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  1. Placentica

    Alpha - Oblivion War End

    Thanks again man. The loot in these stats played a key role in peace talks, that was probably what pushed it fastest. Plus I supposed Ockey's childishness had some effect on my patience for what is a (lolfun) game. We had looted about all we could and because of their disintegrating member-base, there wasn't much left and I didn't want to see them disband which I felt was going to happen within a day or so.
  2. Placentica

    Alpha - Oblivion War End

    We have come to an agreement to end Oblivion's war on Alpha. Oblivion has surrendered and all wars will conclude through natural ending or beige. It was a fun fight, a good challenge for our guys coming back and I'm proud to see how Alpha's fireteams performed vs. the growing and shrinking forces of Oblivion. For Alpha, Placentica, Driver of Alpha Hope Solo, Hybrid of Alpha R Johson, Hybrid of Alpha Boniver and Loxx, Selldown Destroyers of Oblivion For Oblivion, Ockey
  3. Placentica

    SNN-Alpha AF

    Ockey, nice log dump bro. Really the worst part here is my horrible grammar. For the record, those terms were not the first version, not even a countered version, but ballpark terms as options since he he refused to pay even $1.00 of reps. These were options to avoid making his members pay for Ockey's war. Dealing with Ockey has made me long for the days of Partisan and the other tS Execs. Ockey's been repeatedly afk for days, sometimes over a week. Then in the days and weeks that pass he'd pop in to post something like this and then leave for another week or several days. When he was around he couldn't even say more than a few words. At one point he copy pasted several private messages I'd sent to Grumpy, right back to me like that were news, despite, you know...me being the person who sent them. Then another person from Oblivion started peace talks only to have Ockey later deny they had any power (after that person had offered up reps). Then it got so bad he started doing shit like this making me wonder if he was having an IRL breakdown or something: Through the entirety of what can be only generously called "peace talks" he acted like someone who was either in Elementary school or on something. His posts were barely legible and even with other people involved in the peace process he was still confused and obstinate. So the initial terms were quite a bit different, repay some of the damages done in the unprovoked attack/raid (pretty normal historically here for raids/aggressive wars lost) and surrender. These new terms represented a shift from that as a way to give this kid some options that might be easier for him. As Oblivion has disintegrated to 3 nations, not wanting to see them just disband because that would be a shame, we've presented them with many options and other than log dumping. He attacked and lost, it happens, no need to get all butthurt about it and cry in your room. Really the only reason to make someone admit "wrongdoing" (lol) in a game like this is because of his attitude. He's carried on like a child, so I'm sorta having to treat him like one. As an alliance that's been attacked and lost, been apart of coalition wars and won, as an alliance leader you have to put up with a lot of shit and if you aren't capable of doing basic peace talks, you shouldn't be the leader of an alliance. I've only really went into some parts of the fiasco that is Ockey and all the stunts he tried to pull.
  4. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    We've had it confirmed that Park of saudi-sparta: I wish to leave the war and will not re-enter or engage in any spying or acts of war for the duration of the conflict.
  5. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    No, unless you are referring to Oblivion wanting to form some nuke bloc.
  6. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    I think he's pretty calm. Kosmo's roll is something that is learned (and appreciated) over time.
  7. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    That wasn't whining. I was stating a fact. You misread. When war broke out we had like 5-6 nations vs. 13.
  8. Placentica

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    Others have tried to run up the markets too (remember global manipulator, still got embargoes from it, lol). It's common and $3b isn't *that much*. Plus I applaud his active admin'ing, it's better to try and fail than just let things get worse. The market over-supply issue is a game mechanic problem though, not a political problem. It was inevitable. In the early days people would still sell goods below the actual cost to make them (upkeep/raw). This isn't a new problem. But we certainly have a much more complex system with 10,000+ nations. Most likely to late to late to fix it and the warchests are too large now. It doesn't end the game - it changes it. It remains to be seen how alliances adapt to this as some of the conventions for not letting warchests get out of control are very frowned upon in PW it seems.
  9. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    We were actually a smaller alliance when they attacked. *shrugs shoulders* everyone knew we had people leaving VM in a few days. It's not like their nation info wasn't public info. Plus that first strike is such a huge advantage when used properly.
  10. Jessica's were big shoes to fill and looks like Timmy did an amazing job. Congrats to both you and Utmos!
  11. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    Alpha doesn't do secret or paperless treaties. We have no ties with anyone in Nuke Bloc. Nuke bloc doesn't exist, and Alpha isn't a nuclear-focused alliance at the present time. I specifically wanted to break up Nuke Bloc and it was successfully broken up so people could have a new punching bag (not from you, this is a general statement). There is nothing I can say to you, when I have all the facts and you are just speculating, no offense. I do not wish and will never revive Nuke Bloc even if I could and I think nukes should just be removed from the game. The war system in this game isn't great. Spy blitz, Air blitz with numbers then win. I personally find that wars with no stakes and no politics are boring. Combine these two. You can have an opinion that random wars are fun, that's your choice and it's cool. Oblivion clearly doesn't think they have the firepower as they are accepting people back mid-war. And we all know the game mechanics greatly favor the attacker, so if they don't win, they are fricking awful. Plus SA left mid-war so they had no spies, and with new mechanics spies are just as important as planes. None were built up in Alpha accept a few who hadn't finished their rebuild, just having left VM with no spies. And are we "dead weight' or is it a "fair fight"? You folks need to make up your mind.
  12. Placentica

    Alpha Recognition of War from Oblivion and Arrgh

    Our community has a near 100% daily activity. You will see that ingame come wartime. So maybe look into that shit before you post about things you know nothing about. I'm going to give you a short history lesson, seems you need it, will most likely be a waste of my time. Go back and look at our contributions in Oktoberfest, in 168-Day war, most of our guys date back to those days. Then, go look at damage ratios in all proceeding wars we were involved in along with SA. Go ask GOB, your allies even. Now net ratios have a limited value and loss is a loss. But dead weight is one word that doesn't apply to us. Just because you get dogpiled and can't keep planes against 3 attackers, doesn't make you dead weight. We've always fought hard, using weapons that do the most damage in both wins (conventionally) and losses (targetted conv strikes and nukes). And for the love of Alex, which is it, are we plotters building a coalition or dead weight?
  13. Recognition of War So, I guess welcome back. That didn't take long. But you gotta admit, hitting Alpha seems pretty lame. We've been irrelevant for years, don't you know? On top of that, doesn't look so good when you can't handle your own business against an alliance who hasn't even existed for the better part of a year, and you have to call in extra help. Not mad or upset, just disappointed in you Oblivion. I thought you liked to fight or something? Anyway, we've noted your 11 nations on your AA and also will keep watch on those two 3000k infra whales that left after the war started. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=24900 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=63120 But it's fine, we expect them to say in that AA, and not use another AA's protection for any other purpose other than pixel hugging. This includes jumping back after bulking and declaring wars.
  14. That video was on of the best things I've seen on PW, lol. Congrats.
  15. Placentica

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    No. I'm a grandpa.

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