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  1. I liked war but I had to sacrifice my sleeping time. Waiting to 2am to be able to do "double buy". Second, I used to roleplay with my enemies in messages but war is too long for that I prefer shorter wars. I really miss couple of improvements to make this game more casual like it used to be in my past(or at least I thought it was). Set your own update time is something I need. Another concern is that game is filled with bots and spreadsheets. Imo these things should be implemented in game not be only available for people who have some IT skills. I am so clueless about it that I gave up with being gov as doing thinks manually is like a second job basically. Setting taxes for each group is improvement I liked and wish to see more like this. But strong thing about this game is community which is great. Fantastic people and moreover they do very creative things in this game like newspapers, movies(micchan and others), funny ic posts(fraggle), ripper comics(yeah I will never forget it!) Or propaganda ads and pics. etc. Oh and forgot this game helped me soo much to be more confident in typing in English as I am not native E. Speaker. I used to answer 10min. With just one or two short sentences because I wanted to be sure I have no mistakes in it.(mostly at Discord) Here I have started recently typing that long texts. I am sure they are not perfect grammatically but at least I am capable of typing more in short time haha. Second thing is that I learned how to edit photos, gifs and do simple movies but for last one is still a lot for improvements.
  2. RIP CoS ;( I had great time in CoS with such great people ❤️ And what is important I will stay loyal to Evil Bo! Hail Evil Bo!
  3. You have become my favourite band from now on <3 Beware of me I am yours fangirl *shink* *shink*
  4. Omg this is cool idea and why people see this as being pathetic one? Like in real life we have Oscars, Cannes, Golden Globes for movie awards etc. So what is problem here to have more awards but done in different way? Current one are ok but pretty bad when it comes to explain why somebody won, only because had the most votes ans that's all... I liked somebody made awards for micro alliances as well because they are mostly missed in current awards. Not sure how successful it was but still at least somebody tried to do something new...
  5. Image was removed for Filter Evasion, poster was issued a Warning Point. Beware of Onions!
  6. I don't mind have some competition with official awards. But with other unique way to choose the winners. Personally I would love to see a small group of experianced players who decide who should win this year. But with explanation why. In official votes doesn't really see it. It's my two cents.
  7. I swear I will haunt you as a ghost.
  8. It was my secret gem so if you want to "steal it" from me... just ban me. Don't go easy on me.
  9. I am brutally honest with this one. Yeah, I am just for your head my friend.
  10. Arrgh! If you will ever be lack of rum, let me know I have a lot of medicines.
  11. Maia

    War Fiction

    The best way to become memeable is to do it on your own.
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