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  1. And now I'm not. Thank you to everybody here who made the time more enjoyable. I can still be reached on Discord. Adios, Smith
  2. It was a legitimate business! Other people more important than me would need to address any logs but if leadership on your side admitted the bolded part talks might go better. As is we are using the same CB SRD and others in HM were fine going along with a year ago against BK but now suddenly it's not good enough. Instead the same people are rushing to shift the focus on how we prempted and thus attacked first. It makes it difficult to believe your side is actually engaging in good faith especially when there have been other people in government positions on your side making simulatenous arguments like "this was the most fair the war could have been". which are provably wrong.
  3. How quickly people forget! Hodor. Can I ask you something? Why is the winning side always confused that the losing side doesn't just shut up? It happens in almost every war. The losing side never shuts up. Do you remember DDR? TGH did not exactly shut up. The only time there is an exception to that rule is when the alliance being rolled is so ostracized from the community they have no hope of appealing to public support. Like the recent dogpiling of TCW. Perhaps our efforts here are futile but Quack leadership fought a war a year ago with much of current HM leadership. A major part of the CB for that war was Sphinx logs and now we are being told by the same alliances and people that Sphinx logs in the exact same context are a bad CB. It's worth repeating.
  4. I've personally spent 4 years trying to appease people about something I've had no control over. We've been rolled with it either as an outright CB or used as an argument against us multiple times. If people aren't satisfied with that by now they are never going to be and I don't consider it our responsibility to continue trying to satisfy those people. It is Sisyphean. Cooper has only been trying for two years so he's still got some spark in him but he's not going to be able to address it either since it happened years before he joined the game
  5. I did not read this either but as you wrote multiple paragraphs in response to my two sentences I suspect you did not take my advice.
  6. I'd just like to point out that these arguments are so old we don't even really have the people to respond to them anymore. If I were to ping IC to respond to some garbage on the OWF he would block me forever There comes a certain point where the "I know this is past stuff but..." starts becoming a bit ridiculous. There should surely be enough recent things to criticize us for?
  7. Cool but there is no point talking to somebody who quit the game years ago. Spend your time on something more productive than writing a WoT for a game you don't play and that I'm not even going to read
  8. In all seriousness does the OWF no longer have moderators? Does there need to be a specific rule that players who quit the game years ago can't derail one of the games only active discussions?
  9. Global War 8. Just to upset people
  10. Congrats on the #1 spot! Any update on a CB?
  11. How about some accountability from your sir!
  12. Yes when you have a numbers advantage you don't need to use every nation at once all the time. You can leave some in reserve as needed and for counters. You haven't been paying attention if you think the fighting is even, it's not possible with the numbers the way they are. Also it's still the first round lol.
  13. To clarify how far back are you citing here as an excuse not to give a public CB lol. 4 years?
  14. No CB DoW's and a refusal to explain didn't seem perfectly reasonable a year ago to Rose
  15. What exactly are you saying about your alliances when this is "the most Even this war could have been oriented"? You have have literally doubled the amount of cities. It's not even like Knightfall where we have a dominant upper tier, HM is competitive there and now in this war with Rose joining (for reasons?) you have a 2x advantage there as well. Stick to calling us whiners, it's an easier narrative than trying to pretend this war is even. Edit: This will have to be updated as Schrute and WTF just joined on your side as well lol
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