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    Two things have happened recently that really makes me wanna throw nukes. 1. Felkey is in vacation mode 2. GoB tried to poach members from my new alliance not 2 hours ago I will continue to nuke every day until Felkey returns or GoB surrenders Feel free to send cash bribes. For crimes against the one and only Atom and his children in nuke bloc......we dance. If you want to surrender as an alliance please post below. Individual requests will be denied and will be publically posted below.
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    Lmfao When are you disbanding
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    In the mean time, we have conformation that Queen Jane is a trap
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    >animal farm >no ape feel like that kinda !@#$ the whole thing
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    I think Felkey is taking this Pantheon role-playing too seriously now.
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    Have fun. Stay safe.
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    Official ORB Weekly Discord Orbis Weekly strives to be a bias-free news source for our world here in Politics & War. Our mission is to provide you with real journalism and real stories by investigating and laying out all of the details we find. Our membership continues to grow with nearly 60 ORB Members and over 200 discord active members of the community on our ORB Server. ORB provides you with a site away from the standards of these forums for free communication & real expression of thought. Additionally, we offer news to you on a modern platform and much more conveniences for you to take advantage of in our ORB Membership classes. For example, those of you with a membership will be alerted on discord from our ORBie bot every time we post an article - real news at your fingertips. Our site is fully responsive, so you should have no issue accessing and enjoying our service on your desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile devices. Feel free to check out our site - Below you'll find an example of our front page.
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    This is the cutest declaration of love you have ever sent me!
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    I’m with Shifty, what if people would rather fund the nukes?
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    The people willed it to be GoB and so it shall be.
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    Literally no one cares.
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    It's been on his calendar for weeks.
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    I have no idea who either of these people are.
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    I stand with Element! Shifty must appologize and TEst must disavow. In response to Element's bravery, I am coming forward with my own story. Just a few nights ago I was playing Halo when one of the opponents I killed told me his dad was Bill Gates and would ban my Xbox! I immediately shut down the machine and was left shaking uncontrollably. I still haven't managed to eat or sleep. How will I get my life back? How many more people must be victimized so? Shifty and those like him must pay for their crimes!
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    I'm in. Just ping me whenever it's time to play, otherwise I might forget.
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    Tbf, shifty's credibility is somewhere below that of a tabloid/conspiracy theorist. Pumping out irrelevant info or pure bs is kinda his thing
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    I'm saying GoB because SWD gets mad if you call it that
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    Update happened. Rankings can be found using common sense. Avakael’s crazy war history made me go mad. Ripper took 5/6 top positions, the only one he missed was infra destroyed where he’s ranked at third. For the ones from Arrgh! wanting their names to be included, give me some time — compilation is hard as is with these overperforming steroid-taking Killing Jokers. Rest assured, the final stats will come
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    Since you're clearly that miserable with your life that you had nothing better to do with time than to dig through and go all the way back to my posts from 2015 including this one here I have decided that I will post something at least once a day for you to down vote. So here you go, down vote me. Hoping to reach minus 100,000 before my birthday next week. Go go go go, make it happen!
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    Why.. Now that's upvote abuse
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    Buorhann and Sketchy are abusing the downvote feature. They've been going through all my old posts just to downvote them out of sheer hatred. That isn't right... Notice the date of the post below for example, and the time of their downvote... And then check all my posts all the way back and compare to see this downright shameful abuse. You don't do something, I'm creating a bot that will auto downvote every last one of their posts then too.. You guys wanna ban and warn me for insulting these people when they provoke the crap, they're bullies..
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