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  1. I do feel about this, but I don't understand it.
  2. I can confirm that GOONS are very bad.
  3. Hi, we sat in talks to attempt a deescalation where you informed us that Immortals would be attacking. We made a good faith effort. You promised war. So we hit you first. Seems pretty simple to me!
  4. You're desperately reaching. It's pathetic. Stop.
  5. I wanted to thank Spartacus for coming to us in earnest to resolve the conflict amicably, and I wish Interstellar all the best going forward.
  6. It's quite astounding since you are lacking in self-awareness.
  7. Frankly this is among the most pathetic examples of childish behavior I have ever seen. Whoever is responsible for this act must be held accountable and permanently so.
  8. This really is turning into the war of my dreams where we get to round up all of the garbage alliances to put them down at once.
  9. I'm going to enjoy negotiating your surrender.
  10. I wish you fine folks all the best in peace.
  11. I'm looking around at you and your allies and I see nobody that is in a position to do anything about it. In a matter of days, all these newcomers will be dealt with as well. That is the order of things.
  12. Yeah I was perfectly fine with downvotes. Noctis got them nixed.
  13. I stand before the carnage, baseball bat in hand, and sigh. There is always more work to be done.
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