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  1. I wish P&W had a friends list or a way to bookmark nations ingame. It would make finding people easier and it would promote socialising ingame. As I mostly trade and interact with the same people it would be handy to have a quick way to find these people. That's why I suggest adding a friends list to P&W or a quick way to bookmark nations ingame.
  2. Welcome I am here to tell that the Yakuza is recruiting, and we need you. Yakuza is an established and professional criminal syndicate where members become family. Our goal is to strengthen our family, exploit every possible opportunity for our favor, and prosper as an organization. If you desire to pledge your eternal loyalty to our Family, you must request to join via discord. Discord is the preferred method if you want your request to be expedited, as it is mandatory for all members. You can expect to grow surrounded by a tight family that will support your ambitions. In return, you ar
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