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  1. Smith

    War Stats

    The fact that you guys suddenly feel the need to incorporate the gas and munitions used into your stats (how does us using gas qualify as taking "damage" exactly?) is pretty amusing to me. Especially since you didn't use them in the stats you were parading around just a few months ago during your war with IQ. I think it's pretty obvious what caused this change for you. The TGH/KT/ET side doesn't have much opportunity to use their gas/mun due to how pinned down they are. So of course we will use more with routine ground attacks/airstrikes. You are attempting to use this to create the misconception that the gap between our two sides is shrinking. However, lets think about the daily opportunity cost in lost revenue both sides face from not being able to rebuild. This daily cost would be far greater for TGH/KT/ET due to the severe amount of damage your nations have taken. On the other hand, many of our nations are still generating a high amount of revenue. Just to use myself as an example: I fought in a bunch of wars in the first few rounds, ate a few nukes etc. I am still generating between $10-12 million a day and I'm sure there are plenty others who are making more. I doubt anyone on your side can say the same. This has a much greater impact on the daily cost our two coalitions endure than the amount of gas/munitions that are being used. In other words, the gap between us isn't shrinking, it's getting bigger. (Unfortunately, unlike usage of gas/mun, I can't think of a good way to track those kind of stats for OWF propaganda )
  2. Smith

    Peace BeCoS why not

    Congratulations to @Squeegeefor not leaking anything during the course of the war
  3. Smith

    OP Announcement

    This announcement is overpowered. Pls nerf
  4. Smith

    Pie for the Pie God

    The beginnings of Zeebrusphere. God help us all
  5. Smith

    Howdy there Partner

    I like the theme! A western one is a cool idea.
  6. Smith

    Going To War

    Where would you suggest instead?
  7. Smith

    Going To War

    I live with 4, my drains are constantly clogged
  8. Enjoy the retirement Chaunce I see a glimmer of potential in this apprentice you have chosen
  9. Smith

    A Message From Space

    Wow Squeegee has lost some weight
  10. Smith

    Propaganda time

    It took a long time for the crying to stop. Rei, Captain of the Radiant Fox Army emerged from her blood-covered Mech and scanned the battlefield. The sights and smells were nearly overwhelming. Dead Templar Knights laid baking in their own armor, Mongol horses collapsed next to their deceased riders. Her foxes would feast tonight.
  11. who is drake

    1. Thalmor


      People always ask who is Drake, but nobody ever asks how is Drake.


    2. Spaceman Thrax

      Spaceman Thrax

      Wheelchair Jimmy is the 3-ply soft rapper who makes lambs look dangerous.


      Happy to help.

    3. Sketchy


      Hes a deadbeat mother****er playin border control.

  12. Smith

    I'm sure nobody cares

    I care
  13. Smith

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    I respect the fact that you took time out of your busy dog-punting schedule to write this
  14. Smith

    200th missile launched

    I was pretty confused here, took me awhile to realize you were talking about someone else
  15. Smith

    Propaganda time


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