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  1. Same situation. Enemy did airstrikes twice with only 4 maps. (He had 6 maps and has 2). I thought it is only naval attack bug but if it happens to airstrikes which are essential in every war then what is point of fighting...ehhh... https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=524970
  2. I love this song.
  3. Why not just ban you so you quit dis game faster 😈 both should benefit from it
  4. I would like to spy you off.
  5. Oh don't worry you didn't I am tough.
  6. Maia

    Down vote?

    Best way is to make same downvotes and upvotes so he will gain nothing 😈
  7. Hmm much more thicker
  8. You say like being salty was something unique here Almost every war is filled with a lot of salt. And I am sure this isn't best one.
  9. At least he put effort in it and you don't! 😡
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