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  1. RyanK

    "Exotic Friends"

    Does anyone else skip to the end to see what it is?
  2. RyanK

    The Boris Wars Volume 2 ft. IronFront

    It is now. Ryan
  3. RyanK

    The Boris Wars Volume 2 ft. IronFront

    last before alex deletes this
  4. Is THis fAceBOoK?


  5. RyanK

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    they merged with someone. idk who tho
  6. RyanK

    Elephants: A Knight in Space

    Nuclear Knights
  7. RyanK

    Syndicate INC. Withdraws from the North

    Oof thought HS died ages ago. It needs to
  8. RyanK

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    Two ded alliances
  9. RyanK

    DOE of Kazoku

    I like the new laughy emoji
  10. Can you imagine, saying, hello.

  11. RyanK

    An Ocean Voyage

    I don't even know what that says
  12. RyanK

    totally not april fools...

    Yeet and war to KT
  13. RyanK

    Nova Riata Couped, Foxunism now firmly in place

    Ew. Furries are so 2016.

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