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  1. We can't make anything less intensive or 100% risk-free for anyone so it's always easy and not burdensome at all. Even though he's being sarcastic the point about commitment is very pertinent as the point is pertinent as newer/less entrenched alliances will be more enticed to ditch because it's easy to see it "if I get out of the way, I'll be on easy street."
  2. Well, the ones you're citing now are from Gorge specifically who was fine with everything until it conflicted with his itinerary. Some of the lower level ones might be leaks from people still in, but the ones are definitely from Gorge. inb4 not relevant but it is worth pointing it out
  3. Um, actually when it was originally announced 2 days before, HS had committed to defending NPO against counters even if it lost. I didn't hold it against you though and those logs have been shown to you before.
  4. HS didn't inform us it was peacing out. It's the only instance I can think of, but I wasn't trying to harangue you guys over it since it was differently handled than tS. It was just a mention of an instance.
  5. It doesn't say anything misoygnistic. It's referring to that specific screenshot and nothing else. If you think I'm actually a misogynist, then that's a pretty hard accusation to level.
  6. Okay, well there's a part about you where I make the joke about you being the alpha female due to the screens that leaked about you not wanting other girls in Medellin. I just thought it was funny and referenced that incident. It wasn't intended to be misogynist. I need to find this gold medal offer. Well the actual reason is HS didn't tell us everything before and we did say tS was hostile. To give info when it would have been sensitive on the actual details would have compromised the operation. It's a tricky situation to deal with allies on opposing ends of an issue which I know HS been through IW and Guardian in the past. It really is unfortunate that we couldn't be more forthright with HS, but it's how things go.
  7. I already listed the long line of transgressions against us and that it was the nail in the coffin and made clear to me that it was. Once you start insulting your allies to their face and give the clear indication that they will no longer receive sensitive info, it is over. We specifically tried to do everything to give HS an out and they didn't want to take any outs. Again, had there been any way to avoid HS getting drawn in, we would have taken it but they wanted to help you no matter what. It couldn't be helped.
  8. I was forced to pull the trigger. You were going to keep pulling shit on me as long as you thought could get away with it and then make your move. That was no longer acceptable. You played your hand too early and everyone could see it. The logs are still about him and his friends and getting enough leverage to compete and not an elaborate revenge plot. fyi
  9. So coalition warfare practices before have no bearing on them now? I was forced to pull the trigger as you had declared hostility with your comportment and your actions by signing the two alliances and undermining us extremely combined with all the aggravations. If you read the logs, it's because it is a definitively hostile move we'd have to respond to. You had a million ways out of it. You backstabbed your allies and they stopped taking your shit and everyone knows but most don't care because it benefits them.
  10. Pretty sure something similar was done by you in prior wars and by them. Again, had there been a way to keep HS out, we would have taken it. There wasn't so they were accounted for and we specifically said that preempts would activate our treaty when asked.
  11. How did i plot against HS at all? They just took you into account as likely to defend HS. There would be no reason for me to "plot" against HS besides you getting drawn in. The intent wasn't to draw HS in. While some people had bad blood with HS, for NPO it wasn't a goal for HS to be in and get fought. Just because you were going to keep the tS treaty, tS' actions would draw you in. We did discuss HS dropping tS and it was clear it wouldn't happen. It's not a prioritization. tS was on a slow front and would have pottentially gotten hit eventually if the others crumble. The expectation was of a counter soon and there were no counters because tS rigged it that way and the other side took advantage to focus on the other fronts. BK and co were going to go down and not have a way to get back up, so there was no prioritization over tS. We had limited targets to hit in GOB/Guardian. I did what I had to do to avoid further calamity and several of the alliances with you on GOB/Guardian agreed with expansion and weren't happy with what you did. So don't act like it's just me alone. Your position was bullshit and all you have is your stats as leverage with people who wanted to fight KETOG anyway oh and this whole "evil NPO/BK" bs.
  12. Yeah, they did it first obviously isn't the same as in just an rl argument which you're comparing it to. When one party is trying to screw you, you have not let yourself get fricked. The whole turn the other cheek maxim doesn't work in this setting.
  13. They backstabbed us by signing people in a way that would weaken us and not informing us even. They also backstabbed us by selling us out to a ravenous horde.. Just because you're in it doesn't mean it was right. If your 'ally' is waiting to cancel until it's in their benefit then you're going to have to play it strategically as well. Where was the priority of BK over tS listed? Again, it's just mere reciprocity. tS wanted to spit on our face and that was the consequence. They nullified the worth of the treaty by doing what they did. Until they actually made it clear the relationship was dead, we shielded all kinds of bullshit from them, so this is outright false.
  14. Again, multiple treaty violations occurred meaning it no longer had any value. You had time to redeem yourselves after the original betrayal and you doubled down and provoked the reaction. It's a mutual defense treaty not a unilateral defense treaty and there was no mutual in it.
  15. You committed various acts of war and antagonized your "ally" actively while the treaty was active. Signing OWR/Carthago was the last straw as it was indicative of the bankruptcy and termination of the relationship when combined with the insults given after as it emboldened our enemies and gave them confidence.
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