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  1. they've been telling us we're out of money for months, hard to feed our families when planes need to be built. Just keep holding on a little longer, I'm sure our economies are on empty and we can't sit on your nations forever any day now really
  2. why would we let you up underfoot when your plan is to buy back all your military and attack us again. The reps is to give us a reason to let you rebuild and attack us again. We're not just gonna let y'all rebuild to attack us for free.
  3. its not a troll post, most of farksphere has peaced out
  4. Culture and Diplomatic speedruns complete, time to inject skynet into my veins and go for the scientific
  5. sounds like a quick way to get banned for bad faith mechanics abuse.
  6. I think allowing to transfer funds through the api would solve the need for logging into accounts. I guarantee 99% of this logging in nonsense would be gone if this was allowed.
  7. For future historians sorting through the rubble, this is what you DONT do to alliances you're friendly with and have them turn against your coalition. You normally don't want to have your former alliances turn on you because you can't stop calling them traitors.
  8. The difference is he earned them, and we have two goons tasked with keeping track of all his awards and medals.
  9. I want to work with interstellar. And from how this thread is turning out, looks like it might happen pretty soon.
  10. yeah when this game's server closes, but we will then be on other games too, so I still doubt this
  11. Interstellar are upstanding nations and I enjoyed razing arrgh with them. Looking forward to razing Arrgh after the war with them as well. You know, somehow I doubt this
  12. like when Coalition B destroyed Coalition A and had the numbers on their side and the war got more lopsided to the point of no one in coalition A being able to have a military and fight back for months?
  13. If this isn't named "Endgame" you should all be ashamed of yourselves and never be allowed any decision making ability ever
  14. Goons are having a great time, not sure why everyone is so pissed about the state of the game.
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