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  1. The bruh moment to end all bruh moments. RIP to anyone ever on the defensive side in the future, have fun not having a chance in hell at recovery. Alex hates you Dab on em
  2. The return of downvotes have cured my ED
  3. My takeaway from this post is that a bunch of morons who don't actually get how the community works tried to make an Illuminati and you stopped them, therefor leading to the death of what could have been the most hilarious moment of retardation for the year.
  4. Not to distract from your argument, but move this to Orbis Central. People will be a lot nicer to you there about it. The game gets peeved whenever ppl post in Alliance affairs when they shouldn’t :^)
  5. Been reading through, if something actually damning doesn't crop up soon I'm going to be tidbit peeved about the wasted effort. I coulda spent this time watching Drake and Josh. Don't make me waste my D+J time >:^(
  6. Well said. As someone who was on the other side of the war and still holds a lot of negative feelings over IQs actions, I'm glad to see us finally taking a stance committed to moving forward. This has done a lot to get rid of any bad taste I might have had when I moved to Cam.
  7. I'd just have the limits be the treasure losing some value each time it's transferred before it resets, but lose no value if stolen in a raid.
  8. Yeah but I tend to do it... a lot..
  9. My mans Guilo the master detective. And a savage one at that. Sell your Hizuku stonks now Waiting on my warning for yet another no discussion post, plz don't hurt me Alex.
  10. I didn't get to be king of anything when my dad left me :^(
  11. Welcome to the game! Games like these can be a lot to take in at first, I recommend going through the tutorial and completing the objectives as well as joining an alliance. Alliances have advanced members happy to help your nation maximize its potential. A good way to find the right alliance for you is by checking here, and seeing if one clicks.
  12. I dig the concept, can’t see much room for exploitation that isn’t intended. Would make wars meme, have fun beating this guy that one of your fellow AA members accidentally sold tanks to.
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