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  1. Charlie Traveler

    The Orbis Awards - Live And In Stereo

    Good people of Orbis! This is the moment for which we have all been waiting. The ballots are in, the votes are tallied. Please, join us this weekend on Saturday, January 19 at 9:30PM EST as we reveal this year's annual awards. Kev, Kastor, Gorge, and myself will be curating this exciting evening. We'll be serving your eardrums with the tastiest jokes, wittiest insults, and the coldest hardest voting results. Special appearances from notable nominees and award recipients are imminent! Did your favorite player win the Player of the Year award? Who should you be looking out for in 2019? The only way to find out is to tune in to the ORB Discord Server at 9:30PM EST this Saturday! Or you could wait until the results are posted on the OWF... But that's kinda boring amirite? #Spoilers I can't wait to share this wonderful experience with each and every one of you. See you soon! Who: Literally everyone What: The Orbis Awards Show When: 9:30PM EST - Saturday, January 19th Where: ORB Discord - https://discord.gg/TBUgnZN
  2. Charlie Traveler

    Rado Twerk Video

    "Video unavailable This video contains content from SME, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." Freaking Serbia...
  3. Charlie Traveler

    Big favor Orbis Community

    Rado is carboloading and smashing gallons of ice cream in an effort to "get thicc" for the video. He wants a bubble butt. A bubble, bubble, bubble butt.
  4. Charlie Traveler

    To whoever put a 50M nuclear bounty on me...

    Fiscal responsibility 👌
  5. Charlie Traveler

    BK - Ads

    Shoutout to BK Care for building 90% of my cities. Ayy lmao!
  6. Charlie Traveler

    Big favor Orbis Community

  7. Charlie Traveler

    Big favor Orbis Community

    Let's tuck a happy little Serbian in there - oh look! He's twerking!
  8. Charlie Traveler

    A Quest of Memes on Orbis

    Meme Godovanko 🙏
  9. Charlie Traveler

    Round 5 at The Great Fire

    Hippolujah! I was having physical withdrawals.
  10. Charlie Traveler

    SNN: Season 1 Now on DVD, Blu-ray, and View Master Reels

    I got the Platinum Edition Ultimate Collector's boxed set for Christmas! My girlfriend was so excited for me to open it l. We watched through all of them that day PLUS the commentary, PLUS the extended director's cut, PLUS the "build-a-leak" mini-game, PLUS the Great Job! episode. I would definitely spring for the $269.69 Platinum Edition Ultimate Collector's boxed set for you or your loved ones this season. 9/9 would purchase again Charlie T.
  11. Charlie Traveler

    Terminus Est, Re-Declaration of War

    If it was just TEst fighting TFP I would totally buy this on PPV, but I'll probably just watch it on that bootleg YouTube livestream.
  12. Charlie Traveler

    Time to Play Hardball

    Something something Cracker Jack. This is some farm league stuff, though - the A team should totally play against themselves next game.
  13. Charlie Traveler

    Save Dem Pixels (Pixel Hugger Anthem!)

    What we do? We gon’ save dem pixels!
  14. Charlie Traveler


    Entertainment for the people!
  15. Charlie Traveler

    Lil Cynic - Issstealit (and BK Puts it back)

    Ayy lmao Isstealit! Mad props to BK for sending back what they could. Now we can treat Princess Gorge like he deserves. Denny's and a movie. #Ballin

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