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  1. [email protected]#$ no. Congrats to you both! It's hilarious how tough people talk even though it's clear how ultra-nerdy this game is that someone just posts a professional looking Rose-Atom graphic like it's just everyday on the forums. I should've posted this with my graphing calculator.
  2. I remember when your mates were calling my alliance stupid for doing this same exact thing many years ago.....how times change. Glad you came around to our way of thinking that short wars only benefit the victors. 🙂
  3. Congrats to you all, always fun to see new bloc form. Ignore those who are going to be derpy about everything.
  4. I must admit, I did tear up. Each piece is something you must study for at least 15 minutes. At first you think you get it, but as you study you realize the depth and you will never truly get to the bottom of it's majesty.
  5. I think you'll look back on this and wish you had chosen a different OOC reason for this IC announcement.
  6. I don't post here often, and I know this has been stated before, but I'll add my thoughts as a long-time member. 1) Shorten alliance wars up by fixing the ability to fight more effectively at super low infra. Now it's actually better to have no infra, which is completely backwards to stability/military capacity of a nation. If you want shorter wars, cut the max military by 50-75% at sub-1500 infra. Make max military levels around 1750-2000 infra. Current lighter limits on military were implemented well and were effective in making it difficult to submarine people, but now with city inflation it's not much of an issue anymore. So they need revising as well. With small maxes at lower infra a nation can still easily defend itself with even 50% less military from their current max. But it eliminates the rush to no infra so you can wreck people in unbalanced city tiering. 2) Offensive wars shouldn't beige you on a loss - it's clearly an exploit being used to self-beige. I know I'm just one of many saying this.
  7. My vote was for Fraggle and Thundercats too.
  8. No one is forcing you to delete, you entered VM mode on your recognizance. If by "delete" you mean "they won't let me steal money from them and then keep my 4,000 infra cities" then sure. And in Wampus's case you must mean "I should get to talk shit to a guy who loves to war and face no repercussions in a that same fricking war game." Every time you address anyone in Alpha you keep digging your hole deeper, first it was here, then you tried to escape via a shitty Discord DM, now this.
  9. As the first Global Market Manipulator and embargoed by an entire alliance, this weak attempt is disappointing, EM. You can do better. Hope you are enjoying your Vacation mode though.
  10. We might have to go on a Auctor upvote binge again to celebrate this.
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