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  1. I survived COVID-19 and all I got was this lousy activity post. 

  2. This is a problem that i've addressed for years. The Wiki is and always will be neutral ground. Bias is something that isn't tolerated since the Wiki is mean't to be history based on facts (Nation-related roleplay is allowed). If anyone sees bias in the wiki especially wars should be reported by shooting me a message on the forums or someone who has the same tag as me and we will review it. We're here for a reason.
  3. For future reference, this is the official nation of Alex himself. If the nation that messages you doesn't have that ID number should be reported to the proper authorities on the forums. Only one person has the power to hand out nation strikes. (Not counting ss23) You can always check this page: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/staff/ to see a list of official staff.
  4. edeFvl8.jpg


    Make the Wiki Great Again!

    1. MinesomeMC


      I got banned and then unbanned 

  5. Coming here to check up on things. What did I miss so far? Anything good?

  6. So here's the low-down. As you all may know I am moving game communities in August. You will find me in Elite Dangerous. Effective next week, I am officially stepping down as Wiki Mod after four long years. Because of me being involved in several communities and the fact that I am moving my schedule was constricted and I am unable to fit pnw into it. I love this community. You guys need work but I love you guys still. It's been a hell of a ride. Who knows maybe i'll return one day but for now. This will be my final activity post.

    ❤️ - Aisling / Featherine

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    2. Buorhann



    3. Smith


      Have fun, I played Elite Dangerous in VR and it's pretty cool

    4. Mayor
  7. It's a blue jay, it's a blue angels aircraft, NO! It's Aisling Duval!

    Yes, I am coming back next week which means i'm officially on duty on the wiki again. Any complaints about my slave- *cough* Subordinates can be filed below. I probably won't read it but it's worth a shot.

    Stay tuned in a few days for another announcement and the hardest decision I have to make.

  8. 11YtUc5.png

    Quick followup to my announcement on the 10th. My luck is beginning to turn, I should be in a new place to live by August, that's great news actually.

    I hope the other Wiki Mods are treating you lovely folks well. If not i'll have to yell at them. But it seems to me the place is not burning down so that's a good sign. 


  9. A likely story. Either you're a terrible liar like most cheaters out there or you're completely oblivious to the rules.
  10. You sir, just earned my respect. The fact that you are sticking with your alliance until the very end is something I can't help but to respect. I wish you luck @Uriah 'the Fox'.
  11. Terradoxia gets a ban wave, Nova Riata just gets resources removed. I am mildly disappointed.
  12. Glory to Arstotzka. 

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