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  1. Insert Name Here

    TEst Occupation

    Yep, because y'all are such great fighters and totally not a huge blob of pixel huggery. Careful what you wish for m8.
  2. Insert Name Here

    Too good to pass

    How dare you reply and not post a GIF?
  3. Insert Name Here

    Too good to pass

    For like 2 seconds I thought you were TheNG. Had to read the name to realize who it was. >.>
  4. Insert Name Here

    Too good to pass

    When Pre came to me and asked: "Hey, would you like to do even more thankless work and become the one who has the deal with each and every dumpster fire that comes TEst's way, thereby taking full responsibility for everything that goes wrong with the alliance?", my immediate response was: "Oh boy, would I!!. Don't worry though. Even though Pre no longer has any gov role, he's offered to make OWF announcements, which is good coz I suck at it. Pre will keep his leadership duties till the end of the current war, peace talks included. However, after that he'll become a grunt like he wanted. Pre has managed to accomplish his goal which made him return to this game we all still play for some reason. We thank him for his services and his toes. As for the new gov structure, Mayor is now Primarch. Please join me in congratulating him for losing the freedom that comes with being a regular member, to do stuff he probably won't enjoy most of the time. Bambino will retain his current duties and Odin will remain that guy we force to do econ, which as we all know is a lot of fun. Sorry to have distracted you from all the carnage and the smell of burning pixels. Blood for the Blood God Skulls for the Skull Throne Khorne for the Khorne Flakes
  5. Insert Name Here

    2018 PnW Awards Announcement

    I would gladly help out but I know it's gonna end up being a popularity contest like every other year. Even if you don't count votes for oneself or for one's alliance, their allies are gonna do it anyways. Good luck tho.
  6. Insert Name Here

    Game Crash

    This turn they did update but looking at the MAPs, a turn was lost.
  7. Insert Name Here

    Game Crash

    Having the same issue.
  8. Insert Name Here

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Aye, TEst and CoS have no mid / low tier, which was why, having put teams of 3 on 2 targets each, we were unable to cover the low tier which would go down fast anyway. For the upper tier it was a headache tho - y'all have quite a few 28+ city nations, and the point where updeclares turned into downdeclares was with the smallest targets we hit in the blitz, in the 16-17 city range.
  9. Insert Name Here

    Per your request. $yndicate CB talk.

    t$ sphere didn't convince IQ m8. Nor was it the other way around. In case you wanna find out more, listen to Pre's interview on the hippo's last radio show.
  10. Insert Name Here

    War System Issue

    I wouldn't call it rigged, I'd say it's a bit counter-intuitive due to the fact that in coalition warfare winning individual wars and beiging is bad for you since it allows the enemy to rebuild. However, it comes at a price: using no ground forces and allowing the enemy to loot and eventually beige at will doesn't come cheap. As for the quitting part, one that can't withstand a beating shouldn't really be playing this game imo. Everyone gets rolled eventually, so if one can't take a beating, regardless of how long it is, it's probably a matter of time till they see themselves in a situation they deem strong enough for them to quit. Nobody should care about their pixels, otherwise the game is likely to become a source of concern rather than enjoyment.
  11. Insert Name Here

    War System Issue

    No offense OP, but why are you making war system suggestions while you're in VM? Furthermore, some of the things you're complaining about (utter failure attacks that are mostly suicide airstrikes to help lower the other player's aircraft so someone else can take them down and beige staggering) have always been common tactics in P&W warfare.
  12. Insert Name Here

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Ye, same. But I think in the past what you said was indeed the case.
  13. Insert Name Here

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Apparently you can reset it to 14 days minimum at any time. So you can just pixel hug and when the war is over, timer reset!
  14. Insert Name Here

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    Come on now, we can't jump to conclusions here. Maybe Felkey liked his tropical paradise too much and decided to stay.
  15. Insert Name Here

    War Propaganda (19th October 2018+ War)

    Actually on the topic of war stats (and regarding raiders), for several months being a raider has been very counterproductive proportion wise, in terms of K-D ratio. For several months, bar this war because pretty much everybody is too busy to counter Arrgh, pirates just built tanks to maximize GA loot and aircraft to protect their ground forces and ships if the target needed to stay blockaded. Bascially for pirates military is a shield whose main goal is to last just long enough to see you beige the target. In terms of sheer stat quanity / accumulation, being a pirate / raider still made some difference since in peace time pretty much everybody isn't fighting. For instance from my own personal experience, when I was in t$ my K-D ratio was beastly, then I went to Arrgh and I fricked it up big time since my priority was looting. But yeah, back in the day, when Tywin and Worp were in Arrgh and there was even the old system that highly benefited sumbarine warfare, you could actually get pretty good stats while being a pirate / raider. However nowadays (in peace time), you join Arrgh perfectly aware that you're gonns be rekt 95% of the time and if you want a good K-D ratio, it's the absolute worst place you can be. For looting though, that's another story.

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