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  1. So yeah, I had them grow me to 18 cities and then deleted because I didn't feel in the mood one day. They kicked me but I still wanted to be part of KT's autismo personnel...
  2. MDD

    DOE of Kazoku

    Kazoku, great theme.
  3. I also have a new idea for the military. Boeing 737s, they should be able to do more infra damage and destroy more improvements because they're bigger than fighter planes. Submarines is pretty much part of the Navy smh, not very smart to have another whole unit dedicated to Submarines
  4. @MinesomeMC It took him a matter of hours to beat you man, come on! @Emperor Jonas I think everyone here is telling you to convince your alliance's gov to officially rename the alliance by removing the 'F' in TFP, and that they'll take your idea into much more consideration if you manage to do that.
  5. Mhm, it looks good. Not on my laptop a lot of the time but it seems it's also making way to Android platform too, so I could get it on my phone...
  6. Good advice, creating a new alliance as a new player almost never works.
  7. @Zevfer good luck bro
  8. Not a bad idea at all, but like Akuryo said 10 credits is affordable at the moment. Also, will the alliance be charged 10 credits per message to a new nation or 10 credits per 5 messages to 5 new nations? If this idea is built upon I think it can work, but there are recruiting bots out there already to be fair.
  9. But why will the admin need to interfere? I mean is the admin playing the game or what? If no rules are broken then the admin shouldn't interfere at all. Which was the case here. This has been said over and over, but what's done is done I guess.
  10. Completely agree with this and Radoje's post above. Nothing that was done was against the rules, so there shouldn't have been any intervention from Sheepy at all. Pantheon simply haven't learnt their lesson, this isn't the first time this has happened - with the same alliance - so it is, plainly and simply, their fault. Nothing else to it.
  11. Good idea overall I'd say, like the quarter final, semi final and final format, and like Dubayoo said anything that can improve baseball is a good idea. One suggestion I'd make is for the reward for winning the tournament to depend on the amount of nations joining the tournament - the reward is increased the more nations that join. Also, inter-alliance baseball tournaments? The winning alliance recieves a % income boost for all it's members for a period of time..? What do you guys think?
  12. > we should mask military on nation page > has 9 farms in a 5 day old nation Listen to my son above for starters, after that repeat what he said and do it over and over
  13. Hello friend. We're currently in the stage of beating "Offbeat Powers" into good beat and shape.
  14. Used to play Runescape a while back, loved it and would gladly play it again kek, should more people show interest
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