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  1. Looking for an alliance (details in thread)

    Aurora I don't know you but if you interested in retro space themed alliance let me know. Let's talk together at discord. You won't have to write an essay but I would like to make an interview with you to get to know you better Ping me @Maia at discord.
  2. Martian (MDA)

    Help me. I am pretty new in this game. Please send me 1b. Thanks!
  3. Fraggle Rock Nuclear Bounty Hunting

    Nuke bounties sucks(probably rest too for same reason). You have to not being under naval blockade during nuking to receive money. So you will do better if you will give Fraggle that money for new nuke.
  4. TOXIC MEGA C****

    @Ripper 1610infra lost - 2nukes - ~22mln - Vlad 1747.5infra lost - 2nukes - ~22mln -Mitsuru 1878infra lost - 2nukes - ~43mln - Sval I am sorry Big Daddy you always want to see my best performance as you always taught me. My mistake I used Ordinary war type instead of Attrition. I promise I will improve For rest: @Mitsuru I promise I will talk to you later when I will feel better. For now I just want to have fun without thinking too much (I am feeling too dumb rn)
  5. Hide 'n Seek

    I need to admit that this is very progressive idea of not having any gov. Something like anarchy type of alliance. I am glad that Panth made finally very interesting move and I am looking forward to see more alliances to go Panth way with that type of gov. Very interesting how it will work for them in long time. Good luck Pantheon!
  6. TOXIC MEGA C****

    *shink* shink* Time to kick their asses!
  7. Eliminating the Double Buy

    I thought about almost the same thing to do. But I thought that this thing could be managed by alliances. Setting military reset in edit option in alliance page by government. And be visable in alliance description so nation joining to the alliance will see if military reset time for him/her is convenient or not. Maybe it will makes that people will be gathering in alliances with similar time zones. And maybe it can makes them more active in game or at discord due to more people active at the same time. Setting military reset by government also can make alliances more unique and maybe it could bring us to more wars in the future. So far it's pretty boring because you know every alliance can hit only at update time. But with this you can expect to be hit any time. It can also probably effect about choosing the ally. For now more important thing is to be same tiered. With this alliances will need to take into consideration same time of military reset(time zone). IMO this option should be able to be change from time to time like color or gov type. So alliances can trick opponents about time of their blitz. PS. Oh and to make it even more strategy wise it can be added something like it was done with taxes - military reset(tax) brackets. So you can set a teams with same time zones.

    Me:(bad quoting sry) Yeah they were soo f unstable that they needed soo badly merge into bk :/ I wish that all the alliances in Orbis were that kind of unstable as Zodiac was...

    *Wheeeuw* Taco and Pablo
  10. AIMing to be danker

    I think so. Time to act @No neck casey before it will be too late. Your enemy is becoming stronger every day. Show Conner Temple where is his place! #TeamNoNeckCasey
  11. Ideal Alliance

    Sure take your time and when you will be ready I would love to become your Security Officer of Feminine Military Affairs, Mother : P Women's revolution is coming!
  12. Ideal Alliance

    I have idea of alliance which is difficult to make it but whatever. Name: ? Type: Dictatorship alliance. Theme: Society of the alliance composed exclusively of women. Leader would be called Mother. Members would be called Sisters. Whole concept of the alliance would be to spread propaganda that This alliance is heaven for women. And best society is society without men. Men are dangerous for society because they are mostly killers, rapists etc. They not bring any value to the society. So it is best choice to eliminate them from society. Doesn't mean it is true but their propaganda would say that. You will say hey but what about famous scientist who were men? Yeah they will replace every famous men in history for women. So for example Copernicus was a woman Alliance due to policy would be paperless of course. And would be ready to fight not only grow all the time. Also would contain partly or fully super soldiers called amazons for all military purposes. To become amazons it will be special trening with obvious ritual to do at the end. Due to specific of the alliance It will contain in character roleplay to make this whole concept interesting. At first it will be role play of Mother(leader) to show this concept to others. Major role of the alliance will have Mother(leader) and she will be treated as goddess for rest of members. She will be trying to make this whole concept work and take care very much about every member to feel here like in heaven(try to help them achieve their desires and goals) but in return she will demand almost blindly obedience from them. Music for propaganda purposes. Inspirations Mostly about history change part. Mostly about military aspects. Mostly about structures of gov, propaganda etc. I am not feminist type at all but I find interesting of idea of only one gender alliance. And I wouldn't mind to become one of them for this theme purposes (maybe I would try to not being that annoying but more funny to make game more interesting). I think not only new mechanics or 'dynamic changes' can make game interesting but also in character roleplay. Sorry for grammar mistakes I am not native English speaker
  13. I approve it. @Goomy 's nudes included there!
  14. E-Court is now in Session

    I think she would be better as executioner