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  1. Well I for one agree with it. It would at least make it easier to find raid targets.
  2. family of villagers, i assume??
  3. There. Bigger text. Was that too much to ask? @MinesomeMC @Kosta
  4. wait shouldn't i be growing smaller eyes to read smaller text??
  5. why is the text so smol, my eyes hurt
  6. I only recognize Evo and UA. Who're the other guys kek?
  7. Never give heir to anyone and you're good. Join a good alliance, get in the gov, learn all departments, find some great and competent people to make an alliance with and viola. Everything else is just details.
  8. *glances at the 27 downvotes and counting*
  9. There's 326 alliances in game. 80 percent of everyone below top 50 are shitty micros with 10 different treaties. You can only imagine the kind of abomination you're trying to find.
  10. Looking forward to couping the 28th alliance kek
  11. Suspect number 2 - 545 https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5942 Reason: Every single one of em' is with weeb pfp's, names, and shit.
  12. So is minecraft when you can get your parents' credit cards.
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