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  1. Big Baller. Shot caller. 

  2. Calling the /k/ommandos and fuds

    Savage 320 is a reliable option. Fairly middle of the road price wise. can take 2 1/2 or 3" shells. Can also take mini shells, I believe. If you've never used a shotgun before, buy about 10 boxes of #8 and take it to a range somewhere and practice. also, move out of California
  3. literally go set yourself on fire. also, suck my dick.
  4. Hey great idea. It's not enough that someone with 3 or 4x as much military can down-declare on you it's not enough that and alliance 4x your size can dogpile on you with their allies. let's also make it so that alliance fighting against 4:1 odds and triple the military also has less time to regroup. Do you sit up at night purposely thinking of ways to screw us?
  5. EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    You really got me there...
  6. EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    Excuse me, there are men talking right now... shhhh
  7. EMC-Nuke Bloc War Propaganda Thread

    It's not just a feeling if it's true.
  8. Luckily nobody over here gives one single flying frick about anything you say or think. But thanks. from all the semen i assume you guzzle, i'll go ahead and say that statement is false. dumpster.
  9. Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    it's good to see the usual trolls, douche bags and retards stopping by the thread. You chump stains never fail to disappoint. /whoo 69 posts! //i hereby retire from forum posting
  10. Orbis Milestone

    "dont do anything important" in a browser based nation simulation. lawl. you should move out of your parents basement. ps: no one else does shit in this game either. and when NB does start moving, all you chud sniffers shit your pants & beg off. pss: F U
  11. Orbis Milestone

    and you retards say we don't do anything. eabod.
  12. And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    I like how we get accused of 'doing nothing' but these cellar dwellers and nerds in this game all shit their collective diapers whenever we start to.
  13. And Another Oooonnnnneeeee...

    Congrats SGM!