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  1. RyanK

    The Eviction Notice

    No we don't. Also back to the light theme/dark theme situation..how does one change to dark theme?
  2. RyanK

    IQ declares on IQ

    Disband again. Slot fillers.
  3. RyanK

    The Eviction Notice

    thats going to be a short war. Cant even defend yourselves against micro BK
  4. no one watches anime

  5. RyanK

    The Eviction Notice

    Micro drama. NPO should be involved, biggest micro of em all
  6. RyanK

    The Eviction Notice

  7. RyanK

    House Arryn first decleration

    LeAVe Bk AloNe, tHeY arE a MicRO
  8. RyanK

    House Arryn first decleration

    Well vexz had an alliance called it I thinks and that died because she can't sustain an alliance
  9. RyanK

    House Arryn first decleration

    Didn't house arryn die ages ago?
  10. Welcome subjects, it is I, RyanK. So the title is just clickbait and I call you hear today with great news. We are not disbanding! Instead, the nation of Winter_Wonderland will continue to raid tCW. (We also LEGALISE marijuana)
  11. RyanK

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    I thought that said folic acid
  12. RyanK

    Happy Birthday Camelot!

    Yay now please disband. Cameltoe needs to be snipped
  13. RyanK

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    When your life gets threatened ^
  14. RyanK

    Coup d'état of Terminal Jest

    I downvote this.
  15. RyanK

    BK drops out

    So many Kevin's in this game

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