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  1. Emperor Jonas isn’t some noob, he is our lord and savior
  2. Sorry but GOONs for worst micro just didn’t make it, maybe try drop to under top 50 And maybe next year you’ll make it
  3. The Vote for the official Micro Awards 2019 hosted by Pirate Island Times are out. Let the most deserving win. Results will be announced in an upcoming PIT newspaper issue, and winners will be dmed the day of release. Thank you and Good Luck. Voting - https://forms.gle/6VyotoPFsm4cjQ4G8 PIT Discord - https://discord.gg/PetAZhS
  4. RIP MinesomeMC is banned again

    1. SAXON


      Oh my, what a "MARTYRDOM", thank the lord we have Jonas II as an advocate to preach his word

    2. Emperor Jonas II

      Emperor Jonas II

      Who knows I could be him

  5. Nah there will be a poll in which the community votes, you can find the poll in PIT (when it’s posted)
  6. Hello all, on behalf of the Pirate Island Times team we'd like to announce the first Micro Awards. Today you will nominate you picks of micro alliances and leaders based on several categories. rules are the alliance must be under top 50 and cannot be an extension of an existing alliance. The actual vote and winners announcement will take place in the PIT discord - https://discord.gg/PetAZhS. Alliance Categories Best Micro Alliance - Worst Micro Alliance - Most likely to succeed (Alliance)- Most Controversial Micro - Most Honorable Micro - Most wanted d
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