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  1. You're about 4-1 years too late on the meme chief. The new thing is to just be apologetically toxic and just bash everyone. Identity politics are so last decade.
  2. Mine is stuff that goes through my mind. Conspiracies, Halo, Memes, and Highlander.
  3. Can you make Grayy an official team color now? Grayy lmao @Alex also this is too early. We needed this in 60 days (end of NAP + 1 week) so we can see the game collapse and get a 1-4 day rollback. Every GW has a game break. Brace yourselves, this is only the beginning. @Prefontaine give whales a Beige project. ”Fetal Position Initiative: Pls no bully”
  4. The SNN server has been deleted. If you wish to follow Shifty to keep up with the latest Shifty news, SNN updates, or shitposts either DM Shifty directly, check the Orbis Central, or join the BK server.

    It's been a good run folks, but the server is dead.

  5. Pls add something so you can turn Antarctica into a place immune to seasons and the -50% seasonal cut. Like an EcoDome or Underground Bio-Dome. Some of us want to return to the homeland to farm.
  6. This could be us, but Apeman won't join BK and bring back OO
  7. You know what's fun about identity politics? They don't matter to anyone but you. That's right, they're just based on what you define as a set of people. This quarantine has cost people their jobs, their lives, and their future. I've seen people go from 24/7 beach bod to lumpy sacks of shit. I've seen them turn to DYEL skellies. I've seen people brag about their LA socialite life and their newly leased Euro sports car now tossing everything out, using prepaid "gibs" cards from the government, and now social recluses. But you know what? I kept working, I haven't lost anything, and I haven't become less social. But guess what? I have nothing, gained nothing, and never have. Not once did I say "wow, that's so heartbreaking." frick you, I've lived a horrible life and my heart doesn't go out to anyone. Because no one has ever given a shit about me. Ever. "Oh lol not with that attitude" frick no. Even as an innocent child, it was evident that I'd get the short end of the stick. It wasn't because I'm Hispanic. It wasn't because of the system. It's because life fricking sucks. People are rotten. From the individual, all the way to the structures they create. Not once has there been something truly virtuous or beautiful created by people. It's always been duality since day one. I don't have issues with police. I don't have issues with the ghetto because I avoid ghetto people and ghetto neighborhoods. I am poor, I am true blue. I don't get up every morning and say "you know what, my life sucks so let me become a junkie, a criminal, or some degenerate that harms other people's success." I don't believe it's because something is inherently wrong with me. It's just the dice I roll. I accept that my life is my own and know that at the end of the day the only person that's out for me is me. No one cares about me. Not because I'm poor woe me or I'm a victim, but because life is all about what you can get. People only care if they can get something from you. It's why we don't give a damn about the less fortunate and while we scorn the wealthy, we still kiss their ass and give them free shit. Black Lives Matter today, but tomorrow you'll have new cause to virtue signal. Worse yet, there's gonna be a new bottom of the totem pole group to get fricked. All I see in the news coverage on the cops side: Workers who couldn't get a better job/chose wrong for the day to feed their families, careerists, hero complexes, and aggressive mindfricked individuals. All I see on the protesters: Individuals actually affected, virtue signaling white people who have no place there, bandwagoners, and political fanatics. From the looters: Scum. Just shoot them. They're parasites, once they turn their back on society, turn you sights on them. Honestly, a funny turn. "Don't gather in groups, social distance because less than 1% of population is dying due to natural causes (a disease). Also please support essential workers." Now: "Yeah, let's disrupt traffic, make it impossible for people to work as things were reopening and let's fricking torch people's livelihoods." Bravo people, bravo.
  8. Shifty is like a 9 month pregnant woman and Pizza Hut. Shifty delivers also good luck out pizza-ing me. ayy lmao
  9. This is Shifty following up with Joe Camelot... Shifty reminding you that smoke signals and smoking guns can harm you... only if you let them. Ayy lmao
  10. You’re gonna be a star. Welcome to Hollywood. See? And people are afraid of the black leather couch.
  11. The fact that a member of your alliance pointed them out to be is a bigger irony. For SNN readers: If you can make me lmao with Ayy homemade relevant meme, I’ll post it.
  12. Because I post what leakers give me. If you want uncensored leaks, I’ll do it. Your OpSec is not my OpSec.
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