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  1. Very graceful of HW to offer white peas, sparing Roasis of what would officially be the most humilliating L in Orbis history, after getting mauled by a coalition they outnumbered 2 to 1. I seriously seriously wanna see Rose dump all the fluff that surrounds them because they're too good for them. Happy rebuild.
  2. No offense but views and replies are meaningless. People just seem to seek trainwrecks, which is why every time Kastor posted, he usually got tons of views and replies... but he also got upvotes.
  3. They're too stupid to realize the FA consequences of a paperless treaty bandwagon into a dogpile. They're mostly allowed to exist (after having NPO's hand up their ass during Dial Up), because apparently Rose has never cared about the PR backlash of having them as meatshield. As stated before, this approach only leads, in the event of a perceived future threat, to any other parties like t$ sphere joining forces with the outnumbered set of alliances, thus resulting in the return to a bipolar world, which is the worst, most stagnation prone scenario. Better start sucking up to t$, Rose. Even with their sphere + our coalition we'd still be outnumbered vs yours, but y'all know full well you're surrounded by garbage, whereas the aforementioned parties have much more quality. Hopefully this doesn't end up biting you in the ass.
  4. I agree with you but the impact shouldn't be this big, especially when you're just promoting long attrition wars where numbers alone are enough to overwhelm an efficient war effort from an outnumbered coalition. Those aren't healthy mechanics imo.
  5. You can spare the semanitcs lesson m8, I know what a meatshield is. Now if you're done trying to spin it with this vague narrative, please be aware I know who put this all together, namely through years of optional (that then turned to paperless) treaties with alliances like TFP or WTF. All that + alliances Rose claimed to have parted with + good ol' treaty chess through indirect treaties has resulted in this kind of disgusting blob that, when it was on opposite sides of your alliance, they didn't seem to be okay with. Just be happy with the partly paperless blob your alliance managed to build and have a nice day.
  6. We have way too many mechanics that reward quantity over quality. Like in Dial Up, where the vastly outnumbered coalition destroyed p much every military the blob had, but then they were able to hide in the shit tier and swarm the enemy just suiciding aircraft, and then they obviously had the numbers to pin the aforementioned targets.
  7. Yes, imagine joining the side being dogpiled instead of doing the dogpiling. Weird, I know...
  8. He's a poor excuse of a troll, no need to waste time with him.
  9. Ah, I miss the days where alliance govs gagged clueless members so their PR wouldn't be harmed. But for that I guess you need a competent alliance. Fun.
  10. They're all to Rose what the rest of IQ was to NPO: meatshields, flaming garbage that can never serve another purpose than being a buffer for the main alliance.
  11. Why are you trying to explain it to him? Reading comprehension obviously isn't his strong suit.
  12. His tiny brain is incapable of processing stuff like this.
  13. I applaud the creativity of saying "cry" in every post. Again, you're terrible at this but I have better things to do than waste my time with toddlers. Have a good one.
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