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  1. JT Jag


    Well. It's a start.
  2. Epi is not wrong, we did attack TLE... two months ago, as a result of a botched TLE raid that they refused to negotiate on. And then protected them for a period of time as they paid reps. TLE subsequently broke the agreement they made with us and attacked during the NAP period.
  3. The grace period included in Clause 5 has passed, and so Clause 5 has now expired. All future additions to the NAP must follow the guidelines of Clause 4.
  4. The Regiment and The Federation have both invoked Clause 5, and are hereby bound to the NAP. The OP has been updated.
  5. The OP of the peace agreernent has been updated to reflect this.
  6. Hold on are we the parasite or the one with no blood? Because I have PLENTY of blood, perhaps too much.
  7. Wild that we'd want to exclude the most notorious leaker in the game from our opsec chats.
  8. I see we're back around to the "actually we're winning" part of the cycle. That means we're about a month away from you guys begging for peace again, and two months away from you walking away from the table because you got totally verified discord leaks indicating that this time, iQ is actually broke for real, definitely.
  9. There's such a thing as "negotiation", you know. Peace agreements are meant to be haggled, not walked away from repeatedly.
  10. This isn't going to turn out the way you're expecting it to, Tyrion.
  11. Well hey, everyone is invited to put this to a test and try to stop our fun if they want. You haven't succeeded so far though.
  12. Post threads erryday
  13. I forgot to add USN's signature to the NAP, edited. Pursuant to Clause 4 of the agreement, both parties have mutually agreed to include Heaven's Gate in the terms of the agreement. The original post has been edited to reflect this.
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