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  1. Join us for Great Job! tonight at 11 PM EDT! https://discord.gg/DUyqNH9
  2. - I've finally escaped Rado's fungeon! Prepare your earholes for penetration. Thank you guys so much for your sweet, sweet words of love. Also there will be a Great Job! soon. Also, also, hit me up for your own sweet ass tunes. Also, also, also, the Soup is hot! may the Light give you strength!
  3. If you don't want peace just say you refuse to enter talks rather than blame us for it. We have made it perfectly clear the war can end whenever y'all are ready. All you have to do is surrender to Coalition A! We can probably even come up with a way to accommodate all of you in the same talks, so you won't have to figure it out yourselves.
  4. When: 11PM Eastern Time Where: Factory Fresh Media Who: Literally everyone, but especially Roquentin and DoNotFearJazz What: Great Job! Why: Because you don't wanna suck!
  5. Black Knights have to adopt the short name “GOB” instead of “BK” in all of their future announcements and posts on the P&W forums (starting with the one for their surrender [see Term 1 of Article II]) and at the corresponding fields of their alliance description. ~ submitted by Charlie Traveler
  6. I'm glad that you guys got it all worked out! What would have happened if they didn't have the cash on hand to repay TCW?
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