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  1. Insert Name Here

    What's the next move after the war?

    Er, what? I wasn't complaining, idgaf what y'all do even though I do have a soft spot for t$ and I want you guys to do well. These last FA moves weren't particularly sensible in my view, but you somewhat corrected it by pulling out of the war when NPO joined at a larger scale. You guys have capable members, such as Chaunce or Timmy. Wilhelm as well, even though I don't believe he (and the rest of gov) made the best call by joining the war in the circumstances it did. Were I at the helm, I'd cut all paper ties except for HS and Enterprise which is an extension of t$ ofc, but those are just my 2 cents. Best of luck to you guys in the future.
  2. Insert Name Here

    What's the next move after the war?

    Kastor does have a point, I started wondering the same thing when IQ was pretty much reunited officially with NPO joining this war. Unless BK and NPO decide to go separate ways, we're gonna have the same boring shit over and over again, since they essentially force the others to work together against them, which makes for incredibly boring wars of upper tier vs low tier and the same stale politics of these past years. Alliances like t$ and TKR have also been guilty of this in the past, TKR seems to be turning the page with their Chaos bloc, idk what t$ is gonna do in the future but I hope it's something different. Rose is doing their own thing which is nice, KT and TGH have pretty much been the only relevant alliances that have been avoiding consolidation since they formed, and just focusing on their mini-spheres which have changed throughout their history. But unless something changes drastically, I see nothing but stagnation for P&W in the near future. Good thing I give p much no shits about this game anymore, because whenever someone tries to shake things up, it inevitably reverts back to this bipolarity crap.
  3. Insert Name Here

    Declaration of War

    It is incredibly boring, yeah. Still beats peas tho.
  4. Insert Name Here

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Welp, I guess this comes 2nd to not even joining the war in the 1st place since you did manage to keep Guardian and Grumpy busy, contributing to dragging some of their nations down in the process. That said, swift rebuild and I hope y'all make smarter decisions in the future.
  5. Insert Name Here

    Declaration of War

    I'm genuinely surprised t$ would take part in this. Not TCW since they've always been a weak, submissive alliance. Roq, fam, I think you're a chill dude and I don't judge you for wanting supremacy, but you know full well it looks as bad as it is, PR wise. If you don't win you're in trouble. It's a risky game takeover move for sure but if it pays off you'll have the game by the balls. Have fun out there on the battlefield NPO, and no hard feelings from me.
  6. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    I had heard that story before but come on fam, when you do have proof might as well show it. Then again I don't intend on giving you in particular a hard time since we worked well last war. I feel compelled to keep posting here tho, I believe we can make this thread the biggest one in forum history.
  7. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    Ok, so the intentions of hitting N$O I'll believe when I see some solid evidence. As for the rest, you do have a point, but what it seems to me is y'all are trying to commit as little as possible, the bare minimum to win.
  8. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    I bet it's like that mysterious intel that never got revealed for some reason, which constituted a bullet proof CB for IQ in Trail of Tiers. We have tangible proof, them presenting theirs would shut me up for sure.
  9. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    Please share then. Or am I supposed to take it at face value?
  10. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    Do you have any tangible proof of those plans or are you just making that up? You wouldn't do that, would you? And yes, it relieves a lot of pressure from BK since it keeps Guardian and Grumpy busy while other potential targets recover. Please don't lecture me about coalition warfare m8.
  11. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    Alright, I'll bite. What part of what he said is wrong? Please ellaborate instead of dismissing people's arguments without any solid counter-argument.
  12. Insert Name Here

    We are here for the Whales

    Told you there were more meatshields left @Justin076. Now the only ones left I can think of are 2 notably pixel hugging alliances in Dark Brotherhood and RnR, the latters in particular have plenty of pixels to burn, hope they join. Btw, almost as moronic as the fake war argument is the upper tier consolidation argument. You idiots do realize that KETOG and Chaos were reking each other and were forced to collaborate due to leaks that revealed plans to have them hit, don't you? If these 2 spheres with vast upper tiers are working together, it's your own fault.
  13. Insert Name Here

    War Stats: Global War 14

    Can we just cut the bullcrap and start calling Coalition B for what it really is (IQ)?
  14. Insert Name Here


    Hence my confusion. The ones on their side don't need to be persuaded, the others can't possibly be stupid enough to buy what they're selling.

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