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  1. Smith

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    What if we had a poll for where the poll should be hosted?
  2. Smith

    War Stats - Knightfall

    Adding onto what Scarf said. Is there anything the community could do to help? Im sure there are people who would be willing to. If it's just a matter of this being a busy time of year could you just reopen the stats as they were until you have the time to work on it? What was there before was great and some stats are better than none.
  3. Best Villain: CuppyCakeYums
  4. Smith

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    You showed her...?
  5. Smith

    Orbis United Alliances

    I'm not coming back Squeegee.
  6. Smith

    DemonSpawn and Ashland Get Litty!

    Why are you being overtly hostile to someone has been cordial in the peace thread?
  7. Smith

    Slithering away

    Goodbye Partisan, I'll miss you snek
  8. Smith

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    The war will continue until TheNG recognizes that I am the New and Improved Pigeon
  9. Smith

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    What did you just say to him, you cur? It is of the utmost importance that you are aware that I have successfully completed United States Navy Sea, Air, and Land Teams training, and I have been involved in multiple operational security offensives against the terrorist organization known as Al-Qaeda, and I have completed over 300 assassinations that have been verified by a counterpart. As part of my training I am familiar with Irregular Warfare and I also happen to be the most proficient marksmen in the entirety of the United States Armed Forces. You are not any more significant to me than others who have been in your situation. If necessary I will use my extensive training to dispose of you in a very efficient way, it is important for you to take this serious as my word is my bond. If you thought you could get away with saying things like that over the Internet you are mistaken. While we are in the midst of this conversation I have alerted my vast espionage network across the United States and your internet protocol address is being tracked, you best be ready sir. For I am peeved and considering serious action against you. I am omnipresent, and could exterminate you in over 700 ways, without even using a melee weapon. Not only this, but I have direct access to the United States Marine Corps arsenal, and if necessary will use it to make sure you no longer have presence on this continent, you scoundrel. It is most unfortunate you did not understand what unholy retribution would descend upon you for your “clever” posting, perhaps then you would have reconsidered. Alas, you did not know this information, and since you are a person I consider to be less intelligent than myself, you must now suffer the consequences. I will defecate fury all over you and you will not be able to successfully complete your respiratory cycle. You are in danger, kiddo.
  10. Smith

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    He showed you that picture too?
  11. Smith

    Lesson of the Day

    I might be missing something but this is pretty similar to when Cuzzelle deleted the t$ bank isn't it? When that happened didn't Alex return 80% of the bank back to them?
  12. Smith

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    Uhhhh... Buorhann didn't say that until after Thrax's posts asking about the CB. It's truly sad to see all of your powers leave you.
  13. Smith

    GoG Declaration of War on The Isle

    If it's such a good CB you should share it instead of relying on the person you are attacking to do your FA for you. The "Ask Alexio" memes are kinda funny but it appears you are using them to avoid saying what they allegedly leaked. Also it's funny how Kastor points out how he believes IQ is taking advantage of the current political climate to roll people you don't like and you respond to this by bringing up a different war than the one this thread is about.

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