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  1. Support for baseball only exists because people don't want their cash cow removed.
  2. @Alex Baseball is unbalanced. This is all you need to concern yourself with. You've changed/removed/added things to balance the game, much to the community's displeasure, before and you'll likely do it again.
  3. Everyone knows roq is a serial liar checkmate atheists
  4. We added t$ was also secretly colluding with KETOGG and Chaos
  5. It's the same CHAOS AND KETOGG WERE SECRETLY WORKING TOGETHER line all over again.
  6. Remove baseball entirely
  7. It doesn't matter on what spectrum of lawyering we decide to go to, you're still full of shit. GG have the prerogative to activate their treaties with KETO when and against whom they wish.
  8. I love how NPO conveniently forgets that they hit GuardiGrumpy before they hit TKR
  9. I'm ready to back a sketchy coup
  10. Amazing how when it was IQ stalling out during AC it was stunning and brave.
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