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  1. You are aware that KERCHTOG has already surrendered to Coalition B, right? Plus in the newest logs from their OPSEC server, they've talked about purposefully stalling peace negotiations in an effort to get KERCHTOG members to delete.
  2. Considering I've been trying to look through that file for a couple hours now, I'd say it took longer than I expected.
  3. So should we start calling them HypoGoons or Goonycrites?
  4. Coalition B is clearly incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. From their demands that KERCHTOG publicly announce that their completely valid CB is invalid to returning Polaris's bank after they had failed to keep it safe in an offshore bank.
  5. Because they're obviously broke and need some fat stacks for their rebuild
  6. I can see why Ketog and Chaos refuse to accept those terms now
  7. Surprised this didn't happen sooner tbh. Glory to the Syndisphere o7
  8. Complain to Coalition B, specifically BK and NPO for holding things up.
  9. Obviously you didn't pay attention to the post at all, for his complaint is that he's trying to negotiate for peace but Coalition B is just giving him the run around. Not only that, buts he's also added sufficient logs to back up his claim. So do us a favor and actually bother to read the post before you try to complain about it.
  10. So you're also comfortable watching members on your side delete as well? Also why would you want people to delete in the first place? This is a small community as is and that sort of toxicity only leads to more people deleting.
  11. The game is called Politics and WAR, not Politics and Friends. Remove war and what we're left with is a sub par version of NationStates with almost none of it's features. Baseball has been nerfed, Keno and dice have been shadow banned, and as it stands, war is really the only thing that's left in the game.
  12. There's a strategy for baseball. It's called: Get Good Scrub.
  13. Did you guys just turn this into a 4 way war? Edit: I'm dumb. Gr8 b8 m8
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