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  1. 12/29 would have been 5 years


    I’m smart enough to know what year was enough. Done overstaying my welcome.

  2. I’ve become caffeine, destroyer of worlds.


    current intake:760mgs

    1. MinesomeMC


      My current intake is 205.2mg. 

  3. Based on how GOONs is replying to Mercy Board criticisms, I might have to reconsider my stance on them. Also, christ the whining is insane in this thread and the cringey apologies. Never apologize to an enemy, everything is done for a reason. If your enemy hadn't done you wrong, it would've never come to this.
  4. Your god has returned.

  5. No, I'm actually sober right now. Good luck GOONs, you have 5 years of established culture you're trying to enrich here. You'll find it a struggle to replace the original population.
  6. Woah woah hol' up Who said this isn't going to turn into a campaign against GOONS. I've been very open about that. Exposing the true nature of GOONs. I said I don't care if you criticize me "oh ho ho, wow a fascist", "omg, he's a can't see gud." The only problem here is the GOON attempt at censorship. I think that's essentially the only problem we've had so far.
  7. The amount of GOONs made threads to moderators, discord whining, and constant virtue signaling is pretty telling that you plan to use moderation when everyone doesn't give a shit. I have nothing to tell that I don't already make public. You haven't been around long enough to know I absolutely do not care about negative public opinion, in fact I've done better with it. I will say and do as I please here.
  8. Newer meme, based on calling old folks boomers. Spun off into coomer, troomer, hoomer, etc This one old fren? Lurk moar
  9. "Hahaha, oh sweet summer child, your shitty right wing memes can't hurt me"
  10. NONONONO CALL IN THE MODS THIS ISN'T A SLOW BURN ATMOSPHERIC BONE CHILLING GUT WRENCHING CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT DRIVEN COMMUNIST NATION ROLEPLAY! STOP RIGHT NOW! Moot came from SA and suddenly you're responsible for 4chan. 4chan isn't even known now for the old anonymoose or just anime boards. The flagship /b/ is just porn and spam at this point. /pol/ is the new face and culture, it's spread to /tv/, /vg/, and /o/ extensively. Also no one thanks anyone for reddit. 1.5: Anywho, some of us remember you from CN and things you used to pull. Secondly, if these are old tired memes, they sure trigger you enough to call the mods for help. You can keep calling, but it won't help. You're all just the typical 30 year old boomer on the internet "ha, I'm going to just call you immature children that don't earn ___ figures or have a degree after reading big brain books." Everyone's seen this happen before. The holier than thou approach doesn't work. We're not going to stop on any platform or cease what we do because it offends you and just you. You have two options, continue and keep having mods be your temporary weapon until you drive them insane and Alex's traffic paycheck ceases up. Or you can go into your own server corner.
  11. Use coupon code: FABULOUSDECOR so you too can have a home of sectionals to liven up your living room.

    Contact @San Fortunadofor details.

    1. Madden8021


      All thanks to Amazon Prime and Rooms to Go.

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