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  1. Matthew The Great

    I has radio show too

    Tried that. I've got the sound files for one episode. I'll put it here
  2. Matthew The Great

    I has radio show too

    Will do! You lot do have some great talent for it all!
  3. Matthew The Great

    I has radio show too

    Since everyone else is promoting their own shows on the OWF I guess I'll make my ad. I have a radio show! Woot. Is it better than great job? Hivemind? Well neither of those two are happening anymore so victory by default. Is it on a dedicated server? Nope, RON! Does it have a sexy logo? Heck nope. I should get one made. I would totally drop credits on an ad for this. So please drop in and visit, I'd love to have you around so more people have to cope with how stupid I am. :^) "I like this show pretty much only since… it's the only one that is consistent and doesn't miss episodes" -Dusty "I'm Australian"- JordyhamsVII "I will pay you 2 million to be quiet"- Gorge "Your show sucks, but at least it's not as boring as Hivemind"-rawr "Matthew's voice is sexy"-Sunara Invite: https://discord.gg/rmjs33Q If I'm not supposed to put this on Orbis central yell at me.
  4. Matthew The Great

    A clarification on "Slavery"

    Emancipate IQ
  5. Matthew The Great

    Brave and Beautiful Peace.

    Can we stop having wars? Not because I'm a pixel hugger but because I like being able to log in and actually play the game. On a serious note, have fun everyone and may the best man/woman/whatever the flapdoodle you want to call yourself win :^)
  6. Matthew The Great

    Happy Birthday Nation

    Hello Orbis, I've made a forum post here and again for my respective alliance, pantheon, and I've decided that with my nation finally reaching on year of age I'd do my introduction. I'm Matthew the Great of pantheon. Head of their IA. I've been pretty active and have enjoyed getting to know quite a few of the big guys in the industry, though they've probably already forgotten talking to me. I play quite a few strategy games like civ and hoi4. Always down to play with new people, but my wifi is trash so I'll have to resolve that first. Not sure what else people put here. #joinpantheon -Matthew the Great P.s. I have a radio show on RON, feel free to drop in and say hello.
  7. Matthew The Great

    An Update on Matthew's Great War

    Someday Jordy, someday.
  8. Matthew The Great

    This was obviously drafted before Alex's announcement

    That moment you get out of a brutal asskicking because you have the luck of the devil. The boats have sunk, but there are enough survivors to go out into the world and impact it. The death of any alliance is never a good thing, since it means a loss of culture and identity for a set of people, some of which are great community members and enjoyable company. With that being said, I don't want to be too dickish towards former Nova Riata as I hypocritically declare victory in Novas not so secret war via disbandment. You can't really write peace terms for an alliance that no longer exists, but I do have a few declarations. 1.) Pantheon has yet to cease combat with The Federation negotiations conclude 2.)Former Nova members that deserted pantheon are still considered viable raid targets (so don't shelter them, they really are not worth it) 3.)Non former pantheon members are free to go, and hostilities are ceased. Feel free to finish up any wars or let them expire. - I'm not gonna request Orbis to stop from raiding or anything in regards to the cheat war. It's up to the community to play moderator when the admins fall short. However I do request we let up after some time, since at this point it's just raiding to raid and "doing it for the good of the community" is an excuse to continue to do so. Don't waste our time pretending to have the moral high ground. Two forum posts in 24 hours? I should start charging for these. #freematthew
  9. Matthew The Great

    This was obviously drafted before Alex's announcement

    Not gonna lie, didn't know herp was a term. Is it? Is it a soup kitchen original product?
  10. Matthew The Great

    This was obviously drafted before Alex's announcement

    This is correct. Howdy!
  11. I got a bunch of upvotes for my last post so let's ruin all that hard-earned reputation with some controversy. We can all admit it, Pantheon isn’t the greatest of alliances (testing teh waters for how far I can go until I get started). This war was supposed to be an incredibly easy and abrupt victory. For Nova. SO IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when we see two blunders of a titanic scale (see what I did there?) within the same week. This war was a good time, people were having fun on both sides (I luv ya Jordy). Unfortunately, the moment Pantheon started having more fun than the awkward nerd has when invited to a party where they don’t know anyone, it was suddenly over. ‘Cept it's not. I can't declare myself sole leader of BK and Nova can't declare themselves victor of a war no peace deal has been reached. That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works. Then there was the whole bank nonsense. Anyhow, I had significant respect for Nova, seeing their growth into a tier where they could hit and roll us was a surprise, especially since they came out of having been rolled into a smear on the ground. I should've figured that if I liked something it wasn't legitimate. The war continues, get back to raiding us Nova. Should I say hi to KETOG? Hi KETOG #freematthew
  12. Matthew The Great

    5/31/2019 - Resource Duplication Bug Fix

    Coalition against Nova when?
  13. Matthew The Great

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    Wait, if pooball loses his cities that includes the one he named after me!
  14. Matthew The Great

    ANN - Ghost Ships and Magic Treasure!

    fricking messing around with mah fricking economy. This calls for war. O wait. Wheeee Send Nova feet pics for peace.
  15. Matthew The Great

    Surfing the Memes

    YAS more war memes.

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