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  1. Also Fabian strategy was effective, so even if Fabius didn't get name cred, it worked and people used his name for other stuff like the Fabian Society. I'd say it's sort of the metaphor for how strategies work in PW. They don't seem intuitive when you have to suicide yourself or sacrifice and can wear on people's morale if they're not fully committed to them, but they do work.
  2. I totally agree with what you're saying. The issue is this type of thing is what passes for the game's culture. There's never really been a stigma against being overly antagonistic and the forum moderation is rather minimal. This thread would have been closed a long time ago. It's always been people slinging shit at each other and it's not changed. Everyone would need to be a lot less of a tough guy and also not get baited. The problem is this game has always had lax standards in terms of how people post at each other or interact. Trolling people is dismissed as being mere banter and totally not meant, but we all see that negativity ends up pervading the atmosphere. It would require a different mindset from both the staff and the players to engender that civility.
  3. This is sort of the reason why the stuff from your side has always been met with pure cynicism. It's not a consolidated megasphere and if we possessed the status of hegemon, it would be a way more effective and cohesive group rather than a sphere where the members didn't do the same thing, a bloc that broke up, and various alliances just doing their own thing. Nobody's unquestioningly taking marching orders from me in terms of the alliances in that group. The BKsphere was painted as invincible simply due to treaty web aesthetics and deceptive nation counts. That clearly didn't hold up. So you could have hit any point before, but didn't. If you felt they were going to hit you, there was no need to wait for the Chaos-KETOG war to begin winding down. It's unlikely they'd have anything to hit once the chaos-ketog war happened. For us, it's just you both hate each other so you took the chance to hit them when the situation gave you the best moral case. I don't want to pile on here, but we don't really see it in actions. The minisphere construct simply seemed like a way to accrue strength in certain places and to disempower others. I brought up the issue with personal ties. We all know about who can perform how well. How is entering a war and getting people upset attempting to establish hegemony over P&W? How was it going to shift to dynamic gameplay and change politics at all when it was the same smoke filled backrooms? Are we going to be in charge of our entire coalition when BK couldn't itself manage that despite its treaty ties? When have we tried to establish hegemony over the game? To be honest, I've never seen a coalition as unified as yours when you guys all suicided to save Boyce. I was floored. You guys all had your heads in the metagame and sacrificed for each other the entire time while we had people porting CN concepts like being a "meatshield". I could go over our trajectory thus far. 1. Initial gov tries to do a third sphere between Synd and Paracov. Neither set of allies on each side is that interested in it. 2. Realizing this, I did try to make Paracov more cohesive but i didn't get it done in time but that was also because Paracov was not a hegemony and was mostly a paper tiger that couldn't coordinate and distrust reigned since both of the two had let each other get rolled. The alliances were also reactive rather than proactive, so it ultimately failed to get aggressive until it was too late and fell apart. Then actual hegemony was established by the other side. 3. More or less pure isolation except for one solid offer from BK. Then a losing war where the numbers didn't beat the EMC side and there was no expectation of an easy win. 4. People saying IQ achieved hegemony through pure numbers while casually sending people to beat down weak spots and then doing a war that found it on the back foot. Alliances like KT regularly tried to poach people from BK and BK was ridiculed for losing members and were told their FA policy was exclusively to NPO's benefit. 5. A chance at one war against upper tier people. 6. Mini-sphere stuff where KETOG adds people and has paperless connections and initially is fine working with Chaos. Your side's idea of doing us favors and giving us the benefit of the doubt is having us commit actions or non-actions that benefit you solely. That's sort of the problem. We don't derive any benefit from your success and we felt it would endanger us and there was enough evidence in our eyes that it would. Your side didn't care to address the issues we had with your side in terms of the composition. If Buorhann is done because we didn't let him dismantle the BKsphere while he kept a bunch of people friendly to each other in the upper tier on one side, then that's his prerogative but we know who that would put in the driver's seat. It just means we'll have to sleep with one eye open when it comes to KETOG forever. That's cool with me though.
  4. Yeah I wasn't talking about you guys as a whole being a feeder for grumpy. It was another ex-pirate who brought it up. I mean, I think the alliances will be left alone soon enough. It wasn't really the intent to kill everyone. More the tone of the responses is that being "retired" doesn't necessarily insulate you from risk.
  5. With Rose assistance and then easy street for rebuilding mil with counters being handled, it wasn't that bad. I don't really remember SK getting upset with people for beating them up. When TKR did it, they liked them more for it. As far as i've heard SK's future was in doubt too just because of general apathy. So they were going to orient Chaos to oppose KETOG because of the looting? Don't think so. It was more beneficial for Chaos to be low infra than not and at half strength, though, especially if there was a possibility of losing significant numbers of nations to other alliances if the war were to be peaced with no follow up. I don't know. It's just too much of a coincidence a screenshot from May got posted in June when people start to look for new homes and that led both blocs to declare on the alliances they actually already hated.
  6. I'm never listening to Keshav again.
  7. I mentioned TKR was the one we heard was taking advantage but I never said TKR was going to do it on their own. Seems pretty weird to twist it into assumption of supernatural abilities on TKR's part.
  8. You guys are heroes for generating drama.
  9. I'm glad there's some new drama.
  10. Roquentin

    Really NPO

    Yeah, I mean, I've always felt it this way. if people want to quit because they need results or they can't handle losing, then I can't do much about it. I've always wanted people to be less sensitive to temporary setbacks and political trends and all I can tell them is whoever is willing to endure the most hardship is the better player. I can discourage taking advantage of that mentality though. Players always have a life cycle though and wars have always been a drop off point. Most people who have quit during a war just decide they don't want to bother getting on for the game more and that's just the reality. The nut of the world is hollow if it's just about the game and people who are less involved in their own communities for the community's sake will find it easier to quit.
  11. So did they actually do something or is it an RP thing?
  12. Roquentin

    Really NPO

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
  13. I didn't elaborate on everything from the start since no one was interested in hearing it. There was just an ongoing mischaracterization that I said TKR was the sole potential actor/target when the rationales of preventing the defeat of enough one side to avoid the freeing up of resources. were inclued from the start along with the repeated provocations. I have also always been honest about it being boring to sit out wars as well when talking to people in private. I have also stated that I have never considered the leak to be the genuine reason for KERTCHOGG's declaration. It was a merely a convenient excuse.
  14. Roquentin

    Really NPO

    Now that you asked nicely(well this is the best we're gonna get), I'll just continue not doing it as I haven't done it in over 1.5 months since that particular incident.
  15. I mean I like Prefontaine but in general idk why people would be cool with a feeder for Grumpy. I find the whole "Let's raid everyone and get rich, retire, and then join a politically involved alliance" problematic. It's sort of become the norm where it's normalized. LIke I don't know how that's a playstyle anyone would advocate. Like could Pablo Escobar retire to Miami?
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