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  1. Hello Fren LittenKitten, in order to have private FA talks I recommend conducting them in discord, or if not an option for you and your ally in game DMs. If you don't have an alliance discord I recommend making one, since they are key to growth. I wish you good luck in your micro endeavors :^).
  2. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=234944 The prequel
  3. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=234947 Something wrong with this nation. Seems a tidbit Anti-Semitic here and there.
  4. You have read the first couple paragraphs for the NSDAP on wikipedia! Congrats, you are now an expert on the political history of Fascism, I have been promptly dabbed on. If you picture socialism as the moderate path of modern authoritarian economics (Which it is, look into any socialist countries and you realize that just because you're socialist does not mean you're a liberal), Fascism lies on the right wing while Communism lies on the left. They are both extreme points, and imo I think Fascism is definitely the more extreme of the two (Fascism in it's post 1930's incarnation has become a concept that is flawed on paper, while you can still make arguments in favor of a communist model), but denying it's ties to socialism instead of addressing them only hurts the socialist argument. I could argue this point for hours, but at this point it's starting to look like I'm defending Francoist, who has just been embarrassing himself these last few points. You can't defend racism by citing other people being racist too. If you want to make an argument supporting Fascism I'd stick with Franco (who was also quite an a-hole but your best bet for an argument supporting any modern Fascist governments) or anyone who didn't take power post WW1. Closing Statement (This forum is no longer funny, I'm out, yeet)- Everyone was an A-hole in the 1930s, other people's governments also having A-holes does not defend yours, and yes, communist memes are just straight up funnier.
  5. Sorry but I'm not, a large portion of Fascist leaders have their origins in socialist circles and groups. Including the leaders of 2 of the axis powers (Mussolini joined the socialist movement, and Hitler joined the NSDAP). You're right that Fascism has stark differences to socialism, but there is no denying that the ideologies roots lie there. *Should Digress that I'm referring to the early 20th century fascist revival movements and not the early Italian model, not pre ww1 movements which were somewhat friendlier, and very unlike the fascism we think of today* It's a pretty complex history, it's fair enough to argue that fascism as a concept has it's roots elsewhere, but the people who managed to put it in action started with socialism
  6. Most Fascist leaders and organizations have their origins in their respective countries socialist parties. Fascism also had strong union showing (The main prefascist nationalist movement in Germany was through unions, granted you can attribute this as syndicalism). Fascism is what happens when Auth Right Socialists don't think Socialism is Nationalist enough.
  7. The argument between Big Brother and Fancroist was fun, but uh... you're both right ig. Fascism is an offshoot of socialism, in the same way Nazism is an offshoot of Fascism. So if socialists get to distance themselves from Fascists, Fascists can distance themselves from Nazis. But every Non-Nazi Fascist Government was run by !@#$ too. Nazis weren't the only bad fascists. So no one should defend them either. Make a Fascist AA when you have the funds if you want, I don't have anything against it not being against the rules, but part of having a fascist OR communist theme is dealing with people whose sensibilities you've offended.
  8. The bruh moment to end all bruh moments. RIP to anyone ever on the defensive side in the future, have fun not having a chance in hell at recovery. Alex hates you Dab on em
  9. The return of downvotes have cured my ED
  10. My takeaway from this post is that a bunch of morons who don't actually get how the community works tried to make an Illuminati and you stopped them, therefor leading to the death of what could have been the most hilarious moment of retardation for the year.
  11. Not to distract from your argument, but move this to Orbis Central. People will be a lot nicer to you there about it. The game gets peeved whenever ppl post in Alliance affairs when they shouldn’t :^)
  12. Been reading through, if something actually damning doesn't crop up soon I'm going to be tidbit peeved about the wasted effort. I coulda spent this time watching Drake and Josh. Don't make me waste my D+J time >:^(
  13. Well said. As someone who was on the other side of the war and still holds a lot of negative feelings over IQs actions, I'm glad to see us finally taking a stance committed to moving forward. This has done a lot to get rid of any bad taste I might have had when I moved to Cam.
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