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  1. I probably would qualify, yeah.
  2. Uh, if you break a mirror your just clean it up and buy a new one. There's no supernatural aspect to it.
  3. It'll be better to leave that to our attorney.
  4. No. In the spirit of negotiation I can offer to stop discussing CoA's self-harming behavior in exchange for CoA members and allies ceasing to post.
  5. Definitely hasn't actually been tried by CoA as the threads remain open.
  6. Well, you appear to keep forgetting how these negotiations work. And if you stop that you complain about the happenings there. So I just do reminders so late joiners to this thread know you are keeping yourself from peace. So much salt ad attention from you. You remind of a dog sniffing another butt and then getting pissy when your overtures are declined.
  7. Please be more respectful of our attorney, Leonard J. Crabs.
  8. My opinion's no more skewed than Partisan's. I wonder why he's so wrong, but he never answers. I guess I'll mirror him.
  9. Oh, I thought Partisan wanted to use this to pressure CoB into altering the parameters by which peace would be negotiated and that's clearly failed. If you're cool with continuing the war that's okay with us too.
  10. CoA is choosing to have this happen. CoB is ready to go. Close these threads, return to private discussions and get this over with. Or. Do whatever it is you've been trying for like a month and see how that works.
  11. Delays from CoA trying to do these things publicly? Surrendering when you're the loser in a conflict is accurate and perhaps something new we're introducing. Term-by-term is how it is. tS is not going to be included in CoA negotiations or their results. They have a separate peace to negotiate.
  12. tS is not CoA. Kastor is not privy to what is or is not approved. Contact our negotiators in Discord should you wish to negotiate. We didn't get that far. You haven't seen the terms. Contact our negotiators in Discord should you wish to negotiate. (tS will need to do this separately)
  13. What has it produced? That's definitely why they're not speaking to you regarding CoA.
  14. It's really not. It differs from yours based on perspective and interpretation, but that's hardly skewed.
  15. I can't speak for Sphinx, but given any comment would be in negotiations and those are done privately that seems unlikely.
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