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  1. Smith

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    I respect the fact that you took time out of your busy dog-punting schedule to write this
  2. Smith

    200th missile launched

    I was pretty confused here, took me awhile to realize you were talking about someone else
  3. Smith

    Propaganda time

  4. Smith

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    I saw Thalmor laugh after kicking the dog. It was no accident.
  5. The real evil is anyone who would oppose Lord Bocephus
  6. Smith

    Let's Dance!

    "Maybe if I can get TCW/Pantheon drama going again people will forget how poorly we have handled everything involving this conflict"
  7. Smith

    Let's Dance!

  8. Smith

    Let's Dance!

    Do people feel morally obligated to call us the world police in any sort of conflict with us? Is there some sort of mandatory quota? Now the definition is so watered down that basically if you respond to attacks against yourself or your allies you are the "World Police".
  9. Smith

    Let's Dance

    Good luck guys I look forward to seeing what you do. I am a bit disappointed I did not get to see a stream of consciousness from Thrax or a comic from Ripper though
  10. So TGH's head of FA calls me a child molester and now their membership is upvoting his post in a sign of solidarity. @Buorhann it's been a couple days since you said you don't approve of the way he acts. I guess here is your chance to pretend to care again.
  11. Smith

    Plot Und Panzer

    I know people have downvoted you a lot too in your arguments with them and during controversial threads. But are you literally just going through all of mitsuru's posts and downvoting every one of them? Because it sure looks like that's what you are doing based on the fact some of the posts are months old
  12. Smith

    Let's Dance!

    I swear to god Senry
  13. This actually isn't the DoW. Nizam Adrienne posted that. This is a symptom of my free time. I am happy you like it though
  14. Smith

    Let's Dance!

    This is literally a declaration of war thread

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