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  1. Charlie Traveler

    I chuckled

    Nice try, Beerhoe - I see through your clever ruse. You'll have to try harder if you want the secret recipe!
  2. Charlie Traveler

    It's Not You, Apparently It's Me.

  3. Charlie Traveler

    SNN-Hungry Hungry Hippos

  4. Charlie Traveler

    Clink 'Em and Drink 'Em

    Fark, WTF - you guys are Great! Thanks for the fun fight and the new friendships. Three cheers for the Ladle and Spoon! Three cheers for WTFark! o/
  5. Charlie Traveler

    SNN-Saxy tiem

  6. Charlie Traveler

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    The Soup is hot. 🙏
  7. Charlie Traveler

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Or, now hear me out because this is a crazy idea, what if Soup thinks that war is an important part of the game? That they think this is a fun way to fight. Even, if not unfavorable, odds. Uncertain outcomes. A chance for all alliances involved to prove their mettle and rally their members together behind a common cause that gives significance to every other aspect of the game. What if small scale isolated wars are possible within the new wave of ideals emerging throughout the community? What if wars could take weeks instead of months? What if players are no longer paralyzed by the fear of losing their pixels or being locked down in a mind-numbingly tedious war twice a year? This would be a different discussion if Chaos Bloc were fighting WTFark. They aren't. Soup is fighting WTFark. If the whole of CB came crashing down on them, the idea that they will be pushed to sign treaties would make sense. If they feel the need to sign a sheaf of paper because a fledgling alliance challenged them in a 1v2, then there is more work to be done to change what I believe to be one of the most archaic, detrimental mindsets that exists in the game. I have faith that these two alliances will not fall victim to the fallacy that you have to line your pockets with treaties and nervously watch your pixels to have fun. I sincerely hope that they enjoy this as much as we are. May the nukes hit hard and the Soup be hot!
  8. Charlie Traveler

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    https://thewanderlustkitchen.com/30-minute-german-beer-cheese-soup/ I've attached my favorite recipe for a quick and easy beer cheese soup. We made it especially for you Farkers and we're serving it up tonight - I really hope you enjoy it!
  9. Charlie Traveler

    Careful, it's Soup!

    You know where you belong. It was destiny...
  10. Charlie Traveler


  11. Charlie Traveler


  12. Charlie Traveler

    Careful, it's Soup!

    Community Outreach Program, Vol. 1 Citizens of Orbis! It is I, Charlie Traveler. We're here with an important announcement regarding our recently launched community outreach program. We have identified a problem with the esteemed members of what was once Nuke Bloc - they are sorely lacking excitement! In an effort to rectify this issue, Soup Kitchen, being the community-focused organization it is, has initiated a series of friendly attacks against members of Fark and World Task Force. The decision to help these two wonderful alliances came from a place of love - we expect this to be a quick, action-packed, fun war for everyone involved! In an effort to ensure that this remains a fair 1v2 fight, the rest of the Chaos Bloc members will be watching the ring to prevent outside combatants (like ghosts). I am sure that this will be a wonderful team-building, engaging experience for all three of our communities! Signed,
  13. Charlie Traveler

    What do you like about war?

    War is, plainly, lots of fun. Pitting your alliance's strategies against another's is exciting, win or lose. It's a great opportunity to build relationships and work together with friends. The memes are great, it stimulates all sorts of extra-mechanical activity, and it gives meaning to all of the work people do during peace. Without war, why bother building? Without dark, light loses its value. The same is true with war and peace.
  14. Charlie Traveler

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants

    Good luck and have fun!
  15. Charlie Traveler

    Do Ayyliens and Whales mix?

    FWIW, Whayyliens™️ would have been a much better name for the treaty. You can have it for free - you're welcome 😉👉

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