves in his new leader position and I'm excited to see if he can help rebound TEst!
  3. Orbis Weekly? I think Kev is gonna come out of retirement and chase you down for that name.
  4. Challenge accepted, but I want you to livestream a random.org choosing of who gets the money. If I see this go to a friend or 404 member I call BS. "names"
  5. How could an alliance that, in your own words, has a "defamed Alliance's name which I can't even speak loudly because it sounds like a slur used by mental patients" kill off your family?
  6. Worked so well that 2/3 of your membership left in the process.
  7. Nokia said wouldn't commit transferring ownership of the TCM server AND him no longer being able to retake power as he pleases. In short - this is a sham and waste of time.
  8. Nothing like countering a raid on a week-inactive noob, 3 days after it first happened, refusing to communicate with the alliance you're countering, and then declaring war on them. Have fun!
  9. All rule-breaking ingame actions are relevant to whether or not you are unbanned. This is a no-discussion forum, so avoid further replies unless there's specific evidence to add.
  10. Hi, I was government of the alliance Sam here applied to, and I wanted to throw something in. The banned user was calling users pedophiles and other slurs both in-game and on discord. I believe you can look at his embargoes for further evidence.
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