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  1. Happy Birthday ^.^
  2. I think the issue is less about the number of messages and more about the idea that multiple recruitment messages are used at all. If it becomes standard for everyone it simply overwhelms new players with tons and tons of messages that they will start to ignore. And those messages are basically your start into the game, your first contact with the community. If you don't have that you will simply quit the game unless you join an alliance yourself. I personally don't think that the situation has escalated to that point yet, but i certainly think that now would be a good time to stop before it comes to that. (Then you could also argue that purchasing 5 identical player ads to make it show up more is also a bad idea, but that's a story for another time)
  3. True facts :3 Also thanks to everyone for all the wishes ♥️
  4. I like your theme Good luck with your endeavor ^.^
  5. Menhera

    Take a break

    Thank you for that, it is much needed right now ^.^
  6. He couldn't. His rules stated the punishment. We had the precedent of Nova Riata, but that one pales in comparison. The damage that NPO has caused by doing this is immeasurable. How many people have quit the game because one side had such an immense advantage and a sheer ton of resources to their disposal? No apology will be enough, no measure will heal the damage. If he would have done it like then with riata, he would have deleted 50bil of worth more resources, all cities that were funded by GPWC money and he would have permabanned a lot of people that are now getting 6 months only. I assume he didn't do that because NPO already established itself with all the resources they got, and removing everything would strip away any chance of moving on. Like this, you still have it. Our response now is that we don't push for terms, we don't want to permawar you until you delete. Instead we offer a blanket white peace and a NAP. No kicking while you are down. We can not look back, but only move forward. So let's do it together
  7. Congratulations on the conclusion of your first major war ^.^
  8. Menhera

    Wartime updates

    small addition The war has some paralleles to the cold war and adding the moonlanding is simply good humour ^.^
  9. Menhera

    Wartime updates

    I don't think that is too much of a problem. The individual alliances already teach the players how to play the game aside from the basics. Many only do the tutorial for the 100'000$ in-game bonus. And i also believe since that won't be the last update, that a new one will come that benefits younger nations more. He already made other changes to the war system. Such as the new war screen etc. But i doubt that there is much else to change. And since war/raiding is still a 'part of the game, i don't think it's unfair towards the not fighting alliances. Meanwhile the Allies and IQ both have to pay a bit more for troops. This will of course mean a longer war will strain both sides more. Whether that is unfair or necessary or benefial i can't say. I agree with that. But i don't think that this was really the goal. If i had to guess it was probably to lower total resource counts in the game or something similar. As for this, the by for most "dramatic" one is the spy sattelite. Since the war isn't only waged with military, but also with spies. But honestly, at this point with all the damage in infrastructure i doubt that it will have a significant impact anymore. The benefit is simply too small when looking at a full scale alliance war. especially since it doesn't increase the spy cap. You just have to kill someone's spies a bit more often and that's pretty much it. As for the others, the missile launching program is fine, especially since you can spy them. And the Moon landing project is simply a fun accessoire, that is more a joke than an actual advantage over anything or anyone. It simply brings more fun to the game and i sincerely hope sheepy will do more things like that. Especially since it's completely optional~
  10. There are times i forget that BK is based off code geass
  11. Thank you for the time you fought alongside us and the effort you put in against Coalition B Good luck on your rebuild ^.^
  12. Well we are the ones currently fighting a bunch of backstabbers that have killed multiple games before... So i guess you are the wrong person to say something like that
  13. Thing is, hacking you is above us. We don't support this action in any way and we gladly help finding the one responsible for that. And Coalition B knows enough about breaking agreements, stabbing in the back of their allies, trying to find loopholes in the games rules, attempting to kill off opponent communities, forcing alliances to disband, gaslighting, misleading and lying to pretty much everyone in this game, even their own members. You aren't in a position to make such false accusations just to distract from everything that you have done.
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