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  1. Hi all! This will probably come as little surprise to anyone I've really spoken with, but time's come for me to take another step back and do virtually anything other than play this game. No regrets at all: learned a lot, grew a bit, and met a lot of really awesome people. And I'll be keeping in touch with them, so little loss to not log in and push the buttons. I'll pop into VM for a while longer (It kind of seems like a waste to delete a nation with so many amusing city names? :D) and hang around in the CoS discord still. If you'd like to say hey I'll be there, please do. This'll be my last forum post, and it would probably be a waste to not use the chance to use this video. Please enjoy.
  2. Oh, bud. Buuuud. Do you have any forward gears or are they all backpedaling? If you want to stop being misogynist, stop assuming she can't read.
  3. Cool. I'm more than good with that. Thank you. : ) In terms of the game in general, I'm with you, for sure.
  4. How is my coalition contributing when we receive something? You can't not receive something. The OOC stuff (what little of it there was) flatly did not release as a result of anything our coalition did. As soon as it became apparent there was OOC info mixed into the IC logs, everyone reached out to the people who did release it to get it scrubbed. If NG wants to try to make that a political thing against our coalition for some reason, I'll do my best to try and assume he's just upset in the moment, but that's off base.
  5. As far as I know, those raw logs were leaked from someone from within your own coalition, then released by someone who isn't in either coalition. Shortly after, they were removed, and no one in our coalition has disputed that removal I don't think? Just the opposite. It sucks to have OOC stuff released and I'm genuinely sorry NG is that upset. It shouldn't have happened, but it I don't think anyone intended for OOC stuff to be released in that way, and our coalition was not responsible for it. I'm sorry: I understand your frustration, truly, but you're throwing gas on a fire making this thread with incomplete facts as far as I can see it.
  6. Hope you had the foresight to quit your day job.
  7. Hey Context Bot! I love your work. Can you help me out? I'm apparently out of the loop on contemporary leftist thought. Can you use your powers to explain to me how it's okay to selectively police "bad posters" while simultaneously helping an alliance of cheaters/pedophiles/nazis push a term that makes fun of starving Africans?
  8. You're either misinformed, lying, or your threshold for what you consider appropriate is totally miscalibrated with mine. An example: There's nothing "rhetorical" about your member using an in-game declaration to tell a player they know to be black they are going to lynch them. The fact that your government responded to that with "who, us!?" and blaming other people is pretty much what I meant. It would be far easier to dismiss "rhetoric" if it was clear you take that seriously. It's a shame. Anyway. I don't intend to debate with you any farther. I was just clarifying in case your confusion was genuine.
  9. I'm going to assume this is legit curiosity so I'll answer earnestly (if briefly) : Your alliance has a really bad history with racist and nazi stuff. It's not part of their overall theming, but a lot of people, including myself, feel your gov doesn't do enough to root it out. To their credit, I'm not aware of any of it more recently. Kosmo's upset aside I know several people in our bloc have made their stances on that kind of thing clear.
  10. Why would NPO need to join this? You're not really paying attention to what happened this war if you think that. They'll just reject every hypothetical that doesn't involve cooperating with BK, mislead their allies about their intent, then fabricate "intel" that they have to help them down the road. There's no reason for them to take the PR hit of actually signing BK when they know their moves are going to be coordinated.
  11. You missed my point I think. My point was that working from Kosmo's own premises, TKR has done more than Kosmo has, so he should be quiet until that's no longer true. That's all. (I'm not sure why we'd need colour commentary from someone who's gone out of their way to politically shield AK this war, though.) Edit: Also, thanks Cooper. Obviously you're in a better position to speak for TKR than I am so sorry for stirring the pot.
  12. You should keep TKR's name out of your mouth. They've fought both KT and AK as part of the last few months, while you have done nothing but kvetch. If you think it's appropriate to wage in game wars based on out of game ideology, go for it. In either case, you've probably reached the threshold for what you're going to get out of babbling about it alone.
  13. This is weird. I'm not used to people caring what the truth is.
  14. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=525663 ^ Why is my resistance at 100?
  15. Yikes. I very clearly underestimated how passionate the leaders of your coalition would be about defending cheating nazis. It's not a joke to me, and seeing some of you treat it like one is pretty gross. I'll be on discord if anyone's interested in a good-faith conversation (I think it's obvious there's a lot of false equivocating going on here?), but I think this is my sign to peace out of the forums.
  16. I don't see how this needs to be changed at all. Most of the arguments for removing downvotes apply for removing upvotes as well, really. And from a meta standpoint, it's pretty easy to tell when people are bandwagoning or downvoting simply because they are being goofs, and uhhh, who cares? Just let them, and think less of them for doing it. Doesn't need you to remove a feature.
  17. I really can't imagine an easier way to know I'm correct than you two in particular disagreeing with me. You're like the poster children of bad faith false equivalences.
  18. Hah! I see you've brought out your upvote brigade. Did I hit a sore spot? Happening to share a coalition with certain people after fighting them is not the same as signing people who have gone out of their way to defend an alliance that basically doesn't have an identity outside of being cheating nazis. My point was that it took you very little time to perjure yourselves on one of the very few things you purported to care about. You're new to the game. You can do whatever you wanted, and this is what you chose. That has nothing to do with me and everything to do with you. And this will be the last I comment on it, because obviously you've little good faith to offer. Cheers.
  19. Everyone who isn't exploiting it thinks it's ridiculous. Flip the switch.
  20. Welcome, and congrats on your new treaty to BK! Amused to see you reverse-course on the anime nazi thing so quickly.
  21. No worries! I still understand what you are saying. Get some rest! The game will still be bad when you get back. : ) I think the biggest disconnect here is that you don't seem to be agreeing with me when I suggest that BK's burden of proof for NR was way, way, way lower than the one for AK, and that that's a problem when BK tries to frame their response as something that is for game integrity/because of caring about cheating. Your PR from that hit is what makes your attempts at equivocating for AK so problematic. Let's not pretend that your response was at all in proportion to the benefits Nova got from the exploit. You mashed up members who had gotten no grants; even if I agreed that the members who might have received some small benefit ought to have been hit for it (I don't; they lacked intentionality and the benefit for them was nothing game-breaking even if it did exist) In AK's case, you've done less than nothing (as in, you are actively defending them) about the benefits they've realized from cheating, in a mechanical sense, and that's that, for me. I actually didn't get into what I thought should be done about Nova OR AK. My argument rests more on the inconsistency in BK's answers to those questions.
  22. I'd certainly join it. If you get it together throw me a link! Most of the channels I have I put a food channel in and then I'm one of the only people to use it. : (
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