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  1. Roquentin

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    Symptoms =/= Cause Imagine if there was a certain material required to progress past city 10. We'll call it unobtanium. It is only profitable for nations below 10 cities to produce it. If you produce it at 10 or above, you will be running a huge loss and not be able to get anywhere. The material is only obtainable via a mechanism that makes it take 20 days to fully deliver and the seller has to manually send it to you twice at ten day intervals. Your ability to grow and your destructive capacity are wholly determined by how much unobtanium you can accumulate. You can also lose it too and you will lose the cities you bought with it as the unobtanium is required to sustain them. Most players who want to play long-term try to grow out of the city 10 range but find few sellers of unobtanium relative to their demand. This means it requires a decent amount of individual initiative to find the salesmen for it if your alliance does not recruit or have a contract with an alliance that does. Even if your alliance does recruit, as most people are trying to get out of the city 10 range because they want mechanical progression, any supply is temporary and contingent on additional new players joining the game. This also goes for external acquisitions, as a healthy population growth is required to replace the previous salesmen who move onto becoming buyers. Population growth slows over time and comes down to a trickle and at a certain point falls well below the replacement level and exacerbates the situation. Most people who began the game as teenagers or college-age with it being a large percentage of the playerbase decide to dial back their activity meaning even less people actively pursuing the unobtanium salesmen proactively when not many had before increasing the gap between those able to obtain and not. The game lasts for an additional 10 years with these trends continuing. There end up being two solutions: one is someone takes on the administrative burden of finding the external salesmen scarce as they are. Most external salesmen sell at much higher prices which mean you will obtain half the unobtanium you used to a month as you'll only get one shipment after a 10 day interval and then you'll need to pay again and wait another 10 days. There are two ways to get past it: the micromanagement approach where a government member seeks the best rate sellers compulsively and the other is having at least a 1:1 ratio of people who never stop being salesmen and don't go past city 10 fueling a wealth transfer to the other sector of the alliance. Most players are unwilling to give up the unobtanium they already have and either don't recruit or can't recruit enough people who can be convinced to remain as unobtanium salesmen at favorable rates to the bigger people. The alliances that do have this benefit end up having the newer players and people who remain as permanent salesmen funnel the unobtanium to the other members who grow at an exponential pace to radical heights and end up being way ahead. Many players quit over time for a variety of reasons and don't see a browser game in their long-term outlook, but many who stick around are playing it as a primarily single-player game where they check in on their stats or admire their join date occasionally. As most alliances never kick anyone out and the culture of avoidance of booting people for inactivity is prevalent, no one does so. Another culturally prevalent thing is to keep an alliance going past the point of it having sufficient activity due to a historical legacy or it being a service to the players wanting to continue to play inactively. Disbandment is seen as failure and no one wants to be the one who disbanded their alliance. Few new players join and as the only way to have an impact on the game is to be someone's perpetual unobtanium farm or be a high government official, but since most alliances are inactive, there's very little potential maneuvering to do for the remaining chiefs who no longer have the warbands they used to at their disposal and play conservatively and the scope for potential action is limited, making it even more pointless. Most alliances continue to lose large numbers of veteran players due to them forgetting to log in past a certain point and when war comes, they are too lazy to do much and it incentivizes more to quit. Fewer and fewer new players join with only a couple of alliances having the staff willing to service them. Nothing about the mechanics ever changes and the admin team is aware of the trends and is at peace with them as the game is not a focus as they did not project the game to last as long as it had.
  2. Roquentin

    Boring game.

    The reason is this type of game isn't lucrative enough for a team of professionals to be employed, so a real company isn't going to make one like this. The main downside of that is the person who makes it is usually a hobbyist who manages to get a playerbase so it's not someone who can put out a phone app right away. Most of the other games had admins that realized that it was nothing compared to other potential opportunities(e.g. Project Terra's and Lunar Wars'), so they pulled the plug on their games. The game that was the flashiest in the genre(nationsgame) was more professional but had a lot of glitches that turned people off and there's what happened with steps to war where it was somewhat professional but a disaster and it wasn't the only money-making opportunity for them. Erepublik is fueled by rl nationalism a lot of the time and donations giving you a huge advantage. To Alex's credit, he's at least somewhat involved in the game unlike the CN admin, but the issue is he's divorced from the real gameplay and his activity isn't at the level where he'll make these quality of life improvements or be able to add content. People are donating anyway and he wanted to prioritize his grades. You're totally right that there should be built-in functionality that is sorely missing(like the calculations/bulk infra/etc. and more content for players that isn't contingent on saving up money or resources over time). Right now people that have IT guys have a huge advantage over people that don't and relying so much on the community to provide hasn't always been great(see site slowdowns/api clamp down). So when someone who isn't technical wants to do something, they have to find someone. Even many people that know how to code don't want to do it for a game especially when their programs can easily get broken. A lot of mobile players get turned off by all the manual stuff they have to do. I've advocated for the UI to be changed and for more government-type content to be put in like right now we just have the questionnaire that sets you to moderate/fascist/etc. but it could be a lot more. Approval rating makes no sense as is either and could be tweaked significantly. We'll have to see what he does this summer in terms of his planned interventions. For every potential good change, it's feasible something else gets severely unbalanced.
  3. Roquentin

    Enable Alliance Leaders to Set Embargoes For Members

    Basically, I don't get where this notion of individual sovereignty comes from conflicting with something automatically imposed like the embargo. If people wanted to be able to determine their alliance's policies, surely democratic alliances would be more prominent. People choose to pool their sovereignty under the government on other hand here. This is because it is not an individual nation game. It's an alliance game as Sketchy said. If you want it to be an individual-oriented game, then you should have not introduced alliances to begin with and limited cooperation between nations based on geography or something else. As long as cooperation is needed, people will unite and forego individual autonomy to some degree. The embargo isn't any more imposing than an alliance color or application process. There are plenty of non-mechanical things you can introduce to increase individual playability as RP aspects keep people animated in other games. The government types have a lot of potential. Playing as an individual nation is suited to single player games or short runs, not collaborative browser games where people are reliant on each other.
  4. Roquentin

    Just for appearances

    Honestly, it was a pretty bad April Fool's joke as the intent comes off as saying you won't make a major change to improve the marketability of the game. The UI and app should super high priority if you want to get more players The whole browser game veterans crutch is something you can't rely on forever. The fact that the article was posted 4 days before April 1st was even worse. So yeah I agree with Smith.
  5. Roquentin

    ICYMI: Chaos Bloc

    I have some innovative cutting edge next level minisphere ideas for you. They would do away with beefs and be fun all around. Vanguard Reloaded ft. The Golden Horde TGH Polar OWR TUE Could throw FR in there too. -------- Blue (Da Ba Dee) TGH Polar Fark Guardian The Unholy Alliance KT NPO CoS Last but not least(could be OP) Animal House ----- Acadia TGH NPO If it's not enough compared to the Unholy one. Throw in Nova Riata(Fox guy) Horsemen
  6. Roquentin

    Fix Resources

    Alternatively you could put perks in that wouldn't be gamebreaking but cost resources.
  7. Roquentin

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    I'm not disputing what the individuals accomplished by fighting the way they did. I'm just saying large amounts of net damage will be more reflective of the infra counts of the opponents rather than any skill. There was a lot of overall damage done by all the TKR members and a lot of them racked up a lot of wars and were putting effort in without those net damage stats. On our side, whoever fought Sphinx was guaranteed some good stats.
  8. Roquentin

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    I'm referring to where a lot of the net damage came from. It came from Azaghul and RedFive who were in the range to hurt people with high infra. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/conflict/1/alliance/1584 If you're talking about overall damage, they managed to do a lot, but net had some bigger contributors from hurting other whales.
  9. Roquentin

    An Ocean Voyage

    City averages aren't good for wider samples. Actual tiering is more important. Median city would be more representative than average even, but the actual tier counts are more important.
  10. Roquentin

    Chaos sphere is the worse sphere

    https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/conflict/1/alliance/1584#versus click on versus tab I'm not bashing TKR here, but seeing where the damage was done doesn't really mean IQ being in range is too relevant. Stats for both sides will depend on the infra levels of opponents when they get radically high. Someone determined enough could simply choose to declare on everyone above 2500 infra and have a high net damage if they fought for 100 days and nuked.
  11. Roquentin

    An Ocean Voyage

    Blame @Hilmes
  12. Roquentin

    An Ocean Voyage

    To be fair, Partisan wanted the Pigeon as well.
  13. Roquentin

    An Ocean Voyage

    I'm pleased to present everyone with this treaty. I doubt it comes as a surprise to some of you now, but this is something we never would have anticipated two or three years ago.
  14. Roquentin

    On my retirement from Pantheon's government

    If it was a strict German theme and people weren't wearing swastika avatars, then it'd be worth giving a pass to, but we've seen throughout the history of these games that an Imperial German theme can often can be a cover for Nazism. The Jewish reference and Swastika avatar are pretty telling as Manthrax pointed out. It generally seems like people are trying to get away with as much as possible either out of genuine affinity for the views or just to troll. The Iron Guard theme was pretty troubling as well(a group that killed Jews and put them on meathooks and skinned them alive) but was allowed simply due to most people not knowing much about Romania. We just need some consistency in policy here if we are to ban anything at all.
  15. Roquentin

    Racism on Orbis

    There is an Erich Manstein who would be hard to avoid associating with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erich_von_Manstein It seems pretty open in terms of what names can be used. There was also another player who named himself Benito Mussolini and RPed as Mussolini and he was pretty big. There's also a player who has all their commanders named after Nazis like Guderian, etc.

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