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  1. So far it’s going as good as nuke spread can, knocked out someone’s nuclear power plant as well. Looking forward to the next round more so.
  2. Fear is what they want to use to control you & the “allies” afraid to break off without many friends on the other side; as well neutrals who know they’re screwed if they do nothing. Although I don’t believe fear strong to control people long term, as long as that isn’t the new group think. So we’ll see I guess. tldr AMV form (since goons love them, lol)
  3. Anyways, what you’re capable of isn’t really relevant. You caved to Astra after all, lol.
  4. This is it, not sure what fight you’re waiting for. Fark is next on chopping Bloc if they don’t do anything & rest of the neutrals.
  5. Neutrality won’t be rewarded, although your alliance might survive if you humor them enough on the mercy board.
  6. Not everyone is always worrying about tomorrow & sweating the small stuff. Deal with any issues as they arise. Not a secret what happens if they succeed, so better to fight anyways. Might as well just delete without trying if doing anything about it scares you.
  7. War is more fun & I never relied on having a big war chest when I fought Yarr, Seinzen, Astra, Pantheon & The Immortals without pause before fighting goons. So just another battlefield.
  8. If guess correctly how many wars GOONS declared on my AA in December before I officially declared war, I’ll be willing to recognize there is a person capable of thinking behind that avatar. Although hard to take almost anything you guys post seriously at all.
  9. Destroyed some improvements & they’ve been more effective on some of the others. Although figured I might as well be inclusive if doing a nuke round without spending any time on beige after Mythic.
  10. Turning into 🌽 complaining I’m not manually changing my color for you when I don’t even have new offensive slots.
  11. If you’re trying to make goons look bad complaining non-stop, nice job.
  12. The only correct answer was mine, the others are doing it wrong. Although good to remind people around Christmas time who have forgot.
  13. No, somebody from the NPO AA put me back in beige after I have enough wars & to lazy to switch out of beige when a slot opens for you guys without some kind of bribe. You’ve offered nothing of value for me to help you out here.
  14. It’s hiding in beige when I voided it several times already to declare more wars as I finished others, lol
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