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  1. I am awesome. 

  2. I didn't vote for Benfro
  3. Now that the mob ultimately got what it wanted, can everyone stop their crying and complaining and caterwauling now?
  4. Yeah imagine defending someone in your alliance... Imagine being such a soy-boy beta that defending someone in your alliance is a concept that escapes him. Imagine starting all of your posts with Imagine without knowing everything that you think you know. can you Imagine?
  5. welcome to the soup kitchen, bizzo. -dirty mike & the boys
  6. we can still use the Naval Battle bug though, right? Please, like any of you have seen a boob in real life.
  7. just get rid of player-player banking if it's going to cause this many headaches
  8. mfw the coalition that wants to force people from the game leaves the game voluntarily. 

    1. Thalmor


      Decisive victory! 

  9. did BK really "disband?" or did someone "break in" to the BK alliance page and kick everyone? where's SNN when you need it?
  10. Yo, that jacket is TIGHT, son. Nah I mean? 

    1. SAXON


      Uh, son. Uh! 

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