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  1. It is a bit more than just "Don't like them" Deliberately manipulating peace negotiations, trying to make people quit the game, try to force alliance disbandments, lying and twisting stories on the Forum... the list goes on All that while denying everything until logs show up and then they try to justify it That is why it's so important for such logs to be published, so that everyone that either doesn't know it yet or is new to all of this knows what the heads of Coalition B are actually up to
  2. Just to clarify, peace is being held up because IQ2 only presented term 1 and nothing beyond and because they exclude t$ from the rest of the coalition. Not because they can't afford 5mil food for AK
  3. What would have to happen for you to present the terms fully before negotiating?
  4. Take me as an example, who learned how to use and create spreadsheets, how to operate an image design program, how to program simple bots etc. Just because i play this game. I absolutely love it because it is a fun way to learn those things that are actually useful later in life ^.^
  5. To be fair, anyone can enter the top ten right now when the big fishes are away having fun.
  6. A new DLC of Crusader Kings 2 is being given away for free This time it's "Sword of Islam", enjoy ^.^ Link is: https://store.steampowered.com/app/203778/Expansion__Crusader_Kings_II_Sword_of_Islam/?utm_source=discord&utm_medium=social-owned&utm_content=post&utm_campaign=crki2_ck_20191114_ste_giaw
  7. Menhera

    peace talks

    Maybe it would be a good idea for both coalitions to publish a list of what terms they would be willing to accept and which ones they would like to be accepted. And if not that at least a standpoint of how they view the situation/what they want the situation to be post war. That would give common ground and maybe make politics less hostile and more constructive, no?
  8. This might be a minor issue, but even though the turn change timer was increased to 3 minutes, the text still says: "In total, the unavailability is limited to only about a minute and a half." It might be a good idea to update it.
  9. Which of our members said that? Also i am asking under the assumption that it happened without provocation.
  10. So as people know, CK2 is now free to play If you sign up for their newsletter, you also get the "Old Gods" DLC for free ^.^ The link is: https://www.crusaderkings.com/
  11. Menhera

    peace talks

    I see, even if i don't completely agree with your reasoning, that kind of explains why TGH etc. weren't hit. But you didn't answer the question completely :< Empy itself, who you are using as CB, is in the same range as TKR/Soup and as such completely hittable for the guinea pigs. (whose name i absolutely love by the way ^.^) So why not attack them directly, but TKR and Soup? Even if we are in the same coalition, not attacking them when they are your justification for the war entry doesn't make much sense.
  12. Menhera

    peace talks

    @Roquentin I still don't get why the guinea pigs wouldn't hit empy or at least their direct allies instead of two random other alliances in their Coalition.
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