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  1. I agree that toxicity and trolling runs rampant on the main discord and that more should be done to curb and contain it. I hope the moderators and community can step up and make it a better place for all.
  2. Keep fighting the good fight everyone! We will not be controlled and we will fight down to the last cent (a marker BK seems to be near, by the way) and last bit of infra if we need to! o7 TKR
  3. Two things wrong with this bloc: You forgot to name it "IQ". You forgot to add NPO as a signatory.
  4. You're government of a major alliance. You don't get vacation. Your only purpose in life is to bicker in 20 page forums threads. Get used to it.
  5. Damn, you had me there @Sphinx. I wanted to predict how long until BK hit them, but Sphinx spoiled my hopes
  6. Hello, Orbis! Welcome back to Hardball World News, with your host King Changeup! Let's dive into the news: Hardball has surpassed the milestone of 100 days old!!! Thanks to the Orbis Community and all of my alliancemates in TKR for helping me learn the game and get involved. -Productivity in workplaces across the country has increased 38% after all citizens of Hardball got a free two-week vacation while the leader suffered through a grueling school week. -Hardball signed the Orbis Climate Accords last week and hopes to decrease national carbon emissions by 30%. -Hallucinating Hardball citizens who thought they were pirates are now generals in the Hardball Army. -Guinea Pigs have been banned from the nation of Hardball. -Hardball citizens are now required to carry baseballs around with them at all times. These baseballs will serve as a form of identification. King Changeup wants to go back to slacking off. See you next broadcast on Hardball World News!
  7. @Sval Your expectations are too high. Imagine expecting NPO to defend anyone except BK.
  8. Congratulations, Rose! Here's to 5 more!
  9. Out of the things listed on that list, I think this one is one of the easiest and benefits the most people. I would prioritize that, the projects, and maybe lowering the amount of infra needed per project for the first 5 projects.
  10. Someone was talking about Keno being more profitable than dice just a couple days ago in the PW discord. Edit: Dice has an expected value of like 0.87 so you should lose like 13% with every bet on average for keno its only like 3.5% Quoted from Dryad, by the way.
  11. I hope you do as well against us as you did against Arrgh.
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