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  1. Smith

    End of Hostilities – TGH/KT/TRF

    Seems like a reasonable length given the circumstances. Congrats on peace
  2. Smith

    Annual Fraggle Rock Fund Raiser

    That's clearly a fox
  3. Smith

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    It's sad to see what you've become
  4. Smith

    Too good to pass

    Congrats to Pre and condolences to INH. The future is bright for our protectorate!
  5. Smith

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Well I see this is important to you, so I will let you have it. That after all, is the honorable thing to do.
  6. Smith

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    Reminder that since CS disbanded, TKR is still technically the most honorable alliance
  7. Smith

    The Great Defection of 2018

    With this new recruit Bluths Original Banana Stand has become the fastest growing alliance in Orbis. 100% growth rate just this week! I want to be the first to swear allegiance to this new hegemony.
  8. Smith

    The classy lads of TKR and TCW

    Adding onto what Epi said, you guys chose to enter this war by attacking. Now you are complaining that... people are fighting back? I'd also recommend talking with an actual FA gov member next time instead of getting trolled by Shlappa. Don't worry though, he trolls me too
  9. Smith

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Captains should be determined by the most pigeon-like posters. So me... and I guess Zeebrus since she is part chicken.
  10. This dude isn't even in TKR hes an applicant. Plenty of us are having fun, you guys can relax
  11. Smith

    Mischief Night

    TheNG has fallen. He has been corrupted by popularity. Blinded by forum likes. His victories have weakened him. He does not even remember what it means to be self-deprecating. This community deserves a better class of Pigeon and I have risen to answer the call.
  12. Smith

    Mischief Night

    Happy Halloween Orbis. This is Smith, the New and Improved Pigeon, and I bring troubling news. Halloween is supposed to be a day of fun, candy, and sexy costumes. However, I have discovered something absolutely terrible has happened. Someone has been impersonating another player and there is nothing sexy about it. I am saddened to say one of the game’s more well-known members, TheNG, has been impersonating me. You will notice his avatar bears a troubling resemblance to my own. Needless to say, this behavior is disgusting. To copy another person’s identify? Another person’s memes? That type of person must have no originality. Truly the worst of the worst. I demand this be addressed. I demand TheNG be made an example of and I am prepared to act. Failure to comply with this demand will result in the few remaining TKR combatants going into VM. You have been warned. Sincerely, Smith, The New and Improved Pigeon
  13. Smith

    A World Police Announcement

    After tireless negotiations, I am proud to say the conflict between The Syndicate and The Black Knights is over. Peace has finally come to Orbis!

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