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  1. Yeah I like to be on the loosing side there is much more excitement in wars and being creative in applying new/old strategies to win or at least inflict dmg to other side. Ofc if they are not prolonged as it was during NPO's Last Time. When my side is wining I mostly stop fighting as there is no excitement to beat knocked out opponent.
  2. Let's switch to windmilds to save little lovely cats 🥰
  3. They are not serving any food unless you count toothpaste tubes of applesauce and beef as ones worth fighting. But then I will call you a fool. They are more likely to make a raid on Mcdonalds or KFC rather than eat it.
  4. We are smoking a lot of good stuff at Hollywood. Unlike you have to whoring yourself to others - first to Oasis and now to Ts, and next stop should be Johnsons and revange on Oblivion *wink* *wink*
  5. Maia


    War flag? So it means there is dow incoming by HS, Right? Right?!
  6. Can you do a private apology to yourself next time? Thaaaanks?
  7. Don't be sorry, be better.
  8. Do we really need series of apologies here? I mean just try to be better, prove it by just being a good person in your daily interactions with others. Another way is to reroll with new name. But problem is no matter how hard you try you won't be able to hide your true yourself. If you act like an ass then no one will like you, simple as that. GOONS could be a interesting villain but you chose your own way to be just bunch of weird kids trying to destroy people's lifes. And don't expect to use apology card as something which wipe our memory and make you clean. If you want to play just play and prove us we have been wrong about you.
  9. You also have an opinion, and you just complain and meme about others opinion...
  10. Hello fellow Knights. From Oblivion with love. Cats will dominate PnW one day!
  11. This thread is like two sides fighting in the court. First court case was Firewolf, then Delous with changed name and now you. Ok I can say this one ended up pretty well.
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