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  1. Maia

    Military Perks and Black Market

    Yes, this is what I am looking for. Wars became boring. Same strategy every war. Perks can make it more complex and fun.
  2. Maia

    Treasures - Random idea that might be trash

    Indeed, it's trash. But I am more interested with your relationship with Alex. Tell us more.
  3. Maia

    Frontier finds a New Artist!

    You are the worst person on this planet.
  4. Maia

    Few ideas.

    Oh that's right but I did that to just check if this basic ideas are good or not. Why should I invest my time for things which won't be even accepted. I am just disappointed with current Alex's ideas unnecessary ones - alliance score graph, visitor counter and annoying one like raising cost of cities - ir reminds me of resources update in the past. This is Politics and war but war in this game is so dull. Nukes were nerfed, looting too. Nuke bloc or Arrgh with unique playstyle became garbage. Only same strategy destroy planes --> ground and then ships... This is why I suggested perk system to introduce different playstyles by buffing for example spies, nukes or ships. With limited resources I just looked at other games. I prefer that kind of solutions than raising cost of everything in this game. With better/worse loot based on rng I also suggested with other games which make things more exciting. Also I don't say I don't like any Alex's idea. I liked bounties update and alliances taxes. Both gave something to do but second made game easier. I would like to see more of these.
  5. Maia

    Few ideas.

    Yeah... I expect too much.
  6. Maia

    Few ideas.

    Resources issue 1. Imo best way to limit resources is to make storage limits. So you can produce limited amount of resources unless you upgrade your storage. Nations and alliances could have limited storages. If alliance would have full storage maybe they would be more wailing to fight. Money would be unlimited ofc. 2. Rng based loot after defeating enemy. I think it's 10% resources rn? Could be more exciting if loot range were bigger. Same with alliance loot. War time 1. Create perks(special abilities) system which can be done by researching it which cost you resources and money. I mostly think of war type abilities which make you unique in war. Could be Arrgh! perk 3 instead of 4 maps for naval attack. Nuke god 10 instead of 12 maps or 30% bigger damage or more improvements lost or better chance to avoid anti nuclear project and nuke city. With % can be added levels like first level 10% bigger, second level 20%. Etc. Can be many of it. Wars became too similar so it could make them interesting with more strategies. Perks would be limited for everyone same. For example 3-1. So it would benefit low middle and high tier same.
  7. Maia

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    Yes, we are blessed.
  8. I think dragon will finally die.
  9. Maia

    Twin Dragons

    BoC reminds me of The Nameless One. Good luck to find out why are you coming back!
  10. Maia

    Emperor Jonas: The Poll

  11. Maia

    Remove war

    I respect your ideas but I don't respect you 😕
  12. Maia

    Remove war

    I agree. We should fight more often.
  13. Maia

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    It's time to wear a glove and reduce population in Orbis.

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