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  1. Filmore


  2. Filmore


    I second on not banning this guy. He's actually made the forums exciting these past 2 days with his nonsense about taking out half the game #JusticeForJonas
  3. Filmore

    IT HAPPENED @everyone

    RIP in Peace @Emperor Jonas F
  4. Filmore

    My thought

    How else are we supposed to keep ourselves entertained though?
  5. Filmore

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    Baseball & Keno just sounds better imo
  6. Filmore

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

  7. Filmore

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    @Emperor Jonas is right. We should remove wars from the game. But while we're at it, we can get rid of all the other cluster related to wars. For instance, we can get rid of all the military units since they'll essentially be useless and just cost us more in resources to keep. But why stop there? Since the military units are gone, we can also get rid of all the military improvements since they wont be able to make anything. Then we move onto the projects we can remove. V.D.S., Missile Launch Pad, Propaganda Bureau, Nuclear Research Facility, Iron Dome, Intelligence Agency, and Munitions Stockpile are all now useless without any wars. And speaking of Munitions Stockpile, we can just get rid of munitions all together. So now you might be thinking "what else is there to remove?" Well now that wars aren't around anymore, we dont really need alliances either so we can just remove all the alliances and all the treaties they've had. But now that we've gotten rid of all the politics and war in the game, that means the name doesn't make any sense. So what we do now is rename it after what little we have left in the game. Now Introducing: Baseball & Keno: The hottest new nation simulator. Forgot this. /s
  8. Filmore

    ICYMI: PWN Talks Politics

    @Buorhann Obviously just name yourselves the True Vanguard
  9. Filmore

    Do we like war?

    I, for one, hope these posts keep on coming. We have a real sense of a community coming together to take on a mutual enemy going on.
  10. Filmore

    Do we like war?

    What part of Politics and WAR dont you understand boy? If they removed wars from the game, then it would pretty much become a worst version of NationStates. I'd argue the vast majority of players are here because of the wars and combat system in this game.
  11. Filmore

    Suggestion: Please Disable Emperor Jonas

    But then we miss out on the Monday night entertainment.......
  12. Filmore

    Remove war

    Please stop while you're behind.....
  13. Filmore

    Remove war

    I dont think you understand how this game works.......
  14. Filmore

    Remove war

    So you want to pull a Thanos and get rid of half the game. Got it.
  15. Filmore

    War? What is it good for?

    Dear God. I cant tell if you're joking or not. Also if you have 4 power plants for 1800 infra, you're already doing it wrong Edit: He's in Guardian. Just a troll post. Move along

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