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  1. Welp I'm a forner UPN member and for that I have a bit of a soft spot for it, but this does seem like a desperate attempt at not getting rolled for backing up the cheating scumbags of NPO till the very end when they tried to kill the game. Getting rolled isn't so bad, I was in the shit tier during that entire war while IQ used and then double crossed any alliance they could. Y'all should either have booted Under and distance yourselves before it was too late or simply support him till the end. I don't really wanna see you get rolled but tbh I feel a lot of bad blood here and I can't blame anyone for that in this case. Idk what went on in peace talks but that war and everything that it brought can make people want revenge. I myself have let it go but I most certainly understand why some might not feel that way.
  2. Damb look at all this hate... Farewell Fraggle, after reading this thread, it appears you'll still be living rent free in many people's heads.
  3. I would like to commend UPN on waiting for Ockey, Lank and myself to be done rolling the entirety (minus the beluga) of RnR to sign them. Congratulations in particular to the war dodging beluga leader for finding a new sucker to protect them. You signed a good one UPN, loyal... very very loyal.
  4. Yes please stop using our mottos (ours referring to TEst when Pre was there) . It's really sad (or good for me) how I get informed of what's going on in pnw from Ockey's Discord DMs. Please carry on with whatever y'all are doing these days, I've stopped trying to understand long ago. I'm curious to see how this ends. From a purely strategic pov IQ has been playing it perfectly, having used every possible satelite they could, including mostly upper tier alliances like TCW, t$ HS and CoA to their advantage at some point during this war, namely at the right time to drag the opposition down. Being perfectly honest idk if this ballsy move from TCW will work, IQ's updeclare ceiling may already be high enough to allow them to safely drag their newest opponents down and maintain the rest in the shit tier. They have used all their proxies during this war tremendously well, so overlooking PR consequences and just analyzing military strategy, I must commend them on their approach. However as we all know in this game, PR matters, but only if you're not going for a complete chokehold of the game, which (even though I haven't been in the loop) is obviously what IQ has been trying to do since the war began - and I won't judge. Only doubt for me at this point is if it's already too late for IQ's opponents. Good news is idgaf and, if y'all excuse me, I'm gonna return to my hibernation and play a far better free browser game. PS: please get my nation's infra to 0, thank you.
  5. He wishes. Now to get back to giving no shits about this game.
  6. Ye, war is great as long as it is war, not poking a dead animal with a stick but I guess it boils down to leaders being stubborn / incompetent. Meh, it is what it is.
  7. We're too old for this shit, kids these days with their endless wars...
  8. I am, thanks papa Snek. Hope you doing well too.
  9. Ya thanks, the leak I had seen but that was so long ago, one would even forget it prompted this global. Welp, someone please find time to roll RnR, their war dodging skills never cease to amaze me.
  10. Aight thanks. So the good ol' fence sitting strat to preserve pixels, timeless tactic.
  11. So I've been inactive af, which doesn't mean I don't take an occasional interest in what's going on in pnw. It looks like a clusterfrick, namely I notice t$ and HS getting rolled after helping IQ drag Guardian and Grumpy down early in the global. Serves you right for selling out and thinking you could avoid getting rolled by being alligned to IQ. I had said it was weak leadership from t$ and that with Partisan this wouldn't have happened, I guess I was proven right... Anywho, at this point I'm just pissed that somehow those RnR pixel huggers remain intact. That Is all.
  12. You should have put in more effort to cover it up. But knowing Sheepy, both accounts will be banned around 2025. EDIT: Your main account hit me too, you just have to check my nation, but I have better things to do than waste my time talking to incompetent cheaters.
  13. A friend, by the name of Clarke's Sister, told me.
  14. Hello Orbis, it was brought to my attention that some people go to the trouble of making multis but don't put too much effort into covering it up. In that sense, I want to give those fellas a few helpful tips that might come in handy in case they wanna make successful multi farms in the future. 1 - Avoid patterns in the account names, as per the example below: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=104710 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=107663 2 - Don't have accounts in the same alliance (refer to the examples above which will serve us for the entire guide); 3 - Try to have nations with different size, not with the same city count; 4 - Create the accounts within a considerable period of each other; 5 - Do not declare war on the same nation, with both accounts, within 30 days, otherwise you're just asking to get caught; 6 - Try to pick different continents for your nation; 7 - Do not log off both accounts at the same time; 8 - Do not choose identical national projects for each nation, try to mix it up a bit. I hope this was helpful.
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