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  1. Ooh fun, another thing to encourage the end of new player raiding
  2. Probably Denison, he has a habit of eating glue and paint.
  3. They're all Swamp government members too. Interesting.
  4. Now that the initial wave of rage has slowed down, and now that people have had some time to see how the new update works, I'm proposing some revisions to the recent game update to improve it across the board and balance things out. 1) Military Score Changes. Tanks were buffed yet their score was nerfed more than planes, which actually were nerfed. Change the scores for tanks from 0.009 per tank to 0.015 per tank. 2) Make the unraidable money limit city-based to boost low tier raiders. For every three cities, have the unraidable limit go up by $100,000. Example: Cities 1-3, it's 100K. In 4-6, it's 200K. In 13-15, it's 500K, and 25-27 it's 900K. This also evens out war, since for someone with 5 cities 200K is enough money to rebuy some units, but for someone with 25 cities it's hardly anything. 3) The ground control changes were some of the most disliked changes in the update. Although I had some ideas on how to change it, after some discussion with a group of players reversion seems to be the best way to go until more ideas can be put on the table and a balanced solution could be found. It's better than what we have now, since planes already got a decent nerf this isn't especially needed. 4) Change the maximum amount of planes to 20 per hangar, 4 hangars per city, with a 1/4 (or 1/5) rebuy. This is less planes than people could have before, but they can buy planes faster now. 5) Readjust some of the casualty rates. This will balance things out and also slightly reduces the nerf to planes, which in most peoples opinions were a tad too much. Avg Soldiers Killed in a Ground Battle: 25% -> 35% Avg Aircraft Killed in an Airstrike (not dogfight): 29% -> 34% Airstrikes on Units Soldiers Killed Airstrike: 25% -> 35% Tanks Killed Airstrike: 14% -> 25% Aircraft Killed Airstrike (Dogfight): 53% -> 65% And if you don't want to revert the changes to Ground Control: Aircraft Killed by Tanks in a Ground Battle: 42% -> 27% (only after Ground Control has been established) That fixes a lot of the most disliked parts of the last update and balances things out in general. If you have any questions or anything, just ask.
  5. My idea was to have 5-6 people, and one from each major sphere of the game + piracy and raiding. Right now, the only person with this power is Prefontaine, and he does what @KingGhost fears much of the time. Only now, there would be five people from different city counts and alliances, preventing the agenda of only one group being pushed.
  6. Avatar Patrick up there threw a hissyfit over a bounty, so Alex made a bunch of changes to stop people buying treasures and taking bounties.
  7. Probably but it's worth bringing up. If the council existed hopefully suggestions would be listened to a bit more.
  8. Currently the only person who works closely with Alex and give advice on changes/updates (that I know of) is Prefontaine. My proposal is to extend that to a good-sized group of well-known and respected players who will give honest and constructive input on new changes to the game. This'll help with the issues of last update and controversy over recent rule changes and allow ordinary players from a variety of backgrounds to give their input directly to Alex before misguided new changes come out. stolen from @Vein
  9. If you do consider this slotfilling, then I apologize. I did not consider this a rules violation. I believe this is the same as buying a treasure, which happens all the time, is not against the rules and is not reported for slot filling. If I am getting a nation strike for this, then I wholly expect you to make a rule against buying treasures. In addition, there were still two open slots on the nation, and anyone is free to attack them and steal those slots, or attack me (as two have done) to prevent me from taking it. How do we know the OP, @Avatar Patrick, isn't doing the same? After all, it's very suspicious that the only counters on him have come from my alliance and an ally rather than TLE, especially when two slots are still open.
  10. Why am I not shocked this is coming from tCW gov?
  11. "Wahhhh, I didn't get want I wanted, so I'll leak to Shifty! That'll help!"
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