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  1. Shifty is like a 9 month pregnant woman and Pizza Hut. Shifty delivers also good luck out pizza-ing me. ayy lmao
  2. This is Shifty following up with Joe Camelot... Shifty reminding you that smoke signals and smoking guns can harm you... only if you let them. Ayy lmao
  3. You’re gonna be a star. Welcome to Hollywood. See? And people are afraid of the black leather couch.
  4. The fact that a member of your alliance pointed them out to be is a bigger irony. For SNN readers: If you can make me lmao with Ayy homemade relevant meme, I’ll post it.
  5. Because I post what leakers give me. If you want uncensored leaks, I’ll do it. Your OpSec is not my OpSec.
  6. This is Shifty with some money woes in CoL. Sometimes mergers bring out the best in AAs, other times they bring along baggage. Most importantly they bring leaks: In for a penny, in for a pound. I didn’t get the leaks from Odin. So I got them from another poster, but Odin got blamed? Well I did take the leaks from Royal News Network, but the main leaks were about Horsemen-Sketchy having treaty-sphere talks. That’s why I used a leak repost....but why would they just take Odins money and not trust a former gov/investor? Money talks, bud. Sometimes you gotta recover and let’s face it, Odin had the cash and all you gotta do is lose a friend/former member. This is SNN bringing you the dirt on Akuryo and money matters, the NP legacy on CoL, and solid FA line drawing between Hedgemoney and TCW.
  8. There’s always a chance you won’t get caught. Even if you do get caught, that’s what allies, firepower, and FA teams are there for. How many folks will still do nothing once they finding who’s spying? It’s safe to say some alliances would just roll over belly up and say “Uncle” before getting pink-bellied. I think it’s a nice game change that can spike up forum activity, and do I dare sayy it? Politics and War 😎
  9. I propose a new spy attack, an odd one, but one that will encourage more chess like gameplay with allies possibly and with ghosting. Hack Surveillance Systems: Spy on a nation and receive info on the last 4 spy attacks conducted and spy attack type/target. I think it’ll be good for catching nations that like to snipe spies, gather intel, or destroy troops for others. Also makes for a nice incentive for war. You don’t even bother confirming rumors, you just dive right in for hard evidence.
  10. When you don't acknowledge Mad Max statuses within 60 seconds of a posting:


    1. Mad Max

      Mad Max

      TBH: I love u

  11. Shifty here making house calls. Turns out tho, Epi kicks people out of chans where he goes on gov rants, so here it is: This is only the beginning.
  12. Merge CoA, Ally Yarr, and Blitz DB VE, tVE, and GotG
  13. Merge Resplendent lmao Ally Camelot Blitz GPA ez af Classic BK, CKD, and Hyperborea (I will judge you for this for all eternity next poster)
  14. The pollution dropped, but it looks like the resource upkeep is still full price
  15. EZ, get green production, boost infra and city, get Teletubby satellite, get Recycle Web Page, and go steel production + ayyluminum. Maxxx cash in minutes, credit boosting/loans gonna be litty boiiii
  16. I crashed prices first 4444 then 4004 and now it keeps dropping, ur welcome
  17. There's a BOGO on the Teletubby Satellite Free oil lmao Shit is like Jiffy Lube or some shit Oil up cuz dat atmosphere drop be hot like my mix tape lmao
  18. This. I've had lots of issues with my nation until I figured out that some images are restricted to size dimensions and won't resize. Also over 5mb ain't allowed. I use a chromebook to submit my shit so you know it's legit. *drops mic*
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