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  1. Radoje

    ET Needs To Kick Inactives

    An alliance can do with it's member's statuses whatever the hell it desires. None of us are really qualified to tell somebody what to do on that regard. The only risk to having nations inactive as an alliance is that they'll get raided and you'll have to mass-demote them to applicants. If that's what ET wants to do, that's what ET wants to do lmao. @Thalmor hire this dude as your IA advisor lmao
  2. Radoje

    Advanced Idea Mechanics Annoucement

    I know I'm late to the bandwagon, and I'm just here to actually address the "Sheepy should just make a game run bank". Private Banks are a cool, integral part to how PnW has shaped as a game. Community ran institutions like this are awesome, especially when the actual idea of them sprung up from the same people that made them. I mean how many other games can say that some random player made a private bank that ran like an actual bank and got hella rich from it? Investing is a risk, for which you get paid interest for, and when banks loan money, they are loaning at a risk, to which they mark up an interest rate for. Banks are literally built on risk, and sometimes they don't get their money back on that risk. Emerald Bank has had incredibly successful times, but all banks are doomed to have defaults on one or the other end at any point. That's literally why banks are made in the first place. Just because a bank has some defaults or an incident happen, doesn't mean that all private banks are snakes that leech from the economy to put money into their own pockets, people aren't as sinister as you think lol. If Sheepy made a bank that didn't run on risk, there are a billion ways to how it could be abused to hell. It's impossible to balance and would in the end probably amount to an insane amount of inflation, because how is Sheepy supposed to make a system where investors get their money back with a decent interest rate if nobody is indebted to the bank? If he made a logical system where investors get less interest back, calculated by the amount of loans people are taking, people would still just go to a private bank, because they are trustworthy and can give you a much better deal.
  3. Radoje


    If BC didn't cancel Rose we'd have a pentagram.
  4. Radoje

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

  5. Radoje

    Let's Dance!

    Ah yeah, you're right. Next time we'll break all our treaties, split into 3 alliances and attack with the one commanded by Blackie.
  6. Radoje

    Let's Dance!

    Actually, this is my birthday present.
  7. Radoje

    Let's Dance!

  8. Radoje

    Break Down Alliance Score by Parts

    *CN Flashbacks*
  9. Radoje

    Continuing death of democracy

    See, I agree with Shifty and some other people on this one. You could theoretically build a solid enough democratic alliance if the alliance is elite and everybody is coming in with the same goal in mind. But doing that is very difficult, at least from what I've seen. Mass recruitment alliances will never work properly as a democracy. The TCW/Rose model works, but it only has certain democratic elements and isn't a "true" democracy. I think what the guy refers to is full on democratic alliances that simply vote on everything with the help of the membership. And when you have an alliance of 50+ or even 100+ that mass recruits, that model will absolutely never work. In those circumstances it's simply better to surround yourself with guys that are smart and then decide on things together in that group of a handful people.
  10. Radoje

    Breaking News from the Shifty News Network

  11. Radoje

    Join the Club! (NOW OPEN)

    Well TKR forums basically are the same format as PnW forums. We have clubs and we never really use them. Of course, alliance scale to game scale there is a big difference, but the only difference between a club and a subforum is that you need to request to join the club, and can be denied the request. Other than that, it acts almost exactly like a subforum, in which case I think it's better to just move this over to discord and ask people for custom channels or masks etc, since the medium of communication is much faster over there and I don't really think anyone cares to spend time on clubs when they can just message people on discord instead. The idea of newbies just coming up and asking veterans question is genuinely a cool one, but it's widely unrealistic. I don't think any new player has the balls to open up the forums and ask a veteran a question regarding the game, or even on discord for that matter. There would honestly have to be some kind of incentive for them to do it. Alliances usually take care of that for the most part, but we have a subforum dedicated to various guides or ways to play the game that could be very useful to the newbies if it was updated, revamped and actually ran by the mods, and maybe even including the subforum in the little tutorial on the beginning like "Oh check out this subforum, it has guides that will help you learn the game faster!" or something along the lines added to it would incentivize them to check it out in the first place. But I mean than again, if people want clubs just to mess around than god bless em, I just don't think new players would care enough to join them instead of simply checking a subforum.
  12. That image is oddly satisfying..
  13. Radoje

    Terminus Est Invitational

  14. Radoje

    Reduce Sub 20 City Costs


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