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  1. I invited this guy to the game and I immediately regret it lol Just incase you need any more evidence here's here's image
  2. I bid 66.6 million for the name an intellectual rights over Terminal Jest and any remaining PoWs
  3. Hey just to clear anything up i was logged into the wifes phone here at the forums and she hadnt realised it and we dont know how to fix it so.... You can tell its her tho so :heil: anyways lol
  4. (games may be scheduled a day late due to stoner related time delays) Ayyy its your friendly local neighborhood hero El Barto here announcing the first annual ADHD BDAY Celebration!! We are gonna kick this one off with a "treasure hunt" styled game acrossed select allied alliances by the hiding of these dancing fruit a golden apple along with a nice rp stylized backstory behind why there are freaky fruit scattered across our allied neighborhoods! Anyone on our allied list is invited to play and others can be added upon request. Details as to where you can find the game being played will be streamed live at #channel-67 (requires special role) in the ADHD server just after day change game time today. Prizes included are limited to cash and credits so join us in Discord and be a part of the wonderful world of satire and and sadism for one day only with Animation Domination!
  5. hahaha damnit thats good stuff lol
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