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  1. You’re saying BK pays for all its grants with stolen money? Taxes pay for it and you know this.
  2. I never knew of any money stolen, first I heard of it was you guys after Pestilence left.
  3. Making announcements like these are worse than doing nothing, so not a good look making them if you want people to think you’d be a good ally.
  4. Glad you admitted this upfront, don’t think anyone expected you to have any consistency. Now let’s stop this derail, you’re not actually relevant to my stance.
  5. I don’t even remember seeing a DoW from NPO for NP or Syndicate. If undeclared wars with no official DoW prevent people from declaring in wars with actual DoWs posted, would be pretty backwards and impossible to moderate fairly.
  6. Kind of sad when a RoH of hostility needs posting not to randomly get warn points just because others think they have exclusive raiding rights to an alliance. If a problem needs dealing with its they felt the need to post a RoH in order for the mods to let them raid...
  7. Considering goons joined late expecting to receive massive reps as a reward, history won’t look favorably on those who choose to treaty them while this war is ongoing. I don’t expect it will end before goons and those allied with them until the end lose. Liberty or Death for Orbis
  8. The political hit from doing something like this is worse than anything goons can do, so dumb thing to do. Not sure Avengers can recover from it, but we’ll see I guess.
  9. As much as Leo might deserve blame for phrasing whatever he meant in a way to make it possible to sound that way out of context, posts like this remind me why there is still good left in the world BK/NPO can accomplish still rolling you. So it makes it harder to want them to lose when they’d roll people like out of the game if able.
  10. Read the edit for the first part, but actually spreading this lie I kind of do hold against you. Leo said Epi might not want to say who put a bounty on you since it might burn a contact they might have hoped would give information, but I never did and small talk about a bounty I placed joking around back when we weren’t getting along wasn’t spying or giving info on Fark. You also let yourself be manipulated with that way later when Epi felt like messing with you and saying high gov said it.
  11. Duke of Econ (Trade) also I paid back everything I got in taxes and normal grants. Elijah is EM, who ironically ended up joining Fark after me, which is around when I drifted apart from them for a while. Edit: Although retrospect Elijah probably did me a favor even if he wasn’t trying at the time, so don’t hold any grudges still over it though.
  12. Everyone isn’t dead yet, so no. They’ve just got started.
  13. I can also ignore a lot of supposed transgressions by people opposing you without caring. The terms you want are worst than whatever they supposedly did.
  14. Still don’t trust IQ after they threatened to attack if anyone countered goons & wanted me to just accept whatever terms Jazz wanted.
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