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  1. Radoje

    Liberation Time!

    No well, that's what I like to call the Arrgh badge of honor. The one above I just showed is when a religious college student goes into the wrong neighborhood lol
  2. Radoje

    Liberation Time!

  3. Radoje

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    I have to agree with Sketchy on this one, he has a really good point. Same as Buorhann, I have no dog in this fight. I am personally happy that Pantheon gets to live on, because I'd also hate to see my alliance get couped by somebody and than subsequently die. I completely understand where both Alex and Ridcully are coming from. I wouldn't be making this post if this player had cheated or broken the game rules. I 100% support you on banning multis and reverting events that those multis caused. However, the player that couped Pantheon was not in violation of any rules, just like you pointed out. Pantheon is fully responsible for their own alliance, they promoted that player to the heir role and having that player in the heir position was their own fault, for which they got punished. If that player goes into VM and their alliance dies, this is no one else's fault but theirs. I think in this scenario, letting this play out would've been the better choice for the game, as this was not the first time Pantheon has made this mistake, and I can bet a lot of money that it won't be the last. I can understand why players would get ticked off when Alex undo's mistakes a specific alliance makes. If they have to re-make their whole alliance because of this, than so be it, because they learned their lesson and aren't getting any special privilege. Having the owner of the game interfere with it when it comes to alliance coups sets a really bad precedent and it's honestly terrifying, especially because it happened through in-game mechanics with no rule violations.
  4. Yes, a trade bot that called the api and showed you mistrades would fall under those other things. As would your military notification bot, a battle simulator sheet etc.
  5. Ofc, jokes aside, it's an understandable change and I can't fault you on this too much. If you think the servers are going to have a lot less load on them via this change, it'll generally be the best thing for the casual playerbase that doesn't really use the api. If the game loads faster, than I'm perfectly willing to compromise and have the cap. What this might influence a lot is things like recruitment bots and of course Frawley's awesome stat tracker, so you might want to see if you can make a compromise for those 2, and maybe some other things. Recruitment bots are great because they pick up newer players which than have a lot larger retention than players that don't ever join alliances. Maybe to make that compromise you could add an option where people can use alliance keys instead that have a larger cap, maybe 10,000 or something.
  6. Radoje

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    1. So are you saying you'll step down and hand him the alliance over when he gets out of vm? 2. Did you just lie to the admin and game the rules to your advantage? 3. Does this set a precedent where couping an alliance is against the rules, and will all coups be reverted?
  7. Radoje

    SNN-Achilles Last Stand

    Well that went well lol
  8. Someone really misses Partisan
  9. Radoje

    API Discussion

    Going to re-reiterate this request for all the poor econ boys that had to sift through 3000 pages of transactions to send back safekeeping after the war. ❤️ btw great work on the war api, its smackaliciously sexy
  10. If you combine these 2 responses together you basically get your conclusion. Commerce is not viable in low-mid tiers rn because of the 50% production bonus where you can spam manufactured resources like a turret. So if you want the prices to go up, Sheepy would have to revert the 50% bonus or nerf it down, to make commerce more viable than resources again. Than you'll have money rolling around and resource production will be more scarce. Actually, the total combined cash economy in the world has pretty much all but halted the last 6 months, we used to see big spikes in the overall capital of the economy with an influx of new players, but recently we've seen a growth in thousands but the money supply has dried up and stagnated because of the resource rush. But, why would we even want the resource prices to go up? We're currently enjoying an oasis where building warchests is no longer a multi month endeavor. Hence you have a lot of freed up cash to build cities which have costs that Alex nerfed into the ground, so what you get right now is exactly what the low tier has been moaning about for the entire past year.
  11. Radoje

    Cloudy Garden Party

    Grats on the upgrade, I can't wait to see your guys' next war performance!
  12. Radoje

    Ability to directly send money to nations

    ^ this. Or make the cap for resources unlimited. When people do massive trades to sell hundreds of thousands of resources, you either do a bank transfer or you're screwed cuz you have to make 10 - 99,999 trades. Just add a 9 to the end and it'll make a lot of people's lives easier.
  13. Radoje

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    Newcomers aren't supposed to compete on the market, since they feasibly can't. Go raid and than ask your alliance for grants. In 3 months you'll be at 14 cities and able to build manufactured resources, this isn't 2016.
  14. Radoje

    A farewell, a new charter, and our new government lineup!

    All jokes aside, I do hope you guys have a healthy transition. It's miraculous how many times Pantheon has had quick and difficult transitions but has still survived, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck. o7 Fist o7 Ethos
  15. Radoje

    Did the Last War Last Long Enough?

    The prices are perfect rn. They're high enough where doing double manufactured resources is more cost effective for mid tier nations than going for high infra, meaning there's more being put on the market than pre-war, that's why they're low and why they'll stay low. At the same time, they're low enough where Commerce is viable at high city count, with high infra and an ITC. If you want to game the market you easily can, borrow a bunch of money to buy out the market and than post as high as you want. Also, since when have we started complaining about low rss prices? You can buy up your warchest twice as fast now, meaning you can go start a war in 2 months if you want. Whats the problem? lol

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