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  1. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Part Eight!

    Week seven was spent, fittingly in Seven Kingdoms. I love these guys so much. They are a ton of fun, their Discord is poppin, Squeesquee didn't leak any of the sekrits we shared, it was a Great! time. I have two major regrets from our time in SK: 1) I was super busy with work and real life and didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them. 2) We failed to coordinate a karaoke night. That said, I feel confident that SK's future is bright in Squeezee's supple hands. They have a tight, cooperative, fun-loving community. They are one of the oldest alliances in the game. They even locked down the naming rights to their color sphere! What more could you ask for in alliance? We're not sure, so that puts Squeebee's Seven Kingdoms in the front runners for future Hobo-homes. --- While we were in The Enterprise, we had our first forever home placement! Doctor Robbins found a niche and decided that the suit and tie were her cup of tea. We wish her all the best and we are ecstatic that the purpose of this joy ride is being fulfilled. We also picked up a handful of new Hobos from across Orbis. Kilo, Hannah, Maia, Kitschie, and This Effing Guy have all hopped aboard our choo-choo train and embraced life on the rails. Our next stop is... Rose! Just in time for their elections. I wonder if they will let us vote... Stay Great! Charlie Traveler
  2. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

  3. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Thanks for having us, SyndiCrew! Onward to Part Seven [Kingdoms] o7
  4. Church of Spaceology is awesome. Boom. Done. Nah, just kidding. They are some of the most entertaining, intelligent, and creative people we have come across on our journey. The way they play the game should be emulated by alliances in the future. Their willingness to scrap is a welcome change from the pixel-hungry ideologies of many alliances on Orbis. Ripper is great, Thrax is Thrax, and the rest of the lineup is fantastic! We had a truly great time in CoS. My one grievance is that Abbas thinks that Ryan Reynolds is a good fit for Pikachu in the new movie. False. Never. Change my mind. o/ Bo o/ Hwan for picking up the mighty bindle and taking to the trail! We're excited to have you! We're off to The Enterprise to get a new prospective on mainstream alliances. Hopefully we all pass through the interview! Regardless, we're looking forward to this experience with the great folks in the SyndiCare network. Charlie Traveler
  5. The King is... Retired. Long live the King!
  6. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Cinco

    Thanks for having us, The Underground! All hail the might of Bo. o/
  7. Charlie Traveler

    Noobs guide to a good blitz

    So we should notify our targets 15 minutes before we hit them.
  8. Charlie Traveler

    To whom it may concern.

    I'm not concerned, but I am alarmed.
  9. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Part Four!

    The Knights Templar. Wheeew! Where to start... My first impression was a little rough. KT is a rowdy, abrasive, obnoxious group of degenerates. And I came to like them? Now, I won't claim to fully understand them. That would be a bold faced lie. No man can truly understand KT. What I will say is that I came to better understand them through hours of one-on-one conversation with members and banter in the channels to which we were granted access. The Knight's Templar has a sort of internal countercultural predisposition. They love memes, they reject political correctness within the walls of their community, and, in their own speshul way, work together really well. The initial culture shock was tempered by the realization that they are just letting it all hang out with their boys. To quote a former member, "society presses a sh*t ton of pressure on us to be moral and acceptable at all times." KT's community seeks to alleviate that pressure. While it would peel the hair back on most normies, they seem to have found a collection of kindred spirits. Their government is garba- competent af, they have a stellar war performance record, and they are in a good spot in regard to FA positioning. Their sphere has long been touted as a wildcard sphere and I believe that's a very valuable position. While the vibe didn't quite click for me or the rest of the Hobos, I had a Great! time here and I appreciate them showing us that winning Templar Hospitality! One knight sought to take the plunge into a life on the rails. TheRebelMan has donned his bindle and fallen in with our band of misfits - a spring in his step and a sword in his hand. Next stop: All aboard! Charlie Traveler
  10. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - The Third Stop

    It's time for a Crusade!
  11. Charlie Traveler

    The Hobo Express - Bad Co Bound!

    On the road again! That was a Great! stopover in Empyrea. We were welcomed in with open arms and a bustling Discord server. Their community is always active whether spurred by their Question of the Day, friendly atWar games, or spitting fire in their #rap-battle channel. When we approached their alliance, I wasn't sure to expect. Would it be a shell of Roz Wei? Would they take the same intentionally inflammatory position he held in his day? I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have, in fact, begun to develop a distinctly Empyrean culture in their community. Overall, this has been a very positive start to our journey. While we didn't quite click enough to settle down, I'll definitely look back on this week with fond memories. One unexpected development - while we were there, we heard one of the most beautiful pieces of musical genius ever created. Our good friend Joshua Keller was spitting fire in Empyrea's studio. Over some hot soup one night, we mentioned our plans to mosie on down the trail on the Hobo Express. He jumped at the opportunity to get out and see the world, write a couple songs, and kick back while the winds of fate decided his course. While it's no easy thing to leave your friends behind, we're super stoked to have Josh come along with us. One guy can only take Kev's Beerhoe impression for so many hours! We're off to Bad Company to revisit our old stomping grounds and catch up with good friends in that neck of the woods. Maybe Josh could record a track while we're there! As always, tune into Great Job! with Kev and Charlie on Friday nights at 11PM Central. Keep track of your favorite hobos, catch up on current events, and meet cool people. See you there! Orbis Weekly: https://discord.gg/6THxUyx
  12. Charlie Traveler

    Good Game Grumpy

    Is he becoming Saaaaalt Ronny D?!
  13. Charlie Traveler

    Good Game Grumpy

    "Quichwe returns home." (2019, black and white.)
  14. Charlie Traveler

    Very important Log Leak

    Congratulations! Make sure she creates a nation so that you know it's for real.

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