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  1. Thank you for the time you fought alongside us and the effort you put in against Coalition B Good luck on your rebuild ^.^
  2. Well we are the ones currently fighting a bunch of backstabbers that have killed multiple games before... So i guess you are the wrong person to say something like that
  3. Thing is, hacking you is above us. We don't support this action in any way and we gladly help finding the one responsible for that. And Coalition B knows enough about breaking agreements, stabbing in the back of their allies, trying to find loopholes in the games rules, attempting to kill off opponent communities, forcing alliances to disband, gaslighting, misleading and lying to pretty much everyone in this game, even their own members. You aren't in a position to make such false accusations just to distract from everything that you have done.
  4. Menhera

    The War

    No one said publicly. Also what you say is essentially: "We will give you only one term at a time because we want to. Consequences be damned." Also according to you: Either IQ starts actually negotiating like every other alliance and in good faith, or Coalition A accepts the fact that t$ gets separated so you can continue to roll them even after a KERCHTOGG peace and that in order to see a term they have to accept the previous one allowing you to inflict much harder terms at the end. If we add the lies and your overall behaviour before (also after) coalition A agreed to surrender once acceptable terms have been negotiated, and the leaks of coalition B lately, i think it is clear why basically the entire game lost trust in NPO, BK and GOONS. You just saying "Either roll with it or accept the death of the game" isn't exactly helping with building trust. And not only TKR and NPO are on the negotiating table. Coalition A consists basically of KETOGG, Rose sphere, Chaos and Syndisphere. I don't know how you view the importance of individual alliances in coalition B, but in Coalition A we are equal. Hence trust and cooperation has to increase on the entirety of both coalitions, not just NPO and TKR. The situation now is: You present an unacceptable ultimatum, Coalition A continues fighting because as mentioned before it is "Unacceptable" and the only thing changing it, preventing the death of yet another nation sim, and eventually repairing relations between Coalition B and everyone else as well as repair your image is to simply stop negotiating in bad faith. You can't win PnW like that. You can't "win" PnW at all. No one can. This game is fundamentally based on dynamics. Wars like this one freeze those. Even if you would have won this war with all of your original terms, with Coalition A effectively disbanding and you controlling everything now. What is left? Sure, you will eventually roll Fark sphere, but then what? Game over. You have effectively turned this entire thing that everyone, including you, invested so much in into a badly programmed farming simulator. You lost because you are the ones ruining your own game, everything you achieved, everything you won, will become meaningless. How do we prevent that? Hand out the terms to the negotiators of coalition A, let them start negotiating together with you and finally get this game to peace. Another war will follow soon enough anyways, but hopefully with different coalitions.
  5. Menhera

    The War

    Coalition A is willing to surrender once acceptable terms have been negotiated. Coalition B doesn't even present them, so there is no negotiating. About a ceasefire i agree with tarroc, although i think people will just fight less and less until eventually it either becomes a never ending stalemate until the game dies or coalition B presents terms and both can negotiate peace.
  6. Do you think youtube with their rewind will follow sheepys glorious example?
  7. Just to clarify, peace is being held up because IQ2 only presented term 1 and nothing beyond and because they exclude t$ from the rest of the coalition. Not because they can't afford 5mil food for AK
  8. What would have to happen for you to present the terms fully before negotiating?
  9. Take me as an example, who learned how to use and create spreadsheets, how to operate an image design program, how to program simple bots etc. Just because i play this game. I absolutely love it because it is a fun way to learn those things that are actually useful later in life ^.^
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