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  1. Shifty here reminding you to keep that crusader body pillow nearby to bite on because we're going in dry Just a short while after a "no retreat, no surrender" we get this gem. That is all folks.
  2. Shifty here with a 2 for 1; a devil's triangle, an eiffel tower, or as you'd say, what ur mum likes. SNN has finally the posts to end Phoenyx posting once and for all. Yes, TI did know.
  3. This is SNN bringing you some shocking news....
  4. From Gamestop stocks rising in price after the announcement of a new Battletoads... This is Shifty bringing you the economic and gaming news no one will Everyone remembers Greene. From Cobalt Clique getting rolled, to him buying ingame currency/credits for people w/ irl money (the original EM/Elijah), to his Ponzi Scheme, and his numerous attempts to buy P/W from the game. It's not the first time he's tried to use irl currency to buy a game or things in a game. This is the man that has all the vanity pets and funny hats a nickle and dime freeware game can offer. This guy was the Mons
  5. Just remove bounties and give the money to whomever didn't get killed. Honestly, they're awful and did nothing to change the game. I'd rather have a terrorist strike option to randomly cripple someone's nation than bounties. Just a total griefing move for rogues and people who hate each other. Like a super expensive spy op to detonate a nuke in a city at the same nerf or even half power of a Raid-type nerfed nuke. Maybe add chemical and bioweapons in for this. Either way, bounties are just bloat at this point.
  6. The new Police and Hospital projeccs are out While hospital seems kinda decent if you make resources like mad and already ran out of recycling centers, police is underwhelming If you're past 2800 (way past it at 3500), it's not really worth it imo since you're just gonna need 2 HQs anyway I think the police upgrade should help out spies or soldiers some how, ngl
  7. I would use this as my edgelord era one. That there has always been my go-to song. But I gladly accept wide Putin, kek.
  8. Just as I was about slide into those DMs.......


    Smh, way to disappoint. 


    1. Aqua-Corpsman


      Bruh, I thought this was a joke... my childhood's favorite albino is an amoeba...

    2. Nukey6



    3. Mr. Clean

      Mr. Clean

      Asexual, not aromantic


  9. I mean if it became an OoC is not allowed/question people's IRL integrity.... You'll be opening a can of worms for the whole community Almost every prominent player has an OOC oopsie moment I would know, I keep tabs on shit people do. Both IC and OoC, but only IC scandals make it to SNN. Remember when GOONs used moderation as a weapon? Starting this is asking for a moderation war and the moment people think they can snipe some low hanging fruit, it's going to be returned with a moderation and OOC character bloodbath. This is how all of this will go down: >A
  10. Rose be e-lawyering w/ the NAP terms to avoid rayyds. They also want to protecc the VM folks. They're flexing, saying they can muscle their way out of the whole "punish war dodgers" initiative, and that they'd be on par, w/ everyone else, regarding raids. But they also aren't saying it officially, because DtC doesn't speak for Rose, just threatens/advises would be raiders. 😂👌🔥💯
  11. Because you'd have trouble finding 3 wise men and a vir-.... especially after getting ****'d by rayyds lmao Tis' the season my dudes, nothing better than waking up to leaks after a holiday binger and seeing Alex kiss Santa Claus.
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