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  1. How has this not been talked about more? Being able to lose upwards of 1500 infra in a single round of war is an absolutely disastrous idea. During a global, the losing side is FORCED to take a minimum of 900 damage each time their beige expires because of the marvelous idea that every war ends in beige. Not only are you directly encouraging dogpiles and more stagnation, but now even the tiniest little counter situation ends up causing unnecessary amounts of damage.
  2. Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  3. I'll jump on whichever name keeps Brawlywood from winning. I don't know who suggested that, but oh my god it's probably the most cringeworthy war name yet. I'd take Error 522 over that.
  4. You hit a bunch of inactive husks in 770, but didn't even hit Greene? Disappointing, to say the very least.
  5. If you actually read my messages before coming out and yelling about something you guys have bandwagoned onto despite a total lack of involvement, you would know that poaching isn't one of our CBs. Clearly memories were distorted. I just went back to year old DMs to see this, and what seems to have been forgotten is that the only person I actually attempted to poach was a friend I had made in TKR who had privately demonstrated interest in leaving. Somehow the bizarre idea that I'm a poacher stems from that?
  6. 1) It originated when someone mistook RP (dusty opening a competing restaurant and stealing customers with meth) for our actual CB. 5) Again, cowardly/dishonorable/not classy isn't an argument here. 6) BS, and you know it. 7) Dusty took the entire bank and demanded that it be kept on his nation at all times. When he was hit and blockaded, he refused to request any counters. Even if all three wars were lost, the majority of the bank would've still been intact and could've been returned to SMC. Instead, he chose to spend it all on himself. That's very simple. 9) Dusty is a leader of his alliance, and his actions (past and present) reflect on you and your alliance as a whole. You knew his full history when you started Los Pollos Hermanos.
  7. It was stated in our DoW, albeit somewhat cryptically. Thank you to the kind soul who translated it for everyone to read. Aren't you trying to discredit the world police narrative? Sorry chief, but acting entitled to details on something you aren't involved in won't achieve that. Especially after you stormed in here and made snide remarks towards us, evidently unaware of the full situation. And finally...firwof/anyone else engaging in sexist discussions and derailing the thread...please leave. Thanks!
  8. I can’t believe I forgot to include the Waffle House index in the DoW.
  9. Dusty is someone who has couped and/or stolen the bank of an alliance at least five times. He used multis, was banned for it, and still boasts about it. One of his government members is also a known bank thief. Sorry, but classy isn’t an argument here.
  10. We don’t just sell waffles. We’re the number one seller of T-bone steaks, hash browns, and we serve over 2% of all eggs consumed in the USA.
  11. Here at Waffle House, our number one priority is good food fast. We're owned by our employees, so our number one priority is to our loyal customers, and not greedy executives and shareholders. The reason our food tastes so good (especially when you're drunk) is because of the care and dedication that goes into it, a byproduct of our homegrown leadership programs. Unfortunately, some individuals do not uphold the high standards that Waffle House has. One morning, Jacob and Duncan were sitting at the counter when Quackers ran in, yelling incoherently about meth chickens and this new restaurant across the street. Duncan looked out the window. "Los Pollos Hermanos", the sign read. Outside, a filthy old man named Dusty Dart was welcoming patrons in. The very same Dusty Dart that had destroyed the old Pantheon Diner, and ran off with Stratosphere Steakhouse's money. And now, he's selling drug laced chicken in an effort to steal Waffle House's loyal customers. It would be going against our moral code to allow these gross ethical violations to continue. As such, Waffle House declares war on Los Pollos Hermanos. The Waffle House Index is now YELLOW.
  12. The Waffle House Index is currently GREEN. It's 1 AM, and you know the only thing in the world that could possibly satisfy you is eggs, waffles, and hashbrowns (covered and smothered).
  13. Sounds like you guys are really upset that you’re losing Epi.
  14. Hey Greene! Wanted to give you a heads up that courtesy of a gov member that decided not to deal with your BS, your entire gov chat has been leaked to RON. See ya!
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