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  1. I just wanted him to show up like Blood Mary and spout something then leave He was mentioned in the last thread and he didn't teleport in 😒
  2. So, NPO defended my alliance (Black knights) on the grounds of respect. Which I'm finding amusing to believe since we dropped our treaties with them? So, as you know, this kind of behavior should be expected from a micro, and uhm... a surprise coming from NPO? Sure, a TCW member shitposted and called them secret allies, but does that really suffice reason to renew a pact? Also, not to mention we're a giant blob bloc with no vision, right? So, you shouldn't of taken too much concern over us with all the numbers. We clearly didn't know NPO well enough, we launched prematurely actually, and only did so because Sphinx had bad opsec. Clearly their disclosure was more important, and over time, Sphinx seems to have turned TCW into Pantheon. We had a misunderstanding over a members identity, since I had assumed it had been an old friend (Bad Company), and it's 100% my fault for not checking who it was but /shrug I find it funny. Bad Company, got pissed off, thinking we were all shills.They got mad, due to the fact they wanted to war dodge and side with TKR, over members voting like the usual. NOTE: we don't even know if this member was inactive or actively war dodging, this is all implied over my mistake, which I told everyone like a million times but they ignored me. This of course, eventually developed into a full blown issue, and only popped after a member of ours spammed "ayy lmao, reminder to disband your alliance and join BK" Ironically we had already informed NPO that this shitposting would probably lead to somebody like TGH, TKR, KT, or even Kosmo (he's always high strung) being triggered and wanting to hit us, and Roq said it was fine. We would figure Roq would be aware it was just banter, and that I would figure they were used to this shitposting, considering most of Orbis does it. I would realistically make this longer and give more reasons as to why we feel respected, but I don't realistically care enough.
  3. Tbqh I made it a requirement in Hyperborea that I'd have to screen all females personally 😏 They just never showed up...
  4. every gator soup pic just had a gator cooking which was like Gator's Soup Kitchen theme so it didn't really work You can be Mothra I guess or Battra if you're concerned over Mothra being a grill
  5. tbqh, I'd still go for that girl if it weren't for the AIDs. Coinreturn1 is a brave man. Anywho, judging by the fact Medellin already had plans to drop Fark and the rate which Roquentin replied And the fact Gator is a banker One can only assume this was IQ pressure over Medellin possibly storing banks which I mean isn't that why they claim they hit Yarr and Swagrr Shifty, connecting the dots on your smallpox ridden body.
  6. SNN will do it here: So basically Kosmo got mad at Fien Coinreturn1 had some dank bants Shitposters meme'd hard on Kosmo and somehow got called Nazis Anyway, the end result is funnier than the actual bants til I see screenies. This is Shifty reminding you to meme hard, die fast.
  7. Achievement Name: Decorated Veteran Achievement Description: Have more than 5 awards on your nation Achievement Name: Ayy lmao Achievement Description: Have your nation located in Area 51 Achievement Name: War Dodger Achievement Description: Spend the maximum amount of time possible in Beige (16-17 days? I forget) Achievement Name: FTP Achievement Description: 1/3 warns in-game Achievement Name: Livin' on a Prayer Achievement Description: Have 2/3 in-game warns Achievement Name: Jackpot Achievement Description: Hold 1 treasure Achievement Name: Treasure Island Achievement Description: Hold 2 treasures Achievement Name: Night at the Museum Achievement Description: Hold 3 or more treasures Achievement Name: Infinity Gauntlet Achievement Description: Hold 5 of the gemstone treasures
  8. Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man of wealth and taste I've been around for a long, long year Stole many AA's logs to leak And I was 'round when Pantheon Had its moment of doubt and pain Made damn sure that Akuryo Washed his hands and sealed his fate Pleased to meet you Hope you guess my name But what's puzzling you Is the nature of my game This is Shifty bringing you the death of another AA. Press F
  9. The game is very lame with species, using the Earth-neutral noun "human" that extraterrestrials detest. It might be nice to be able to specify species; i.e, to state that you are an ayy lmao, nematode, crabman, or android from 2142 and force the game to use the relevant nouns.
  10. Hello, I am _____ and I have over ____ years of experience in P/W which makes me extremely influential and a dynamic part of this game. Let alone my ____ years of experience on ___ and ___ sims gives me an edge in FA thanks to my numerous connections over the years. I have so much experience my text walls are a new developing field of political science. In fact, my doctoral dissertation is based on what I've learned and discovered through the many years of text based browser games. I got a full ride through University of Phoenix and thus prove my intellectual superiority over yours. Yet here you are, wasting your time posting drivel like these memes while I post creative, fully fleshed out ideas that can only better the community. Please consider leaving this game so we can better our community. Regards, t. Veteran Nation Sim Player
  11. This is Shifty bringing you more details of just how far this happy family is actually a horror story. Who could this Silent be? Merging seems chill... Hey hey hey, no one talks about my Dusty like that Ahhhh, so that's who woulda merged Hey wait Shifty how did you get all this Solar info? Well I got it from second, third, fourth, fifth hand sources The info has been passed around like yer mum but where did it come from? ah well... Who's really behind all of this? Is BK sphere's greatest enemy really KETOGG, Rose, Chaos, and Alex who favors those damn whales? Or is it from within like when you can't shit, but the shit is giving you really bad gas and cramps. Kinda like what Cobber posts about on the daily. This is Shifty, reminding you that the difference between a sphere and Round Table Pizza™ is that the pizza can actually be enjoyed by a group of 4 or more.
  12. This is Shifty, coming in with fan-mailed leaks from the SKn server that just keeps on giving the more you look into it. Today Shifty is here to punish the people of Orbis for their treachery by dropping this shit on 'em. Can you really trust coalition mates? More on Elijah planning and anti-Camelot sentiment. Could the whole bloc (Citadel) have been made to harm Camelot? Maybe they're born with it, maybe it's just Epi >that feel when you're just a meatshield >tfw you want to be king of the meatshields tho This is Shifty, doing what must be done.
  13. Old SNN was hit or miss New SNN is like someone set off a clusterbomb.
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