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  1. El_Barto666

    Lodi Dodi

    Someone gets it! yessssssss
  2. El_Barto666

    Multiple Nations

    We had some nations apply for our alliance and during screening noticed similar Nation Names, City Structure. I had a short(2 msgs) conversation with one telling them to get cities powered, afterward i was responded to with details about how resource production doesnt require power so i checked his cities, unique id and saw the similarities more closely there
  3. El_Barto666

    Fun Fact

    best forum post ever....
  4. El_Barto666

    AnimationDomination News, Debate, and Politics

    Now to our weather department, Hows the weather Ollie?
  5. El_Barto666

    Ideal Alliance

    I always liked the idea of fully democratic/vote based alliances.
  6. El_Barto666


    lol was xxx still a thing recently or something?
  7. El_Barto666

    E-Court is now in Session

    this feels like a whole bunch of problems just waiting to happen... i like it, make me a lawyer!
  8. El_Barto666

    Polaris Cancels with AO

    in the wars to come?
  9. El_Barto666

    Signaling all people with an IQ above 140

    i dont think it took an iq above 140 to know the outcome here.... lol
  10. El_Barto666

    Just JEsting

  11. El_Barto666

    Declaration of War

  12. El_Barto666

    The Tap is Dry

    lol isnt this the third time hes tried to make an alliance based off someone else idea tho? lmao
  13. El_Barto666

    The Tap is Dry

    lmao! i love it!
  14. El_Barto666

    The Tap is Dry

    Honestly this whole disbanding/rebranding an alliance just stems from the problem we had multiple times. lack of responsiveness and inadequate leadership skills on the personal forum. Id like to hope the best for your new project but i cant help but laugh at it at this point just like how i got laughed at trying to gain support for Guinness in many places and received many attempts to poach our most active members in government...
  15. El_Barto666

    Ballistic Warning for de wae

    i can respect that tho. i was honestly kind of joking saying not funny but then if there was a real threat to hawaii id consider that less comical lol

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