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  1. I am astounded that you don’t understand how broadly you are applying the term “goods” here. Where’s the line? Do you ban the entire leadership of an alliance that gives out some steam codes to its members? That has a more direct monetary value, and I can assure you it’s been done by most alliances in this game.
  2. GPWC did not duplicate money. Despite claims otherwise, there is no evidence of them being multi-accounts. They took no in-game action that was forbidden by the rules. They and the leadership of NPO are being banned for alleged “illegal distribution of resources worth real money for in-game value”, of which no actual evidence has been provided as to the value or illegality of said resources. This ruling will lead to a slippery slope allowing Alex to arbitrarily ban people for any off-site action. This might win you the day here, Coalition A, but look forward to that looming over your heads for however long this game lasts.
  3. Also it’s worth noting that Alex has ruled for years that actions taken in Discord are “OOC” and cannot be moderated, especially when homophobic and racist discord rants were forwarded to him, to justify his lack of action. And now he is banning an entire alliance and another alliance’s leadership purely based off Discord evidence.
  4. It didn't have to be this way. But here we are.
  5. Alex, this literally proves *nothing* except that GPWC produces a lot of taxes.
  6. Several people went over your "evidence" and rebutted it point by point before you posted the thread. Don't act like it didn't happen.
  7. I hope all the people who have spent the last 8 months declaring that the game has been ruined because of administrative action made by goons enjoys making a total 180 and praising this administrative action because it benefits them. You are all snakes.
  8. JT Jag


    Well. It's a start.
  9. Epi is not wrong, we did attack TLE... two months ago, as a result of a botched TLE raid that they refused to negotiate on. And then protected them for a period of time as they paid reps. TLE subsequently broke the agreement they made with us and attacked during the NAP period.
  10. The grace period included in Clause 5 has passed, and so Clause 5 has now expired. All future additions to the NAP must follow the guidelines of Clause 4.
  11. The Regiment and The Federation have both invoked Clause 5, and are hereby bound to the NAP. The OP has been updated.
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