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  1. Thanks for the insight, papa Snek! But I wasn't shit talking t$, even tho the alliance still has way too much Zed and Chaunce.
  2. Welp, this is gotta be some of the funkiest shit I've seen in this game. So lemme try to get this straight: Theory 1 (and at 1st glance the most plausible) seems to suggest that t$ went behind TCW's back to try to add them to their new / upcoming sphere and take them away from TKR's mini-sphere. Which, being true, makes me curious to see how Guardian and Grumpy will react. Guardian are apparently going to treaty t$, so that'd answer it. Grumpy I have no clue. I know they used to be protected by TKR and afaik have good relations with them. Guardian I know used to have (maybe they still do) a paperless treaty with Grumpy. Theory 2 seems to suggest this is some sort of conspiracy involving several major players in Syndisphere / EMC (t$. TKR, TCW, Pantheon, etc), which would make the drama we've seen thus far fabricated. This seems more farfetched for me, and right now the only aspect which seems to support this theory is a few former TKR members (including the current Pantheon leader) taking over Pantheon. This one also seems more unrealistic for me because it'd make it all unnecessarily intricate for the interested parties. Either way, for an outsider, this looks rather interesting and should provide some good entertainment.
  3. Wait a minute... Your name isn't Shifty.
  4. I hope the upcoming reveals how many and what kinds of vegetables.
  5. t$ is protecting Pantheon and apparently signing a treaty with the Church of Atom and DB. EDIT: actually it says "current" so idk if they protect Church of Atom and DB without paper or whatever the deal is.
  6. Insert Name Here

    It's over , pack it up.

    Quick, @Partisan, steal Partisan's avatar too. >.>
  7. Insert Name Here

    Onward! For the Revolution!

    MyDragonK's ship!
  8. Insert Name Here

    A Message from Roz Wei and Roz the departed

    It's very sad to see yet another tremendously charismatic player leave. Let's hope we won't get stuck with nothing but the boring leaders / influential players who have massively contributed to the stagnation of this game that now sees a global once a year. As a few people before me have already mentioned, Roz was pretty easy to talk to. He led a bold alliance that was willing to take risks and endure a beating. AkAk will certainly be capable of carrying Roz's legacy. Take care Roz, and best of luck with Roz Wei, AkAk.
  9. Insert Name Here

    By The Way...

    Zeebrusphere would just be another Abbasphere tho. Because we're all Abbas multis (including Sheepy, the creator of Politics and Abbas). EDIT: @Zeebrus, would Redarmy's tomatoes be communist as well?
  10. Insert Name Here

    By The Way...

    It should be Abbas themed tbh. Like Abbas of State, Abbas of Defense, Abbas of Interior and Abbas of Commerce. Which would make Kurdanak Abbas of GIFs.
  11. Insert Name Here

    Ape and NK

    All I know is that he has always been straight with me.
  12. Insert Name Here

    Ape and NK

    Apeman is someone who respects you if you respect him. He's made quite a few haters, mostly full of shit, for speaking his mind. I wish him a happy retirement and good luck to the new leadership!
  13. Insert Name Here

    So, uh way to drop the ball guys {war name suggestions}

    Do Not Disturb The Hibernation Politics and Snore
  14. Insert Name Here

    And So the Dust Settles

    Good on you. That's the best way to go about things. Gives you more flexibility and makes things more unpredictable and interesting.
  15. Insert Name Here

    And So the Dust Settles

    I mean, as far as I know TGH and IoM aren't really in the Rose / KT sphere. People can correct me if I'm wrong, bit it seems to me that both are wild card alliances.

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