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  1. Insert Name Here

    Grumpy now averages over 30 cities per member

    I'm pretty sure their goal is precisely to get as far away as possible from the rest of the game in terms of city count, so they can save pixels in risky situations like world wars. Good thing they're buddies with TKR and Guardian, otherwise they'd be labeled as "an upper tier threat".
  2. Insert Name Here

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    Kastor don't need to plot. It's just: arrive, take bank, drop mic, leave.
  3. Insert Name Here

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    I'd do anything for 1 of my favorite hoes.
  4. Insert Name Here

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Alright, so seen as only 2 people have shown interest I'm gonna throw the party a bit differently than what was initially planned. More details shortly on Fraggle's server.
  5. Insert Name Here

    Biggest keno lost in a day

    Keno is like the Kastor of games. Before Keno / Kastor you have money, after Keno / Kastor you're broke.
  6. Insert Name Here

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    I'll be updating the OP with the people who state their interest.
  7. Insert Name Here

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Fraggle is a peaceful soul, incapable of such vile things as launching nukes.
  8. Insert Name Here

    Happy Nukeday, Fraggle

    Today the nation of Fraggle Rock has made history, being the 1st nation to hold a whopping 500 nukes.To celebrate this achievement, I've been forced to taken the liberty of putting together a nukeday party for Fraggle. Now, as any birthday party, there's gonna be games. It is also customary for people, who attend birthday parties, to bring presents for the birthday boy / girl. Now, these games have a reward for the winners. But if you want to participate, you gotta bring a present for Fraggle, more precisely the measly amount of 5M, which is absolute peanuts for any nation that isn't complete shit. In the event there aren't many people interested, I'll add a considerable amount to the pot, in order to make both your winnings and Fraggle's commission larger. You're obviously free to give Fraggle another present on the side. The winner of each game will take the corresponding prize money. The games will be made public in 2 days, till when you have time to state your interest and deliver your present / entry fee. Then you'll have another 2 days to finish the games and PM me (in-game) the end result. I'll be holding the money; if you don't trust me with your money, then you're probably not welcome at Fraggle's party, but don''t worry - as a former pirate I've seen way more P&W cash than most of you, plus I've had more than enough time to perform a bank heist of my current alliance. >.> Either way, and as stated before, if this puts you off of participating, then you definitely don't like Fraggle that much. Feel free to state your interest here or PM me in-game / DM me on Discord. Party people: Sir Scarfalot (entry fee paid) Souparmon (entry fee paid)
  9. Insert Name Here

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    It's true, @Komiko, I did beige Nikki with 3 GAs and 4 missiles iirc. Great loot, but not my biggest win while getting dogpiled. That one was against that Dark Specter cat who had a frick ton of infra per city (4k in one, 3k in 11 and 2.5k in 8 if I recall). It was epic af since I was in Arrgh and I ended up winning with a huge gamble, destroying 4 of my 5 projects to buy a bit of infra + the MLP (while the guy had an Iron Dome), thanks to Ripper who redeemed 2 credits for me so I could afford all the expenses. I believe I won that one with 4 GAs, 3 1 ship attacks and a missile. After the GAs the guy had less than 3.2k infra in the 1st city - he probably thought he was safe and decided to rebuild the infra, and the city ended up getting rekt again. The guy became inactive and eventually got raided by his TKR colleagues, only to come back online and delete soon after. But yeah, regardless of how good you are at conventional warfare, missiles and nukes are the most effective way to fight back while getting dogpiled. Only those who have always had an easy ride won't understand that. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I can't remember if I beat Nikki with GAs and missiles, ships and missiles or just missiles. Either way it was a frick ton of missiles.
  10. Insert Name Here

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    Couldn't agree more. But this has bait written all over it. What never ceases to amaze me is how Shifty keeps getting dem logs from pretty much everywhere and everybody.
  11. Insert Name Here

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    This is all stupid and pointless. Both sides should have handled it a lot better. You're all big boys, next time try to sort this shit out diplomatically.
  12. Insert Name Here

    Rose Goes Public!

    I like both these alliances. Paragon stronk! Bring back Impero!
  13. Insert Name Here

    Movin N Groovin

    Yay, you're alive! No GIF tho, smh. Also, congrats to Theo and condolences to Keegoz.
  14. Insert Name Here

    Brotherhood of the Clouds Do'R'E

    Good luck to the former TEsties on their new adventure!
  15. Insert Name Here


    Do I get an iPhone if I take the test?

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