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  1. Hi Bison, unfortunately every alliance will require discord. If it doesn't, then it certainly doesn't provide any sort of protection to you.
  2. So you consider jokes about "burning trannies" acceptable conduct? Also - Aiya and I have extensively argued in the past about similar things, lol. It's not being easily offended, it's just not finding the murder of people who feel that they don't fit in with their birth gender funny.
  3. a yearlong gravedig. @Alex with the foundations in place, would you consider implementing this now? It seems to have solid support.
  4. matt ryan flashbacks hockey is literally a perennial contender baseball is suddenly good Literally no one cares about your shitty little micro football team and your O-level treaties existence. Come talk to us when you do something that's actually relevant. Your builds recruits are complete and utter garbage; you should try going to an actual alliance school who knows what they're doing. Disband Join the Sun Belt immediately.
  5. As a fellow rival of Notre Dame, I stand with the USCFC in all anti-Notre Dame actions. Godspeed.
  6. Y'all haven't been relevant for 20 years. Get outta here, go BC!
  7. Holy light, who the fark cares? Searching, searching...Error 404, nobody asked. Jokes aside, I'm very impressed by your journey, even all the blunders along the wei. You started as our prot and eclipsed many other alliances, became the guardian of many micros, and had some of the most Advanced Mechanics in the game with Locutus. You deserve a rose.
  8. At the time of founding, only CN gov member was in the P&W alliance. You and your buddies who joined a month before you made the P&W ripoff don't count.
  9. This (ripoff) IRON was a small handful of mildly incompetent P&W players who joined the CyberNations version and after about three weeks asked if they could form and represent IRON in Orbis. Based on everything I've seen, this IRON is minimally affiliated with the CN IRON and very few members of CN IRON have even joined.
  10. I nominate Guardian's incredible bot Locust for the tech prize. Time and time again, Locust has been proven to be an incredible addition to the Guardian server and very enjoyable for all who get to see the bot in action.
  11. curb your enthusiasm theme plays
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