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  1. I think this says it all... P.S. It's worth noting that I was sent some extremely offensive and vulgar DMs on discord from this user out of the blue a couple weeks back (this was also random as well) but didn't report them due to @Alex's stance on messages sent outside official game communication channels.
  2. Stop trolling. We know you and (especially) your allies don't give a damn about us enjoying the game or the health of the game in general.
  3. Who else appreciates the irony in this post?
  4. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=174941 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=155104 These nations were founded on the same date (8/19) These nations both last logged on 10 hours ago. Both are Puerto Rico. Both are in the same alliance. Seems like pretty obvious multis to me, even if they aren't on the same Unique ID.
  5. Well, this didn't age very well.
  6. I'd like to see war perks implemented too. The page is just sitting there, disabled. @Alex at this point the war is never ending, so either do some serious non-war changes or just suck it up and change the war meta during a global.
  7. Cash prizes of no less than 500K (for things like Inception, Take to the Skies, A Small Loan) but no more than 5M (Moby Dick, Hannibal, Boaty McBoatface, etc) Things like "Mutually Assured" could give that nation a free nuke (maybe 2 or 3 for Fraggle) Raiding Achievements could give some sort of a loot bonus (i.e. Blackbeard gives a 10% war loot boost for 36 turns) Thoughts?
  8. We're still couping her, though.
  9. In a shocking turn of events, you have to declare wars in order to participate in a global war.
  10. We don't have any proof one way or the other that this was a hack/exploit. Can we please stop chucking out conspiracy theories and stating them as if they are facts until we have some evidence?
  11. I'm excited to meet my corporate counterparts! o7 TKR o7 T$ P.S.: The Syndicate really treatied us so they could #CoupAdrienne2020
  12. F-R-A-G-G-L-E! Fraggle! Fraggle! N-U-K-E-S! Nukes! Nukes!
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