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  1. I wonder if there could have been any ulterior motives when a coalition tries to fracture and cause division in their opposing coalition. No it must be TKR was bad for not accepting it
  2. I hate when I see people raising money for lung cancer. Don't they know #AllCancerMatters?
  3. Wow NPO leaves and suddenly all of CN starts coming over Probably just a coincidence Also welcome!
  4. Because we have logs of NPO-sphere planning it. Keep in mind these logs predate all of the things you are saying underlordgc11/3/2019, 7:55:58 AM Anyways, I can give a link to kertogibdvsujs to join the peace server underlordgc11/3/2019, 7:56:43 AM And we can just stall them by saying we want people to get organized or some random bs like that ### TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:18 PM I mean there’s plenty of ways to slow down talks TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:29 PM We have reps demands in our back pocket TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:40 PM The various humiliating joke terms ### Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:01:53 PM I don’t think the discussion was about about actually finding peace Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:02:08 PM Rather two different ways of prolonging it till they are dead Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:17 PM ah Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:26 PM well the not including thme is a goood stlal tactic Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:02:33 PM Drag peace talks vs insist on separating them Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:44 PM separate talks for anyone not kertchogg proper ### underlordgc10/2/2019, 8:41:11 PM super memey if we start refusing to reconmize their reps Leo the Great10/2/2019, 8:41:16 PM sisyphis underlordgc10/2/2019, 8:41:22 PM def will give us two more months of infra grinding ### underlordgc9/27/2019, 10:07:43 PM in 3 days they'll have their surrender chance again underlordgc9/27/2019, 10:08:42 PM(edited 9/27/2019, 10:10:11 PM) but, october is such an Inauspicious time for surrendering underlordgc9/27/2019, 10:09:00 PM November is much better imho underlordgc9/27/2019, 10:09:33 PM I propose we replace ng and sphinx with george and myself so that we can ensure their won;t be an october peace
  5. I know I seem very young and hip but I've been around for awhile. Though I did take a 7 year break from nation sims
  6. Welcome to the game, I was in GATO in 2006 for a couple of years. Nice to see you here
  7. Wait.... So is this a joke then? 🤔🤔🤔
  8. Congrats! If it doesn't work out you can always try turning it off and on again
  9. Blitz SK, Blitz SK, and Blitz SK again
  10. Smith

    dem Casino doe

    Good sir, I am still awaiting my $30m for winning your stock picking competition:
  11. There sure is a lot of sexual tension in here
  12. That avatar doesn't look like the slack logo to me ???
  13. Yeah I got confused by how this thing works, I meant to put all of my money into Clorox but I think it only allowed me to put some and the rest sat in cash. Also I believe I won @Lury
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