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  1. Bots are good and necessary because they they they they they they they they [error]56fa2c[/error] Please report this to #bot-channel
  2. It doesn't matter. Resources are infinite to us. When you play with goons, only the cause matters. Whatever I need from goons, I can have it. Whatever goons need from me, they can have it. I can lose a plane for every soldier you lose. I can eat more nukes than your MAPs allow you to throw and I'll still rebuild every day. I don't need anything. I don't fear anything. All that matters is the love for Jazz. If you want to be a part of something bigger - and we will appreciate you more on the first day than your current alliance had all these years - join us. We will show you the way how gam
  3. The Somethingawful.com forum is a terrible ripoff!!! I paid like 50$ to have a full account. Which basically amounts to an avatar and the ability to write a PN to someone. If you consider an account but aren't sure about it, write me a PN (for free) and I'll talk you out of it.
  4. I'm not trading so technically I embargo everyone!
  5. How bad was the word? More bad or less bad than penis/vagina? Because I somehow suspect that it was way worse and more deserving of that reaction. If it was less bad, I will apologize for this assumption. And would be totally willing to discuss the finer points of Alex maintaining a punishment-database for bad words that 5 year olds use.
  6. And Alex agreed there, the war reasons were bad and he probably did what he thought was appropriate. So I still don't get the accusation. Some Goons behave bad and they get noticed by the admin just like everyone else who is behaving bad. And your original post didn't sound like congratulating Alex for equality, so I wonder if you just linked the wrong thread to me.
  7. Got an example? Or is that one of those might-have-could-have-maybe-happened accusations? To be serious, should I put you on the side with Noctum and Scarfalot or the reasonable one?
  8. lmao I found the thread. Some dude said "I agreed with the report on this one, and the user had a history of being warned for promoting "extermination" on his nation previously." Wow. Yeah sure but we are the ones trying to manipulate people on the forum.
  9. And one issue I have with you is how you talk about things that happened. Eternal. I said it and I'm quite sure I won't receive a strike and you missed telling me some smaaaaall detail. Like, were there other words around it? Or did he use it to answer a question and eternal was a heavy insult in this case? Goons aren't perfect. If you dared to visit our strange 10$ money-making scheme website for a while you'd notice we call each other out hard, all the time. Goons get timeouts and even bans from other goons all the time. I won't deny that there may be some of us wh
  10. Maybe stop insulting Alex and the mods all the time by denying them the ability to make their own decisions. I'd be more inclined to ban you too if I had to listen to that stuff all day.
  11. You should have seen what they did in the last 500 years...
  12. Damn I missed the war. Can't wait for the next time we break more pacts and treaties.
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