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  1. Smith

    Numbers fun

    Ah a simple yet brilliant strategy. Even better nobody will notice you are doing it My understanding is the lines don't count if they are ODPs
  2. Smith

    Numbers fun

    Hopefully your successor will fix that
  3. Smith

    Numbers fun

    That's a fair question but it is not resource prices that will prevent substantial conflict from happening
  4. Smith

    Numbers fun

    It is not resource prices that will prevent substantial conflict from happening
  5. @Khai Jäger What are the Powerball numbers
  6. Smith

    Careful, it's Soup!

    I'm still doing it
  7. Smith

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Don't try to hide the truth Kev Though it goes deeper than even you know
  8. Smith

    Laugh isn't actually upvote?

    I imagine most people don't even know this is the case, I didn't until I saw this thread. Now I am unreasonably upset that I am missing out on potential upvotes. I also can't can't imagine that it is very common for people to use a laugh reaction as anything other than an upvote. @Alex please put all other game updates on hold until this is addressed
  9. Smith

    WTF is going on here?

    I believe this is a reminder that orange man bad
  10. Smith

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants

    Congrats guys
  11. Smith

    @everyone - It's true.

    Congrats to all involved. You've got some great new allies Vanguard
  12. Smith

    Just for appearances

    I was at work today and was having a typical day. My coworkers were all laughing at my witty banter and the women could not stop admiring my muscles as I furiously typed away. I was working hard on making sure The Land of Simple was in tip top shape while my boss was not at his desk. But then one of my colleagues politely asked me “What is that war and politics shit I always see you on?” I eloquently replied “Oh haha… It’s uh… like an online game...” “I think I’ve heard of that,” he said. “No you haven’t,” I assured him. My colleague is a fan of strategy games like Civilization so seeing a chance to bring glory to TKR I suggested he check the game out. He then went and looked up “war and politics” and quickly found the site (great job on the SEO Alex). However, when he saw the main page he simply laughed. This was what the front page looks like: He described it as looking like a “Wikipedia-ass game”. Now, while I think this page is this most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I can understand why some may be hesitant to sign up. Alex, recently you made an April Fools joke about updating the game’s UI. Are there any legitimate plans to do this? I believe if the site looked a little less “Wikipedia-ass gameish” the game would be more attractive to potential players. Just an idea. Yours Forever, Smith
  13. Smith


    I'm glad to hear things have cooled within BK. The split on BK's part looks like a move in a positive direction in terms of a more exciting political meta. In terms of grudges, I think working past those is something everyone could do better on. Since the war ended while neither alliance has done a perfect job of being amicable with each other, (TKR has made some unnecessary pokes and BK has uh... looks at the name of the black color bloc) people seem to be moving in a better direction than before the war. So yeah there is certainly room for improvement and with any luck it will improve.
  14. Smith


    Glad to see this split was amicable, it is not always easy to do that. From the context in these threads it looks like Rose initiated the split but t$ posted the cancellation. Is that correct?

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