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  1. This post was a 12/10 until you mentioned that. @Prefonteen it's a 8/10 at best, friend!
  2. No. I know Dread a bit and he doesn't even have an account on the forums. Godfather is probably just trying to get him into trouble for whatever reason.
  3. Considering that according to his forum account that he's Dreadnought from RnR, probably.
  4. @Alex so since it seems like you're just going to outright delete baseball, does this mean you're going to give us all full refunds for the amount of money we've put into our stadiums?
  5. The issue is that the MAPs don't go away. I had this issue happen to me in one of my wars, and the next morning, the MAPs were still there. So at that point, what do you expect people who encounter this bug to do? Alex should put a pause on wars until this bug is fixed.
  6. House Stark is currently fighting BK alongside T$, so obviously they're the first to get thrown under. The spin will resolve around NPO calling HS traitors for helping out an alliance protecting "war dodgers". Also pretty sure they already threw DB under the bus, but at this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they get thrown under a second time for shiggles.
  7. There's also that wonderful Mutual Defense clause in both T$ and HS treaties with NPO that they've chosen to ignore. Your allies may be enabled to join in your defense, but NPO is actively choosing to ignore a treaty if they don't defend HS from AK.
  8. How long until House Stark invokes the oA clause in their treaty with NPO? Not that they'll honor it anyways, but because I've been enjoying all these forum posts lately and watching Roq tank NPO's PR even further than it's already dropped.
  9. That's exactly what happened. T$ agreed to hit GoB and Guardian with the condition that NPO only join the war if they got countered, since they didn't want to help out BK. Well NPO saw that BK was getting their ass handed to them and joined the war anyways, which severely pissed off T$.
  10. But choking the life out of games is what NPO does best. Just look at NationStates and CN for starters.
  11. This is going to be used like the Navy Seal Copypasta
  12. Unfortunately we all know this is just going to end up with Roq spinning things around until we're all dizzy and NPO doing nothing about these acts of aggression against T$. It does set a precedent for NPO not honoring their Mutual Defense portion of their treaties and them valuing BK more than any other alliance, despite not even having a treaty with them. The hegemony is real and it reeks of the Pacific.
  13. Most of his alliance went to House Stark after they disbanded. Does this mean NPO is going to hit them too?
  14. Do you realize that T$ joined the war on NPO's orders and that NPO said they would join once they got countered? Well T$ never got countered and NPO decided to just join the war anyways because BK was close to breaking. T$ didn't like how NPO joined the war and that's why they decided to peace out of it. And frankly, I don't blame Carthago and OWR for dropping out and signing with T$. BK has had a history in this war of attacking those who peace out, so they needed some form of protection to help prevent that.
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