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  1. Oh so basically you need to hit them to make him back, interesting... *makes notes* hmm they even make an invitation message to all of you guys. Aurora already entered there and it was fun. 10/10 Will for sure come back for more soon.
  2. COME HERE TO CHECK OUT OUR SPACE! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4648 AURORA PROPAGANDA BUREAU Maia's creation REAL's creations Toxic's creation
  3. Canada isn't real. Change my mind.
  4. For many times community members trying to do stat tracker. I see it here and at discord Why @Alex with community help you can't make official one but really good one. We had really good one done by NPO member. But it's gone sadly(we all know why). And all trackers have this problem being only temprorary. I know you need time for it so other things will be neglected but many people really like to check stats. It would be a really good feature to have it anytime. Also gg evilpiggyfoofoo with your work!
  5. Oh sh.it. We opened Pandora's shit box.
  6. My theme evolved from a common dictator who loved raiding other nations having her nation in cold area. Actually I made some story in factbook but not sure if I finished it or not. (My nation always was very focused about praising leader) Then I've changed my theme when super computer Mainframe took a dictator place after her disappearing. After a while, dictator has been back as a crazy girl in the purple costume swearing a lot, messing with people and trying to make justice. To sum it up, from a good girl I became degenerate. Thank you Alex 😐
  7. No no no fu.ck you Thrax! We supposed to build army of slaves in the name of our God Evil Bo together. I am asking you where is the army!? You could have been Pope but decided to be Nope! Our cult is weak! Our Bo haven't eaten for almost 8 months! No more making an offering of believers to the Evil Bo. This is madness! How Orbis can even works without mighty Evil Bo and his beloved cult. The world come to its end...
  8. Maia

    World Ellie Day

    Yeah I saw you doing that. It was pretty cute. I took a picture of you
  9. POLITICS and War Having reason is much more interesting rather than just burning pixels. This is why forum is that active. Not sure why you were hoping for not having it as it's basically what makes game interesting especially if you part of the gov.
  10. Maia

    World Ellie Day

    This is the cutest one.
  11. Maia

    It’s Party Time

    Why? Because you hate Pokemons!? You Bas.tard!
  12. Sorry guys for this, messages to space are coming a little bit longer than you could expect.
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