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    Treaties come and go, but these bois are here to stay. Buckle up for everyones favorite group on Orbis. Article I: Non-Aggression Neither party shall engage in any activity detrimental to the others. Diplomacy will be used to resolve issues as they arise. Article II: Mutual Defense Both parties are required to defend one-another from third-party aggression. Article III: Optional Aggression Both parties are enabled to utilize any means at their disposal in combined offensive actions should they so desire. Article IV: Intelligence All information found to be pertinent to the security and wellbeing of either signatory will be shared in an expedient manner. Article V: Cowardice Clause Should any party cease hostilities unilaterally and without all partners consent, they recognize that they have given a Casus Belli of cowardice. Article VI: Cancellation Should either party choose to terminate the treaty a grace period of 72 hours during which time the treaty is still binding shall take effect. Signatories : Guardians of the Galaxy (GoG) Seeker, Star Lord Cino, Ravager Afrika Korps Kriegsherr: Khai Jager Generalstab: Odin Skae Velium Camelot: Biggus Dickus ♚ King | Arthur ♛ Ice Queen | Epi Saxy Preachers ♝ Bishop | Bill ♝ Bishop | Ronaldo ♝ Bishop | Seven Square Table ♜ Rook | RandomDude ♜ Rook | Blackbird ♜ Rook | George Patton ♜ Rook | Rayx Black Knights: Leo Tiber Taco Amaryllis Curufinwe GreyOps Lorhill xStrykaX Brony
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    Imperial Decree from the New Pacific Order It has come to the attention of Pacifica that the Black Knights have not been honorable in their dealings with not only the opposing coalition, but also a close ally of Pacifica. Black Knights' manipulation of GOONS, and also Pacifica before it with the forwarding of phony intel, is particularly alarming as it is egregious. At the request of our allies in GOONS, the New Pacific Order hereby announces the activation of both the Unjust Highway MDoAP with GOONS, and the Drinking Buddies Doctrine with GOONS and Polaris. May admin have mercy on your souls for we shall not.
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    You honestly didn’t have to make a post about this, lol.
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    Introducing: Opus Dei Emotions We, the undersigned alliances; New Pacific Order (hereby referred to as “NPO”), Black Knights (hereby referred to as “BK”), and GOONSE.CX (hereby referred to as “GOONS”) admit that relationships can get complicated, especially as a throuple, and although we didn’t intend to, we’ve definitely caught feelings. I: Mutual Indulgence NPO, BK, and GOONS all agree that should one of the others start feeling frisky, they’ll give the others 24 hours to shit, shower and shave before we go to the hotel room for our romp. At the request of any of the other two, a camera and a craigslist personal can be provided. II: Self-Indulgence NPO, BK and GOONS, understand that nobody can love you like you. However, should one of the undersigned alliances send the others sexy snapchats when they feel lonely, the other signatories are obligated to come over and party. III: Living Our Best Life NPO, BK and GOONS all realize how important it is to live their best lives, and *insert current year* is coming up all us. As such, each signatory agrees that they’ll slide into them DMs before changing up our Friday night plans. IV: Jealousy is an ugly trait [Redacted] V:Don’t ghost me Sometimes friendships can get complicated, the signatory alliances promise not to ghost the others, and if they need to end the relationship promise to give the other(s) at least 96 hours to come over and clean out the draw in the nightstand. For the New Pacific Order, Roquentin, Emperor. For the Black Knights, For GOONS, Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente La Langosta, Blockade Runner, LLD, PMP, KBG, Esq, Shark Man the Second, Eater of Monitors, Healer of Spines, Fearless of Jazz, Conqueror of the Arrgh Lands in General and the Big Blue House in Particular, Also Hello Comrade Marx, Penile Envoy, Pilot Emeritus, Midnight Ribkid and Supreme Chairman of the Goonland Communist Party KrisWolfe AKA Da Wolfe Of PnW Street AKA Lard Commandante AKA Bread Line Distributor AKA Skynet Daddy
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    Why form a bloc when you can just disband and merge into BK? ❤️ Good luck guys.
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    This topic should be fun to see all the crying. Congrats guys and thanks for bringing some much needed content and culture change to the forums.
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    tfw when all of KERTCHOGG has four months of nightmares about IQ, but they finally wake up and it's so much worse. also when they form IQ 2 but forget about you:
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    You should keep TKR's name out of your mouth. They've fought both KT and AK as part of the last few months, while you have done nothing but kvetch. If you think it's appropriate to wage in game wars based on out of game ideology, go for it. In either case, you've probably reached the threshold for what you're going to get out of babbling about it alone.
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    Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=19747 Nation Name: Gulagistan
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    I made it in five minutes after Leo posted the link to this lol
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    You're either misinformed, lying, or your threshold for what you consider appropriate is totally miscalibrated with mine. An example: There's nothing "rhetorical" about your member using an in-game declaration to tell a player they know to be black they are going to lynch them. The fact that your government responded to that with "who, us!?" and blaming other people is pretty much what I meant. It would be far easier to dismiss "rhetoric" if it was clear you take that seriously. It's a shame. Anyway. I don't intend to debate with you any farther. I was just clarifying in case your confusion was genuine.
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    Coming here to check up on things. What did I miss so far? Anything good?
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    I’ve had conversations with you on this issue. If you want to know what happened internally, then ask @Mitsuru because he was quite properly outraged but sheepy like always was lax on moderation. Under no condition do we find what they did acceptable. To actually solving the problem, I believe @Spaceman Thrax and myself posted different ideas on how to keep alliances accountable to that got booed by the rest of the community. Chaos is among the most tolerant group of alliances and any attack against our members will be dealt with accordingly. But to say that we did nothing or betrayed her is just ignoring the facts. I asked you personally to help with the idea of “alliance accountability,” and yet I got no support. As for the in-game politics, it is not like we chose to work with KT. They are decent militarily, but culturally speaking are very different from TKR. The content they support is simply not anything that TKR or any upstanding member of said alliance would support. You’ll find that we are strong proponents of tolerance and opponents of intolerance although it is much easier to just be reductionist and say that KT and TKR are on the same side of the war and hence the same. I guess that’s true if we ignore years of history and a potentially catastrophic hit by BK during rebuild. And as a final note, if you’re challenging us to put these principles of yours before IC politics, then why didn’t Fark/WTF hit KT despite the repercussions? You know Kosmo that I think you’re a pretty good guy and just trying to what is right. Accordingly, I apologize for getting aggressive here, but I don’t react well when my alliance is being scapegoated for something that is wholly out of its control. If you actually want to work on solutions, I’m all ears. I can even link for you my post.
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    How many blocs are you people in now?
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    TFW @Curufinwe crimes have been forgotten and his image has been rehabilitated.
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    When you hide Roq posts but he goes around saying bullshits and you see his posts anyway because people quote his posts
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    Yeah... the “last few months” would pretty much cover up this current war. So let’s try not to be asinine with this trivial time period you’re placing. 69 Day War was pretty recent in comparison, and it -is- the perfect example of @Spaceman Thrax’s post context. (Let alone Surf’s Up right after. So why exactly are you even trying to argue Thrax’s counter point to kosmo? They’ve done more than the majority of communities out there - including Fark, NPO, etc)
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    NPO congratulating GPWC on the #1 spot
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    Forum link: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/9732-archibald/ This was in the peace talks Calling someone a boomer is clearly an ageist slur.
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    They haven't been so far. They've been remiss in their duties throughout your absence. It's a strange dynamic. Whenever I bring super relevant and necessary topics up in our private channels, @Shadowthrone hurts himself spinning around his chair and jumping from wall to wall screeching while @Auctor channels all his intellectual capacity to make fun of @Shadowthrone's particular diplomatic skillset. I generally chuckle, mutter something under my breath about injustice and we leave it at that. We repeated that cycle a handful of times now. Can you provide me with some pointers at least?
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    Ugh, friggin’ micros constantly making threads
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    It's kinda interesting how subdivided Orbis is by economic system. The United States of America Knights Radiant wish y'all luck in future endeavors. Shall this cold war begin and end with the pure fire of burnt pixels! I pray for your souls.
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    An iron curtain has descended across Orbis.
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    "rollo" is a hard acronym to work with.
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    Jesus. what's this Bloc going to be named? "50 lbs. of crap in a 30 lbs. Bag"?
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    I for one like this new Bloc A bit late on the cowardice clause....... as for Camelot.... Epi and arthur senpai pwease be gentle i promise to be nice also Goons... please make another meme post, This time it be a MDAP with Tkr we gotta feed them some political movement after all
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    Forcing several nations complying with the rules to alter their theming and graphics to satisfy a personal grudge. Moderation as a weapon would be better describe in the rules as "Threats of Using Moderation as a Weapon" as this skipped threat and proceeded to try to force change against an alliance's members as harassment. Perhaps skipping the threat negates using it as a weapon, but if I were to describe a bulldozer as weaponized (referring to the Killdozer) that would really be weaponized, whereas if I were threatening to build and use a weaponized Killdozer that's more of a threat of weaponization. Basically if any of the complaints were successful the object of this complaint will have successfully used moderation as a weapon or harassment. To discount it because it's action not threat seems like something to clarify in the wording to me, but I just bring this to you to make the judgement on.
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    Man, could you imagine? A GOONS hegemony? That'd be...crazy. This game would be doomed. I'm sure we're a long ways off from that though.
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    X to doubt. If you listen to some of the stuff these people claim: NPO makes 2bil a day. Goons makes 1bil a day off baseball. Pantheon makes 600mil a day and TCM makes 6bil a month. Elijah and Nokia both have 50 bil and Polaris has 60bil too. Of the 600bil still in the game at this point in time. Simultaneously BK is broke. TKR is a paradox with no and all wealth. Quintisential whales without whales. And T$-Fark are supposedly selling resources, despite the fact the market is constantly being zonked by random whales and Yarr.
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    It seems like everyone is demanding money these days. Gotta get in on the ground level.
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    @Roquentin, I guess you forgot 69 Day war.
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    I know it is rare these days, but I, of TKR, agree with these actions if true. They seem honorable. We could use more honor in Orbis
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    I don't understand how this keeps happening. Is it some strange rite of passage for a new leader of Pantheon to have the bank stolen?
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    Politics & War circa 2023 (colorized)
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