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  1. Nuff said Make more memes, be kind to eachother and have fun!
  2. When there's nothing going on in orbis, news servers have to create their own drama
  3. Pact of the Chocolate Seas Article I: The Lost Empire and Chocolate Castle (hereafter referred to as signatories) agree to a state of peace between both parties. No acts of aggression such as poaching, manipulation or lying to will be permitted. Article II: The Empire vows to protect the seas, the Chocolate Legion vows to protect the land. Both signatories will come to each others aid in case of third party aggression. Article III: Should either signatory wish to engage offensively against a third party, the other signatory may join if they wish to. Article IV: Should either signatory be forced to cease war efforts while in aid of the other, the remaining party will have to respect the decision and wish good luck in their rebuild. Article V: This treaty may be modified in any way with the unanimous agreement of both signatories. Article VI: Should either signatory wish to withdraw from this agreement, they can do so unilaterally under the condition of a 72 hour notice period, during which this agreement will remain in full effect. Signatures: The Lost Empire: Ocean Master Putmir Imperia Dullard Legatus of FA Xi Jinping Chocolate Castle: Popess Menhera Queen Lossi tl;dr TLE and CC enter a MDoAP
  4. You could couple it with pollution maybe. Polluting above a certain threshold means some land becomes unusable, similar to how actual pollution irl works. But i'm all for providing fleshed out ideas and having people vote on those first instead of just "land changes yes or no" without actual proposals on how it'd look like. The community has endured a lot of sudden, messed up changes that upended the meta overnight so buying a cat in a bag like this isn't really appealing to many.
  5. Happy Birthday Friends~ πŸŽ‚
  6. This might be a minor issue, but right now even with the new Alliance API we don't really have a way to see alliance treaties in any way unless we'd webscrape it (which to my knowledge is against game rules) As far as i was able to tell, there wasn't really any deliberate reason why it wasn't implemented already (like server strain or something), so i assume it probably just flew under the radar. The last mention i could find of a treaty api suggestion was this post back in 2017, where it wasn't really elaborated on. Possible uses might be to create custom treaty webs, be able to log treaties to see how spheres develop over time, include new signature alerts in bots like warnet etc. As to how this might be implemented in the v3 api, there could be a new field in the alliances API that contains an array of objects, like how it already exists with the nations field. { "data": { "alliances": { "data": [ { "treaties": [ { "date": "2021-03-27", "signatory": "guardian", "type": "mdoap", "link": "https://something" "turns_remaining": "348" }, { "date": "2021-03-29", "signatory": "rose", "type": "piat", "link": "https://somethingelse" "turns_remaining": "372" } ] } ] } } } Since i'm not a programmer, people might have better suggestions how to implement it or what to add, but this is more or less how such an api could look like. The "turns_remaining" field can also be replaced by some other form of time measurement.
  7. You lot mentioning me, lossi and CC repeatedly before we even bothered to reply to this. This sums it up pretty well and should answer your question. Now please stop dragging us into this. For my part i'll follow kurdanaks advice and hopefully i won't have to see more nonsense about us. Have a nice day please.
  8. You're not the only person i'm adressing with this. Also your whole narrative how "we and cotl are behind everything that people say against you and your friends" is what i was referring to as well. Which is dragging us into this whole mess, and there is very much something wrong with doing that.
  9. Whichever point i have proven... Again, leave us out of this and stop mentioning us. That's all i ask for.
  10. I'd gladly be able to if you people would only leave me, lossi and CC out of this
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