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    I think it would be really nifty (and make investing baseball worth it) if stadiums(the city improvement) has an affect to increase the revenue of ticket sales by 2.5% per stadium improvement, with a max cap of 52.5% (or 21 stadium improvements, or 3 stadiums in 7 cities). The weird number is because stadiums are maxed at 3 stadiums per city. Baseball is a very powerful investment, but it is very time consuming and costs a lot of money to use, deterring many players away from it and favoring more conventional methods of revenue such as trade, maxing commerce, or through Raids. By increasing the rewards with something that players can better influence, more people would actually use baseball. However, even a 52.5% increase in ticket sales isn't as much as you would think, because a match produces an average of $6000, and a 52.5% increase would mean a match would make it $9150 per match, witch isn't much unless you grind baseball with another person for an hour making well over 10K per hour. To balance this mechanic, I believe that a increase in the cost of stadiums from &100000 and 40 steel/50 aluminum to $150000 and 50 steel/50 aluminum would work.
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    @King Arthur kick Epi. @Pestilenceyou get people to roll him. Thank you both in advance. I love you both.
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    Ohayōgozaimasu! Welcome to the Rokkenjima News Report for March 5, 2019 here on RNN! I'm your host, Clair Vaux Bernardus. I have a couple of topics to cover today, but before I begin, I would like to welcome back all those who may be viewing this episode on Orbis. It has been about two years since our last Orbis broadcast. One hundred six episodes later, Rokkenjima has decided to once again air the Rokkenjima News Report on Orbis. There will be some changes, however, which leads me into my first topic. As you may have noticed, the format and schedule for the show has changed. Starting today, from episode 141 onward, the Rokkenjima News Reports will transition to a date format. Keeping RNN's unaired Orbis broadcasts in mind, it is our hope that the introduction of the date format will alleviate any confusion our viewers may experience. In regards to our schedule moving forward, I am here to announce that there will be no set schedule. Over these past few years, this show has maintained a consistent weekly broadcast schedule. With the number of major events occurring in Rokkenjima dropping, it has been determined that the best course of action moving forward is to reserve the Rokkenjima News Reports specifically for those major events. This will allow our team to more thoroughly research and report on these topics in addition to gaining some more time off. Of course, if several major events are occurring in a short period of time, then there may be multiple episodes some weeks. Otherwise, the Rokkenjima News Report may air only once or twice a month. My final topic for today has to do with foreign affairs. On March 1, the Witch Council received a notice of cancellation from the government of the Meta Board. Effective immediately, the Mariage Sorciere alliance existing between the two nations for 1,093 days is no more. The specific reasoning behind this decision is unknown, but it seems to have resulted from some sort of disagreement between the two governments. Due to the treaty's cancellation, visitors from the Meta Board have been returned to their country, with all future travel and trade agreements between Rokkenjima and the Meta Board cut. As of now, no nation outside of Polaris, with the exception of the Meta Board, has permission to visit Rokkenjima and the planet of Meta. That is all for this episode of the Rokkenjima News Report here on RNN. Until next time, ja ne!
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    I'll try to remember to create new threads for each season, but my memory is awful, so don't expect too much. The title of the thread should be self-explanatory. Post which waifu from the currently airing season you think is the best here, and we can have fun determining which ones are actually trash. --------------------------------------------------------------------- I don't watch much of the new stuff anymore, so my choices will be very limited, but here's mine: Natsumi from Date A Live
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    Well, I never really introduced myself on the forums so I might as well do it now. From: Norway Age: 18 I enjoy watching anime/reading manga. Chatting with new people is fun too. Nice to meet ya'll:)
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    As many of you are aware, Seven Kingdoms is known for it's many leaks in the past. What very few of you realize is that those leaks are a right of passage. It's March 17th 2018, It was recently revealed by none other than SK that a war was to break out. More specifically it was Squeegee behind the leaks. Brooklyn has summoned him into his court. Brooklyn: Welcome Squeegee, please take a seat. Squeegee: Before we start my lord I would like to apologize, I understand the magnitude of my royal screw up. I never intended to be the cause of such strife and turmoil within these castle walls. Please forgive me for I will do anything to regain the trust of you and our people. Brooklyn: Now now Squeegee, this is but only the beginning of a very long road ahead for you. This was the beginning of many trials to come. Squeegee: You don't intend to banish me do you? Please anything but banishment! Public humiliation, imprisonment, I would even accept becoming your personal servant but please anything that isn't banishment. Brooklyn: Ah... no banishment is not what I had in mind, quite the opposite in fact. Squeegee: Oh? Brooklyn: You are to be King my friend, leader of our great kingdoms. Squeegee: K-King...? I don't quite understand... Brooklyn: For as long as our Kingdom has existed we've had many leaders like you caught in the midst of planning something treacherous. With out even realizing it you have fulfilled our right of passage, one that starts the road to Kingship. From this point forward your reactions to those that criticize you will define whether or not you can become the next leader. If your character holds true then you are next in line to be King. Squeegee: I see... then so be it my King. I shall take this chance to prove myself to our subjects and our allies. Brooklyn: I have no doubt that you will. As of today March 1st 2019 I Squeegee, have become the King of Seven Kingdoms. Brooklyn666 has decided to step down into a lower government position feeling as though he had done his part in ensuring the success of our alliance. Everyone here in SK thanks him for his service to our alliance and are pleased he remains to help us. Our Government line up is as follows: King: Squeegee Hand of the King (IA😞 Clover Master of Coin (Econ): Stillhard Master of Whispers (fA): Mikey Grand Commander (MA): Luna Any and all inquires can be sent directly to myself or Mikey, thank you for your time!
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    I’m at 2439 page views on my nation, but I think it would be a more interesting stat if it only tallied unique views every 24 hours. Currently someone could boost it just by refreshing the page, but that could be easily changed I think.
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    Many mistrades are to buy food for 2k+ PPU from clicking on the Create Offer page and then forgetting to change the resource type. An easy fix to this would be to set the Create Offer default resource type to match the resource of the originating page. ie. if a player clicks Create Offer from a screen that was filtering on iron, then the default resource should be iron instead of food. If the originating page isn't filtering on a resource type, then just leave the default resource type to food. I think this would be as simple as appending something like "&defaultResource=iron" to the Create Offer button and updating the Create Offer page to consume that parameter. If this is too much work, then a simpler change would be to just unset the default resource type. Leave it blank, thus requiring players to select their desired resource.
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    Nice try Epi. It was only funny the first time though, cause it caught everyone unawares.
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    Thank you for this thread, Hobos. You guys never stop giving. ❤️
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    If you want to start an alliance and the first thought that pops into your head is that you need to get a protectorate, you probably shouldn't. If you're not experimenting with a system no one else is trying, you're probably really boring and unlikely to develop a niche inside the broader context. If you don't have a recruitment strategy other than that maybe you'll have such a *fun* gathering of underachieving social circlejerkers that it will slowly accrete more and more window lickers, then you're probably wasting your time and energy on an alliance that won't last.
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    > we should mask military on nation page > has 9 farms in a 5 day old nation Listen to my son above for starters, after that repeat what he said and do it over and over
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    What are you talking about? Polaris was the first stop.
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    The fact that you made a diagram to "explain" that no one seems to want to visit your sphere might actually be a good demonstration of why no one wants to visit your sphere...?
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    I take back my answer. As always, it's Kurumi.
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    Disregard Females, Get Money, Enjoy Freedom: Frontier Records. @Fraggle ❤️
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    Squeegee's a liar that's not how it went down at all. It was pretty much like this
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    So, will the new gov undo all the bans and such from your discords that you did simply to avoid any slight confrontation? Regardless, any Pantheon without you leading it already shows more promise. Good luck to the new gov!
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    Yeah this was a waste of time. Bye.

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