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    Let's see: Buying cities, signing more secret treaties, blowing up the infra of a nuke rogue, existing for another week... Is there anything so pathetically trivial that GoB won't try to brag about it? All this and more on the next episode oooooffff…
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    All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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    People from GoB cannot compute having high infra yet still going to war and doing things.
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    Four legs good, two legs bad.
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    In the mean time, we have conformation that Queen Jane is a trap
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    >animal farm >no ape feel like that kinda !@#$ the whole thing
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    What? Upgrade the server. Why? It is incredibly laggy recently and is only getting worse by the day.
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    Things have really gone downhill around here...
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    I just realized that you attacked him and now you want peace. I'm guessing in retaliation for your ally (allies?) being hit?
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    omg so much faster. Thanks for fixing it @Alex
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    Auctor you need to post more.
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    This is so messed up, lol.
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    ok so with this power of equality that he gave you, why did it please you to kick him?
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    This is the cutest declaration of love you have ever sent me!
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    I’m with Shifty, what if people would rather fund the nukes?
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    The people willed it to be GoB and so it shall be.
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    Literally no one cares.
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    It's been on his calendar for weeks.
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    I have no idea who either of these people are.
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    I stand with Element! Shifty must appologize and TEst must disavow. In response to Element's bravery, I am coming forward with my own story. Just a few nights ago I was playing Halo when one of the opponents I killed told me his dad was Bill Gates and would ban my Xbox! I immediately shut down the machine and was left shaking uncontrollably. I still haven't managed to eat or sleep. How will I get my life back? How many more people must be victimized so? Shifty and those like him must pay for their crimes!
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    I'm saying GoB because SWD gets mad if you call it that
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    Update happened. Rankings can be found using common sense. Avakael’s crazy war history made me go mad. Ripper took 5/6 top positions, the only one he missed was infra destroyed where he’s ranked at third. For the ones from Arrgh! wanting their names to be included, give me some time — compilation is hard as is with these overperforming steroid-taking Killing Jokers. Rest assured, the final stats will come
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    Since you're clearly that miserable with your life that you had nothing better to do with time than to dig through and go all the way back to my posts from 2015 including this one here I have decided that I will post something at least once a day for you to down vote. So here you go, down vote me. Hoping to reach minus 100,000 before my birthday next week. Go go go go, make it happen!
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    Why.. Now that's upvote abuse
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    Honestly, I'm so starved for a fight I wouldn't even mind. But back to my point though, the "wrong name" is really just a matter of opinion. No matter which alternative gets how many votes, they're just like.. opinions man. And, as difficult as it may be for some people to accept, the authority on what to call Grumpy are the Grumps themselves. Anyone else's opinion is more or less irrelevant. Maybe that grinds some people's gears but that's life man. Kid, I've had my share of fun in the 1000+ days I've been playing this game and I continue to have it. Just ask t$. Hell, I OD on fun on the daily. But if this is your idea of having fun, I kind of feel sorry for you. If you had declared on Grumpy and started a holy crusade to make them bend to you will or something like that, that would have been real fun. But this? I can think of a thousand more fun things to do than replying to some random ass poll on some random ass forum for some random ass game, just to tease someone. I get your point though, this isn't actually supposed to settle anything, it's just supposed to be fun. Too bad it's just kind of.. boring. There's still hope though. We can create some entertainment out of this if we work together. Trust me.
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    Bro. Really? You can't be this obtuse. Typically people that discuss OPSEC things happen in private not on public servers etc AKA DMs or private servers/channels lol.
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    And then you got this guy..... And even worse, he's a mod.... Outright bullying people... This the kind of mod you want representing your game/business @Alex ?? Wow, how mature of you. Get lost, get out of my thread kid.
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    1) Grow up 2) This is a no discussion forum, read the rules 3) Someone told me enough negative reputation = ban , that's why I care about it but regardless that is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is the abuse of the feature regardless of caring or not
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    Get out of my thread idiot.. This is a no discussion forum, now you're just being a plain ignorant piece of garbage bully You were not accused idiot. Sketchy and Buorhann were. You can exit this thread ty
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    That's not true and you know it. You know what, forget it. I'm done with this stupid game.
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    Ok, and you just proved my theory that TGH, KT, and TKR are toxic alliances that are a hindrance on the future of this game and it's growth potential.
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    Buorhann and Sketchy are abusing the downvote feature. They've been going through all my old posts just to downvote them out of sheer hatred. That isn't right... Notice the date of the post below for example, and the time of their downvote... And then check all my posts all the way back and compare to see this downright shameful abuse. You don't do something, I'm creating a bot that will auto downvote every last one of their posts then too.. You guys wanna ban and warn me for insulting these people when they provoke the crap, they're bullies..
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    In according with the rules of this sub forum, since my name was brought up and I was accused, I am responding in defense. The opposite of that actually, I didn't bait anyone to do anything. If you read through the thread, you see I was attacked first by all of you who ganged up on me, leading me to respond the way I did. And that was all of your choices to reply and bully me the way you did. You probably should learn what baiting is before falsely accusing me with that defamation.
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    Stuff it and put a sock in it. Some moderator you are..
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  36. -1 points
    You're not helping. I'm going to give Buorhann credit here for actually being serious and not trolling in his response. Yes I will own up to that and I apologize... But even then I was beginning to be pushed to feeling the way I do. Whether people see it or not, this community is very "clan" driven, and some "clans" do indeed like to hate on and disagree with anyone not part of their "clan" just for the fact that they're not a clan mate, even if it is something they agree with but they won't ever allow themselves to be seen agreeing with outsiders. But it's fine, I'm leaving and I will let y'all have your forums.
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    Legal threats are actually serious? So are hacking threats.
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    Also just FYI, no where does anything I said officially represent, or claim to be officially representing a law enforcement agency. Threatening to report someone to law enforcement for a credible threat is not illegal unless it is done so in a blackmail situation of which I have not done. Better check your facts.
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    What kind of help do you suggest then Mr. wise man?
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  41. -1 points
    Just like AI quickly realizes humans are useless, I like soup
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    You don't belong here, goodbye !@#$.
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    You don't belong in this thread either. Read the rules.
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    Hah and you claim to be Christian/Catholic or whatever and go to church every Sunday to beg forgiveness for your bullying sins? Haha you're a joke.
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    As soon as you exit yourself from this thread that you don't belong posting in.
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    Actually, in accordance to the rules of this sub forum I do and you don't. Just waiting for a mod or admin to come deal with all of you clowns. "This is a No-Discussion Forum. Do not reply to topics in this particular subforum, unless you meet one of the following criteria: You are the topic creator You are the accused in the original topic"
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    Wait a sec... I think I'm late on this one boys and girls
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    We would like to take this opportunity to thank Apeman for his years of guidance and growth plans. However at this time, after a heated discussion, we have decided Apeman is no longer going to run Animal Farm or speak for us. Apeman has been kicked from Animal farm and those that wish are free to follow him. Thank you for everything and until our paths cross again, I pray we will be on the same side. My dearest friend, this decision pains me but with confidence, we are making the sound choice. All inquires can be sent directly to me in game. Campaign
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    Yea right. Timezone differences aren't a valid justification for VM... VM was intended for people who need to be away and unable to login to the game for some time. Clearly it isn't being used for that purpose when you're still logging in daily. "Vacation Mode is an option to preserve your nation during a temporary absence. This tool is intended for players who are going on vacation or are for some other reason going to be unable to access the site for an extended period of time (i.e. Military Service)."
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    He's a scared piece of !@#$ ass toxic trash. Can't blame him.
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