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  1. Smith

    peace talks

    I actually have logs of you planning to hit them but I can't post them because reasons
  2. Smith

    peace talks

    I think the question being asked is you are say we are working against our "supposed goals" as if you had specific ones in mind. What are the "supposed goals" you are referencing? Though I will point out our sphere's coalition name is Chaos
  3. Smith

    peace talks

    I can't believe the alliance that has a history of making up CBs and not providing any proof would make up a CB and not provide any proof
  4. Adrienne has found a way to incorporate duck wangs even into OWF posts now. God help us all
  5. You are right I am being silly. I thought you were being perverted but now I understand you were just letting kids into your pants 😛 no
  6. Don't start being funny now, my heart can't take it
  7. This will be used as a CB by NPO 6 months from now So uh it really looks like you have an arrow pointing to your wang that says "Kid-tested, Roquentin approved"
  8. Sir, this is a text based browser game
  9. For those who wonder "Why do people reference the NPO from C N? Shouldn't that not matter in PnW?" I'd like to point out the title of this treaty is a direct reference to the treaty GOONS and NPO had in C N. Specifically it is a reference to the peak of NPOs hegemony where they would go so far as to install Viceroys in opposing alliances. The image of a boot stomping on an enemy is also from that era. Combine that with the ODN and Polaris ties which were both directly lifted from C N to PnW and then combine that with the consistent influx of C N recruits they bring you can probably start to see the problem. With that said there are plenty of problems with NPO's actions just in PnW that could be focused on but this is still something worth pointing out
  10. I posted this months ago but it's even more relevant now
  11. Alright so a few things here. 1. The conditions were not known. I'm not sure what kind of spin this is but after Kayer left not even your own allies knew about the agreement you had to protect BK 2. You mention BK has "attracted a lot of heat". But you didn't want to "throw them to the wolves". So let's think about the situation your agreement put the rest of the game in: Assuming BKsphere/N$O are two different spheres that means BK is by far the biggest BKsphere was continuing to expand the size of their sphere Logs were revealed that BK was planning to dogpile a much smaller sphere to "contain" them No single sphere would be able to stand against BK on their own (except maybe N$O who refuses to fight them). This means that the rest of the game has the option to either unite against their aggression or let them pick us off one by one. Of course if we unite then you join in to help them because you don't want to "throw them to the wolves". What is the rest of the game supposed to do?
  12. It's not. I am talking from a completely OOC/Meta perspective. You'll noticed both of example I gave actually hurt TKR directly and I did that intentionally. The point I am trying to make is that leadership changes often result in political change even if I disagree with what that political change is and even if it hurts TKR. But when the same leaders are bringing up the same 3 year old grudges it makes it difficult for change to happen.
  13. This is really indicative of one of the main problems with the game. If you look at basically ever major alliance in the game you will see consistent leadership changes (Rose, tS, BK, etc) that often bring political change with them (partisan bringing tS into knightfall, Curu helping form IQ etc). How can anybody expect the political meta of this game to change when the largest alliance in this game has had the same leader forever, continually brings up grudges from 3 years ago and continually attacks the same alliances?
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