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  1. I knew was forming like a few days after Hyperborea disbanded. I joined Swagrr as soon as it formed because it was supposed to be a safe haven for a few weeks to rebuild and let me amass 2 more cities. I had already fought the war, was the only one to go and end positive in my alliance aside from SAXON. I don't care to war dodge, if I don't fight today, I'll fight tomorrow. I fight whenever it inflicts the most damage whether it be stats or grief.
  2. You can argue TCW was on their side with the leaks and the initial military blunders. They were the fifth column.
  3. This is Shifty bringing in some new news, because it can't be news if it's old. Then it's history. Why would you spy on a secret ally's ally? How can an ally TCW, support Medellin Cartel which has beef with Fark who is NPO's ally? Why Roq dislike MC so much? Will Fark become a battleground? What really was MC's and Fark's bloc that they planned to form really about? More inconclusive action next time, on SNN.
  4. Told you it should have been Salty Seamen
  5. BK didn't like that you and KT shit on their theme/culture and saw you as salty They didn't like your bullheadedness either, tbqh I would have loved to see a BK, TGH, KT, Guardian, Empryea, GoB sphere it would have been a good thematic fusion and culture blend Anywho, they mostly wanted to see TKR and CoS die which I agreed upon, hence the proper fit for protectorate And yeah, the deal to roll you was ancient af. I'm longer bound to BK sphere so you can have this tid bit if it boosts morale and causes more blood to be spilled. I knew that BK wanted to hit Nova Riata to trigger TKR. Even if it meant cucking KETOG out of it's Chaos war. I knew that NPO would join to boost us. I payed part of my debt to Orion Bank with the remnants of Hyperborea's bank and rebuilt my infra to whale levels to repay Sphinx as a friend and for helping Hyperborea with loans. Literally a few days after I promised to pay him back even during war albeit if it pissed off people, because I knew he'd use it for the TCW/IQ front and it'd prolong the conflict. They decided to attack Yarr and Swagrr, without warning me yet I had just given Gorge access to Solar Knight's archived server for BK Opsec and ally evaluation measures. I had also helped with the negative propaganda campaign on the quitters in Yakuza and I had helped Citadel with leaks/conspirators. I had even joked around why they hadn't done the unthinkable and actually gone total war, but if they did to at least give me fair warning. Alas, they hit my nation anyway and decided to sever any ties with me. So yes, there is more drama and plotting with the IQ sphere than you can imagine. Unfortunately somethings are lost to VC as I preferred to scheme via voice to gauge tone and honesty, as well as to hide logs. I intended to be loyal to the sphere to the end. Now it's ashes to ashes.
  6. I, for one, support guerrilla warfare. The war should never end and only the most fanatical have the right to inherit the game. It is time that grudges and grievances never heal. It's been 5 years to make nice, build multiple blocs, and get new leaders, the fact is there are only two sides. If things had not gone the way they had, I would have used my increased infra to fund both sides. The victor should be the side without doubt that they will prevail. Every war will only get longer from this. NPO has already started importing/aiding CN players and CN alliances. The game will never return to as it was. It is the final struggle. Alex won't change the mechanics during this war, so this is it. The mechanics won't allow a true victor. The next step is to see one side break as their will always be a greater and a lesser. From there, it is for the survivors to kill each other off. Let the eternal struggle for dominance continue. It does not matter what is lost in war.
  7. I was a prophet, an envoy, an omen. I have always been the (un)holy man of P/W.
  8. They were serving a greater purpose, not just me.
  9. Shifty never piggybacked off of anyone Shifty is the only player who can say he is self-made Prove me wrong >protip: You can't Pre is a glorious leader for not caring what Shifty does. That is my support of him.
  10. God has returned, it's ok folks.

    I'm here for you, unlike your dad. Though tbqh, I would have been your daddy, but a dog beat me over the fence.

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