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  1. Radoje

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    I'm putting that on my nation tyvm lmao
  2. Radoje

    Politics and War 2018 Meme Year Review

    That one alliance that kicks everyone that slightly offends them from their discord and never posts memes? 🤔
  3. This is a compilation of all the memes that happened last year, or at least the most important ones. We tried to include as many as possible, but you can't fit every single one without going insane Thanks to @Abbas Mehdi , @Buorhann , @Thalmor , @Settra , @TheNG Rising for helping a lot with the memes, the video took many days and over 40 man hours. Strap up, grab your popcorn..
  4. Radoje

    Rado Twerk Video

    As promised
  5. Radoje


  6. Radoje

    Trade Bots

    Historically, TKR members have a generally bad opinion of IQ. Our rule for them is to return trades at their own discretion. Put those 2 together and you'll quickly get to a conclusion. I hope you do not take our policy personally. I am sure if you message them and politely ask, they'll return your mistrade 9 out of 10 times (Unless it's Blackie, in that case god help you). Good luck on all future trading, make that $$$ ❤️
  7. Radoje

    Big favor Orbis Community

    Now I'm jerking off? Jesus, you guys better calm down before it reaches sex tape territory lmao
  8. Radoje

    Big favor Orbis Community

    You hear him @Buorhann? Stop cyberbullying me.
  9. Radoje

    A Quest of Memes on Orbis

    Honestly I was thinking about making a video of something like that, just a huge collection of memes for 2018 as a sort of "pnw year review". If you guys are interested in something like that, I can definitely do it, but I'll need some help so I don't miss sphere specific memes.
  10. Radoje

    Big favor Orbis Community

    I agree, stop agreeing with Buorhann, I have a white skinny ass.
  11. Radoje

    A Quest of Memes on Orbis

    > Buying things on the internet
  12. Radoje

    Big favor Orbis Community

    This is giving me abbas bet flashbacks
  13. Radoje

    Big favor Orbis Community


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