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  1. This IP address has been banned permanently from Politics & War for: Harassment Ban ID: 1616 You should have read up on the Game Rules. Alex, you're absolutely pathetic. You send 14.88 billion to a fascist clown a leftist alliance opposed and then ban me for because I called you a clown for doing so. Grow up, boy. Lol. Fascist.
  2. Sounds like a personal problem. Have you considered just blocking messages from users you find objectionable?
  3. Hmmm yes you're right that the admin is tipping the game in your favor. Thanks for coming out with it, corncob. Bandwagon onto NPO being declared cheaters retroactively all you like. The financial records we had showed that GPWC wasn't sending even half of what they made to NPO but Alex decided once we compiled it, after demanding it, that he didn't want to even look at it. Keep circlejerking over the narrative though.
  4. Lol at you finally giving a shit about admin thumbing the scale when it's against you.
  5. You reneged on your word, you arbitrarily moved goal posts once you couldn't prove your case and now you're doubling down on a stupid decision? You are a weasel.
  6. RIP me. If the "free" slot is actually dependent on infrastructure level then some clarification needs to be issued.
  7. Nation link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=177013 I had three projects already before yesterday's update but I do not have a 4th open slot.
  8. I have never heard of this bank, it doesn't seem reputable to me and thus I don't give a shit. Enjoy eating that loss.
  9. Glad you're giving up the slot filling gimmick.
  10. I'm going to need you to do a couple things. First: Learn how to read. Second: Recognize when you're wrong.
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