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  1. My vote was for Fraggle and Thundercats too.
  2. No one is forcing you to delete, you entered VM mode on your recognizance. If by "delete" you mean "they won't let me steal money from them and then keep my 4,000 infra cities" then sure. And in Wampus's case you must mean "I should get to talk shit to a guy who loves to war and face no repercussions in a that same fricking war game." Every time you address anyone in Alpha you keep digging your hole deeper, first it was here, then you tried to escape via a shitty Discord DM, now this.
  3. As the first Global Market Manipulator and embargoed by an entire alliance, this weak attempt is disappointing, EM. You can do better. Hope you are enjoying your Vacation mode though.
  4. We might have to go on a Auctor upvote binge again to celebrate this.
  5. This topic should be fun to see all the crying. Congrats guys and thanks for bringing some much needed content and culture change to the forums.
  6. You'd be wise to extricate yourself from this situation you've created for yourself. He didn't have a choice, it was alliance orders. Besides, if you did actually win it by Keno and not some cheat, that's far fricking worse. If you have a problem with the way Alpha does it's own economics and milcom, you can take it up with me.
  7. I think you read Hope's post wrong. She's saying in the *past* they and we've been targetted. But most posts I've seen from Farkers when they are mentioned is that this isn't their war. But I don't want to put words in their mouth. I'm sure they have perfectly fine reasons.
  8. If nothing else, this should cement who was winning the *other* global war when NPO-BK-TC-Cit/etc have that much spare capacity to take on whatever this is. Also, people should make sure they do proper background checks when admitting or protecting members who haven't arranged individual peace after leaving an ongoing war. It's a tactic that's so common here but makes no sense and is asking for problems.
  9. Some players who lose a war will always leave. It's a shame that people don't know that's part of the game, but many will leave at the first L or only fight in wars where they are bandwagoning onto the winning side. In my opinion, these are players who do not make for a good community and aren't a big loss when they leave. I'd like to see a graph of actual players who have left not because of this issue. Or maybe a better way to say that is people leaving on the TC/BK/Cit/NPO side of the web vs. Chaos/KETGG/Rose side. Also, I see a lot of inactive players who have given up fighting and just sitting at zeros until the war ends. Players like this shouldn't be counted as inactive - they are just idling, unwilling to keep fighting, not leaving.
  10. We are not allied to NPO, but thanks for the FA advice. I'll take it very seriously. So how much are the reps you're going to have to pay for attacking BK/TC and losing?
  11. It makes sense that you, and your side in general, don't understand what actual content looks like when you see it.
  12. Prefontaine, you should be enjoying your vacationmode, not troubling yourself with internet games. When you get "back" I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to design your own stat tracker that can track 20+ concurrent mini-wars.
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