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  1. Radoje

    Avalon’s Avarice

    Wait so Camelot is protected by IQ and Sunray and Typhon are treatied with Pantheon, meaning we have a sphere within a sphere, treatied with another sphere. Sphere-ception bro
  2. Radoje

    Egyptian Empire DoE

    I'm loving the theme dude, and your front page is juicy as hell. All the best of luck, Hieroglyphic memes or bust.
  3. Radoje

    Round 2!

    Grats man, you're one of the chillest and most reasonable people to talk to OOC. Hope you have a healthy and plentiful second term IA deepstate forever
  4. Radoje

    Hi everyone!!

    To expand on The B0SS tip, try to get into a place that you like. Don't go in for personal gain, just talk to the people in there on their discord and see if you like that group. Go somewhere where you think you'll fit in a have a good time, and the rest will come by itself. If you're not happy with your choice, you can always go somewhere else that you feel you'd fit in better. Like The B0SS pointed out, all the alliances will do their best to help you learn the game and grow
  5. Radoje

    Boosting the economy

    Raid until city 6 (Spam soldiers and target nations that are allianceless, have a decent amount of infra and haven't been raided recently) > Buy City 7 > Switch to Econ build by getting 100% commerce (4 banks, 4 shopping malls, 3 stadiums) > Leech off the alliance a bit > Get a manufacturing project > Pump mad resources > Get mad b1tches > Become a whale > Have saunas with Seb
  6. Radoje

    Shifty News Network-BoC blocked

    get 'er done
  7. Radoje

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    I clearly said you were following your great predecessor's direction, I didn't mention your time with Fist or your time in Pantheon. Either way the most prominent members of your government (alongside you) worked under Fist, so I am confused as to where you are coming from when you say "The Pantheon I partook in".
  8. Radoje

    Alliance relevance rank!

    Jesus you blew up over night so fast that I missed the last 2 pages of your posts lol. Yes, whether your training alliance leaves more to be desired or not is entirely different to each person. It's an opinion. You're free to call TKR's Academy as bad as you want. This is what the thread is all about. Don't come after me with ad hominems because you can't take criticism. @Prefontaine I'm sorry that such a good thread turned into such a pile of steaming dogshit lol. Let's just go back to doing alliance relevance, I believe a lot of other people have things to add to the conversation.
  9. Radoje

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

  10. Radoje

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    I sure wonder why he has 20 cities at 321 days old
  11. Radoje

    Politics and War Review...thingy

    I enjoyed the podcast I suggest you start a discord server and do podcasts with other players, I'd certainly watch that.
  12. Radoje

    Alliance relevance rank!

  13. Radoje

    Shifty News Network-Antisocial

    It's admirable that AK is following their great predecessor's tactics of raiding half of Orbis. Once Pantheon, always Pantheon. The question is how long until they get probed?
  14. Radoje

    Resources and money

    I agree, I also had a member complain about missing revenue.

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