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  1. Why would anyone trust a peace deal with IQ after everything that's happened during this war?
  2. Hitting unrelated alliances is an unsustainable strategy because eventually you run out of alliances and have to start turning on your own coalition.
  3. ArcKnox

    Really NPO

    250 people who are actively being told not to associate with the rest of the game other than hitting buttons when they're told to.
  4. It wasn't "BK and N$O planning a war against them" it was "BK planning a war against them." There were assurances from both sides that "Hey we're not involved we don't even know what he was talking about" and "I don't have any evidence that you were so I believe you." The only reason NPO would possibly think KERCHTOGGGGGGGGGGGG was gunning for them post war would be if they weren't being entirely truthful about their involvement in the plans laid out in the sphinx leak. Or maybe it's the fact that they hit KERTOGG members while they were busy with the war, but I guess don't hit alliances if you don't want to put a target on your back ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Since this seems to be a recurring problem I'll put a disclaimer here: The opinions and analysis contained in this post are solely my own. If you think I represent in any way either The Golden Horde or KERCHTGOAGAGAGDGDGASFGSGDGDGGGG in general, you have serious brain damage. I'm a glorified janitor.
  5. You're like a month behind on the narrative. Now it's that NPO is FORCED to ally with BK again because TKR man bad or something.
  6. They couldn't read them because they were screenshots made by ants
  7. Another missing notification
  8. TGH is anti-cro magnon and proud of it.
  9. >unga bunga hiding low score good, hiding high score bad
  10. >I just don't get butthurt like y'all
  11. I guess I'll have to live with the mystery
  12. So Max, I never got something about you. You have a nice little alliance and micro bloc just doing your own thing, and then IQ comes and completely burns it to the ground. You then get a new alliance and put yourself in IQ's sphere of influence. I have to ask, were you a eunuch when you started this game or was that a term in the peace deal?
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