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  1. @TheShadow Join camelot, we have a gov place for you
  2. Messi

    Argos DOE

    Good luck Argos! Also BK STRONK
  3. Messi

    Arrgh Public Service Announcement

    If I sent my money to aargh, will they save it for me?
  4. Messi

    The Ayyslamic Caliphate posts

    I totally support this. Another step into more dynamism How is silencio doing?
  5. Messi

    The Vanguard

    Happy to see this happen! Congratulations!
  6. Messi

    It's all an NPO conspiracy

    I don't understand why emc want IQ to break down. I mean you could just fight. But you shouldn't expect IQ to break down just because you want them to
  7. Messi

    Not even worth reading

    But this is not Dynamic™
  8. Messi


    Hello, I am messi of Camp nou. The best footballer ever and the ruler of the country, and I am happy to play this game.

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