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  1. You realize I can just post logs showing you are lying right? Early November here is NPO amongst others discussing how to stall peace talks: underlordgc11/3/2019, 7:55:58 AM Anyways, I can give a link to kertogibdvsujs to join the peace server underlordgc11/3/2019, 7:56:43 AM And we can just stall them by saying we want people to get organized or some random bs like that ### TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:18 PM I mean there’s plenty of ways to slow down talks TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:29 PM We have reps demands in our back pocket TheNG11/1/2019, 4:46:40 PM The various humiliating joke terms ### Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:01:53 PM I don’t think the discussion was about about actually finding peace Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:02:08 PM Rather two different ways of prolonging it till they are dead Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:17 PM ah Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:26 PM well the not including thme is a goood stlal tactic Leo the Great11/1/2019, 6:02:33 PM Drag peace talks vs insist on separating them Roquentin11/1/2019, 6:02:44 PM separate talks for anyone not kertchogg proper --- A couple weeks later here is NPO amongst others blaming us for peace talks not going fast after planning to make them slow: They even made the argument that they were trying to increase the speed of peace talks while secretly planning to do the opposite
  2. Yes there were more October logs as we were only halfway into November when this thread was made, but the logs continue into November showing their intent. However, it kinda seems like no matter what answer we give you or how much evidence we provide you there doesn't seem to be a scenario in which you would accept that the blame lies with your leadership. Am I wrong on this? Because I've pointed out multiple misconceptions that you have had and you seem to just move the goal post. If we prove that they were still doing things in November then you say that you thought it was mostly happening in October. If we show it's not from a third party you say the person is untrustworthy. Then you say we must have paid or promised them something. We are providing tons of evidence for our claims while you make assumptions such as this with no proof whatsoever. Why is that?
  3. The "third party" was a member of your coalition leadership which actually makes him a first party as he was directly involved. It is not "may or may not" as they directly say they don't want the war to end. We know their views did not change after October because we have logs in November which is when this thread was created showing they were still trying to stall peace. And again, while they were doing this in private they were publicly blaming us for peace not progressing.
  4. The logs were necessary because your coalition's leadership was publicly blaming us for no progress being made in peace talks while in private were strategizing on how to drag out the peace process for as long as possible to make as many people quit out of boredom on our side as they could. It's not acceptable to gaslight somebody and expect them to just sit back and take the abuse. The blame here is on your leadership for developing a strategy specifically designed to pressure people out of the game. It's not on us for to standing up to people telling intentional lies. This war has been going on for like 7 months, there is no reason for anybody to believe that your coalition leadership was going to change their tactics when they were still lying about what they were doing. Keep in mind that during the period that you are saying we should have still been trying to negotiate they were still trying to think of ways to drag the war out. The only option we had left when shown that your leadership was trying to delay talks to get everybody to quit was at least show what they were saying isn't true.
  5. No coalition has ever held people at war for 7 months and expressed excitement over people quitting before. I'm not sure what you would expect to see in our coalition channel since we aren't in a position to do what your side has been doing and when we were in that position in past wars we didn't do it
  6. It is probably better for you not to say anything when you know logs will probably come out later contradicting it heh
  7. It's possible for two people to be in the wrong you know? Gorge should not have posted that and he has since apologized, admitted he was wrong, and removed it. You however are continuing to look for excuses to minimize this mercy board crap. The fact that somebody else did something wrong does not excuse what GOONS is doing is wrong.
  8. This is exactly part of the problem. If you are in a situation where you cannot reliably know who is on the other side of the screen you can't really argue for informed consent when you're not certain one party is actually able to reliably make that decision. The obvious solution then is just not do the action that might result in asking a child to expose their face to a bunch of adults. I like many of GOONS players and some of them I consider friends, but this behavior is gross to me. I said this in DMs to a person in GOONS gov earlier but I'm not just going to sit back and pretend this is okay. If you are in a situation where you have to say the words "we aren't going to ask people to eat pet food anymore" maybe you should realize you fricked up somewhere along the way.
  9. That you are focusing on a 11 year old ignoring the sign up policy to a text-based browser game instead of fully grown adults asking for that 11 year old child to expose their face is very concerning to me.
  10. It's not okay for people to bully children because they played a video game before they should, what is wrong with you?
  11. I skimmed through this thread so maybe I missed this being addressed? But right now I just see attempts to discredit the people upset with OOC bullying rather than addressing the bullying itself. As somebody who has also frequently spoken up against the racism, sexism, etc in this game long before GOONS got here this is also something that is important to be addressed and should not just be swept under the rug because KT/TGH have done terrible things too Incorrect. I am pointing out the narrative that it's only Nazi sympathizers who do not like this as demonstrably false.
  12. Actually your own ally called mercy board's "essentially abhorrent" and said that "when we were in a position to do something about it in Orbis, we did" following up with "I do hope it doesn't return in any shape or form in PnW again" Keep in mind this was just referring to MS Paint drawings and not requiring people to eat fish food. The narrative that it's just Nazis upset about trying to bullying people into this is invalid
  13. As was pointed out earlier your side had no problem arguing and blaming our side for the delay in talks earlier. It's only now that actual evidence has been displayed that you don't want to particpate in a "circlejerk".
  14. It's funny that people like @Shadowthrone always try to make a big deal out of what the #2 of an alliance said meanwhile he is the #2 of NPO and has this in his signature: Apparently it only counts if it's our side doing it
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