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  1. Well, if there's ever a rematch, I think we know who's going to win.
  2. Well, after what happened tonight, I can safely assure you that none of the alliances in the Johnsons are secretly NPO.
  3. Considering how you had been active for a full day prior, this speaks volumes.
  4. Hi Jazz! I can't say I'm surprised that instead of apologizing and seeking to repair ties, you show up under a different name and begin gaslighting TKR. I suspect you'll get a lot less public sympathy than Anna did.
  5. @DaBigBawss is back, and he has been for at least a month
  6. In what twisted world is doxxing someone and trying to get their income source taken away an acceptable response to ANYTHING? Let alone to someone just doing their job as an administrator?
  7. This isn't based just off military performance, and it includes other aspects such as economic power, internal affairs, and community.
  8. Firwof, do you still consider yourself to be an IQ Sympathizer/Supporter?
  9. So, when are we getting the Snek Whaling Corp?
  10. @KillzBob Polaris above CC, Cam, and tO? WTF in the same tier as Grumpy and KT? Grumpy below tI? TKR in C but Rose in S?
  11. You have too much time on your hands.
  12. Seriously, what is it with this game and people named James?
  13. Lol. You really ignored everything I said, didn't you?
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