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  1. Maia

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

  2. Maia

    The Hobo Express - Cinco

  3. Maia

    United Hoods DoE

    It sounds pretty funny as you say "We" being only one in this alliance. I guess you just want to rp your name properly : p If you like using plural form I have for you a catchy name to use ; ) Many-as-One
  4. Maia

    United Hoods DoE

    Thank you Mr. Cop. Too bad they never learn and do same mistakes again and again but I am watching *wheeeeew*
  5. Maia

    The Hobo Express

    @Charlie Traveler @KevanoviaGood luck if you will join to us. You will need this to survive in CoS.
  6. Maia

    69 hour notice.

    If this is called 69 hour notice, it needs to be related to sex. Probably group sex.
  7. Maia

    The Orbis Awards - Live And In Stereo

    "...Or you could wait until the results are posted on the OWF... But that's kinda boring amirite?" No, It's just too late for me.(3:30am). 😪 I will wait for results, here. But if this will be possible I will listen to recording of award show as well.
  8. Maia

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    @MinesomeMC @Dumb and company. It used to be in alliance affairs first when it was moved. I replied there and give him my first warning 😙 I think I was pretty clear about my intention, right? 😘 I gave him almost a year to get prepared!!! (336DAYS) OMG!!! I COULDN'T WAIT MOOORE 😞
  9. Maia

    Just Revenge

    Omg kids these days... just raid them.😈
  10. Maia

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Lol I did it for fun. My post is to explain my motivation, how I prepared it and etc. I like to give warnings, cool messages during war which makes me excited about war no matter if I win or loose Also hunting for bad people in this game is really fun for me. I did it before and I will do it probably again in future - look at this. It was done probably way better but I have no enough time to make always a movie. @Sphinx I could try to nuke fat infra nations but first, I can't because Ripper would kill me if I would do that. I've raided 2 times our member and 1 time gov member and I can't believe I am still alive Second I have nothing against people with a lot of infra, well I think it is not wise to have 3k or 4k or infra as I saw in my past. But if they are good people and didn't do anything wrong to anybody I have no reason to attack them I am sorry Sphinx if I disappointed you : ( Also I couldn't hire you because I wanted to test new CoS members how they will be fighting and coordinating and preparing for it. They passed test excellent I am proud of them. When they will grow up they will be great addition to our next war. We have also two other babies called Bhuto and Zesty. They are all sweet especially these two first when they are covered with blood of their enemies. ♡ Also I expected that our babies will be countered by AD so things could be much more interesting. I don't think so CoS being top alliance was only reason to not attack them. More like we won't be fighting and bleeding just for MinesomeMC. CoS is more high tier alliance only few is middle tier or low tier. AD imo has better presence in middle low tier which could benefit in war. Maybe it's just me but I like challenges and expected more from this. Most alliances in this game are trying to play safe and I understand it but my wild nature says to me go crazy! (Like I was in Hate Machine, Oblivion guy spied me so I attacked him then I started alliance war so Rose needed to help Oblivion to get back from this alive. But at the same time I don't want to be bully so I am just trying to use somebody's bad behaviour to motivate myself to do crazy stuff like this and I don't really try to change the world, just have fun for me and people who were aggrieved like in Big Toxic C. case, not to mention even for raided people it is fun. I won't stop mess around, it is just not my nature and anyone in CoS can confirm that : ) I hope I didn't make too many mistakes in text above if I did I am sorry.

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