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  1. Wow. A lot of you didn't have to work very hard to appear villainous from your just base personality it looks like.
  2. The One Where Coalition A Just Didn't Know When to Stop
  3. So no, you have not seen tumbleweeds cooperate and are a liar. I expected as much. IQ continues to not be a thing year(s) later at this point. Are you on the spectrum --weirdly specific edit no longer required--?
  4. Nothing at all in this game is toxic. No one's dying from mean words or alliances who are unfriendly to yours. Some grip on reality would be appreciated by those of us remaining in reality.
  5. GOONS was never in IQ, btw. Look forward to me replacing Sphinx in peace negotiations! You know Sphinx was the principal peace negotiator for CoB since you'd've DMed him and been ignored if your earlier claims were to believed. Why is he now a hero of CoA, when CoA has had dozens of threads of tens of pages complaining about, essentially, Sphinx and the peace negotiations? That's a lot of cognitive dissonance to maintain.
  6. You succeeded. And like a year ago! Congrats.
  7. You've seen tumbleweeds cooperate at any level?
  8. You're so going to suffer the wrath of official Discord wrath.
  9. No, the players would remain. If their achievement is massive loss on a 4:1 ratio they're doing just that.
  10. A common ground to build from.
  11. The CATDOG group has not yet completed the terms yet, no. CoB is hopeful they will do so soon.
  12. No, the money given to you by Gorge was stolen BK tax revenue. You know that and are keeping it. Kind of immoral.
  13. Now you know it's stolen from just general members, why haven't you returned it? Stealing or receiving something stolen is generally considered immoral. If you want to be a moralist you need to be consistent.
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