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  1. Congrats on the treaty! May the Chocolate be with you.
  2. thanks to limbu for the inspiration. tbf, Citadel and Nexus are similar in multiple ways.
  3. 🎵 It's time for a Pika Party 🎵
  4. Rose, t$, and CotL below TEst, tCW, and Camelot? You really need to stop smoking.
  5. On a related note, what if there was an official "demand reps" option built into the game where a nation could ask for money in exchange for peace, and when money was sent the war would be auto-peaced. You could also just make instances like this against the rules.
  6. It seems likely that the military score changes will be made, unclear on city score though.
  7. What if it was a 50% refund or something?
  8. The only reason I didn't put t$ and CotL up in S was because both these alliances haven't proved themselves in their current form (t$ after Theo/Shiho/Adam and CotL after the merge) to make it definitive that they would fight on the level of Rose, Grumpy, and TKR, all alliances I expect to do well in the next wars.
  9. Welcome back! Lots has changed recently, both politically and mechanics-wise, but hopefully you find a new home that fills in the gaps.
  10. To add on to my last post, this was posted by Alex in the dev team channel and shot down by several dev team members, with the only potential revision to make it workable is making it based on unit damage. Both of these were ignored here, and I've already been DMed by another dev team member who agreed that he doesn't appreciate being used as a barrier for Alex's ideas when infact he also opposed them. @Akuryo The dev team has identified several problems with the modified beige system, with the most notable being that people will still want to lose wars to get beige. We'd ideally like to change this, thus the support for reserve system. Another idea was to have beige bank, but like modified beige problems were identified with that (namely, wars going from blitz-to-blitz with entire alliances entering and leaving beige at once).
  11. How come you completely ignored all dev team proposals and went straight to yours, with the most supported solution from the dev team as a one sentence afterthought?
  12. @Shadow @Alex This seems a bit off.
  13. Congrats on the win, Swamp!
  14. Welcome to Orbis! I've already seen you around a bit, good luck!
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