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  1. El_Barto666

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    let me clear some things up here for everyone 1 this is not opsec for us, technically the sheet links were never a secret and shit if anyone had asked id have shown them what Shadow has spent a portion of his own life trying to dig for 2 NR bank or not, we are not allies, we are only friends due to their almost ENTIRE upper gov being made up of old, longstanding and honestly awesome AD members. 3 this is technically espionage, operated and encouraged by our protectorate or their coalition as we see it, although again not opsec.... would have literally told anyone /me whispers "oh btw ask how many other allies actually already knew?" 4 we consider ourselves, and always have since the protection was installed recently an ally of IQ so if this money POSES ANY POLITICAL PLACEMENT IN ORBIS well guess what its on IQ side now..... So theres always that lol so as far as im concerned its pathetic to think that this was a necessary feat of events as if we care, and as if it would have effectively damaged us in anyway. So while coalition A and coalition B fight for supremacy, you guys have fun playing Montague and Capulet over this minor situation here
  2. El_Barto666

    The Fake SNN: Where is Nova Bank?

    Haha aaaand pooof it gets spent lol
  3. El_Barto666

    Surrender to NR

    Lol what!?! Whatevs I'm up voting...
  4. El_Barto666

    Just Revenge

  5. El_Barto666

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    Who said theres no connection? lol who cares who posts what? ..... the irony is here in this forum thread lol
  6. dude... this is awesome! lol thanks
  7. El_Barto666

    Lethal Wheeeeew

    i guess ROK could always merge into Animation Domination as i agree that minesomes posts are a bunch more than unnecessary, Way to stick up for someone that stole his own creative means and alliance and then stole from them, ... three different times?, and then deleted in spite of whatever work was put forth by himself and his members to make said alliance operate in whatever function it did.... and probably paid for the revenge of his old haters work with the money he took along with him from said alliance..... Orbis will never stop impressing me!
  8. El_Barto666


    your welcome my son.....
  9. El_Barto666

    Declaration of war on Nova Riata

  10. El_Barto666

    Read RIP #1

    Yeah when dude asked me about things I wasn't prepared to actually read his journalism here lol Good on you for keeping the chain of information minimal. Was a good read man.
  11. El_Barto666

    Peace in our time.

    Forums sure have been lit the last few days though
  12. El_Barto666

    The Oasis that was?

    In the time since we have landed, many have risen and even more have fallen. and then risen again. and then fallen. and then risen again. And in this time, our Network Administration has stood as they always do. For the freedom of expression and conceptualization. Having only created a single, official PR publication since our landing, we come to the OWF today to share our development: it is not with pride, nor with malice that we make this decree to exit Paradise Bloc and the relation to participating alliances. ANIMATION DOMINATION Exits The Obis Oasis, Paradise Bloc : Effective Immediately To all the individuals from Paradise, we wish you all the best experiences. Thanks for rocking with us for awhile! it is likely we would enjoy to do so again in the future. TL/DR MADMAX HAS DISBANDED THE BLOC AND/OR JUST SAID THAT TO GET US OUT OF THERE IDK FOR SURE BUT IM LEAVING THAT LINE OF SPECULATION OPEN BECAUSE I CAN lol
  13. El_Barto666

    Shifto Nooz Notworb LLLXDDDDDD: Gobbunity Ouggreech

    i don't get it, but i like it.... Kids these days - i cont weed gud autocorrect these days - did you mean to say Tetracycline? Me looking at my phone - wtf when do i even ever use that word though?
  14. El_Barto666

    Shifty News Network LLC-In My Time of Dying

    Dicktatorship4LYF Ode to the DRPK HAIL HYDRA!
  15. El_Barto666

    The Freedom Wars

    No sarcasm my dude, I'm not usually as active here in the forums but light of some recent events I've been finding myself wanting to come and check it out more often. I've spoken with some HUF folks personally and from what I can tell at least, they are respectable folk. And I love micros and "less" relevant people coming into the community and speaking out so this whole thing is a thumbs up from me man Keep up the good fight guys

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