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  1. I understand wanting to make being a lower tiered alliance more viable. But this is not the way to do it. This punishes alliances and nations who have spent tens of billions optimizing their tiering, and allows alliances that lack the skill and structure to optimize their tiering to compete way more effectively than they should come wartime. Instead of something like this that penalizes nations who have put billions into growth, why not increase the point where city timers come into effect? It would make it easier for alliances to get their members into a competitive tier and wouldn't penalize the people who have already done that.
  2. You could explain why, but why do that when you/Rose people can just downvote and say "you don't like it" EDIT: Never mind, move along folks. This isn't a project, it's a slight mechanical change. It shouldn't have much effect on food production in peacetime but would reduce the effect of increasingly frequent major war. People can't really jump on the bandwagon when food production is impossible for long periods of time.
  3. This is a fairly self-explanatory suggestion that should help combat food prices that have been consistently high for many months. The current effect radiation has on food production was implemented when only the largest nations had nukes, when the game was a fraction of the size, when food was only necessary for soldiers and population, and when nuclear winters were an extremely rare event. Currently, "The amount that Food production is decreased by is equivalent to a nation's Radiation Index divided by 1000." Switching the formula from Radiation Index/1000 to RI/1500 would reduce the effect that increasingly frequent interbloc wars have on food production, and would make supposed conspiracies to shut down global food production harder to pull off. It's a much needed move that allows the games economy to better match the current political meta. I plan on writing a more comprehensive redesign of the nuclear system, with input from fellow players, at some point in the next few weeks. This is a band-aid solution of sorts to help lower food prices in the meantime.
  4. Not sure why you wanted to air out more dirty laundry, but for clarification: This was a draft of the peace treaty. I don't know or care what bullshit you and Dave planned behind our backs (I suppose that's par for the course with him) but Waffle House NEVER paid back or ever intended to pay back your debts. I also never apologized to you.
  5. I don't think SRF knows what they're getting themselves into here. Just...don't look at my signature, and stay blissfully unaware of the verbal hell that's about to rain down on you.
  6. I should add in that right now, Alex's top priority is turning war tactics that have been commonplace for years into bannable offenses. Those bugs have been incredibly commonplace for several weeks and he's issuing moderation strikes for nuke suicides, which are the only way to even close the damage gap after you've lost a conventional war.
  7. Pretty sure this is a Noctis alt but whatever.
  8. We were at a crossroads. Go onwards, and watch our community fall into decline as the people who made it great slowly fade away. Lose our (ingame) community, but know that our members wouldn't have to shoulder the consequences of gov's inactivity. I believe we made the right choice. With the slow but sure failure of our predecessors in mind, this decision will hopefully allow all of our members to reach a place that is able to help them and improve them in a way that we knew we wouldn't be able to do much longer. I will miss Waffle House. But I also know all of our members will be able to succeed in other places, whether it in real life, another alliance, or even Dave's reformed SMC. o7 WH.
  9. I would like to inform you that Orbis is not going to tolerate such a shocking act of violence against NSFN. #IStandWithNSFN
  10. Hypothetically, what would happen if I attacked one of your members?
  11. His last wish speaks volumes about the kind of person Red was. He'll be missed by this entire community. Rest in peace, Zach/Red.
  12. This post makes little sense. Where's the part where you actually explain why only wanting to sign competent alliances is a bad thing?
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